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  1. One of my favorite mods ever. Looking forward to see the new layout, with FungEye becoming a probe. The asteroid processor is really laggy in the release build, almost impossible to play. I hope it returns.
  2. Really love this mod, thanks linuxgurugamer for all of the work that you have done to keep this up.
  3. I freaking love your program. Thanks, very useful
  4. The best way to do powered landings IMO is to use the Trajectories mod. The mechjeb one usually misses the target and probably doesn't take into account the atmospheric model very well.
  5. One of my favourites KSP mods of all time! So happy to see it's going to be updated. Obrigado
  6. I just want to the part count to increase a little bit. Currently, it is very hard to have 2-3 ships with 150-200~ at the same spot.
  7. Praying for real stability and performance fixes and a good 64bit client...
  8. Hyperthermophilic archaea? That is highly relevant for astrobiology. Maybe Minmus has geothermal vents
  9. Deleted the old folder. Extracted this new beta. Now getting this:
  10. I'm receiving a lot of these error messages with a massive decrease in FPS when the lasted TCA beta version is enabled: It was was working perfectly, but it seems that this started to happen after ModuleRCSFX ( updated. Other possible co-founders are StockBugFix MOD ( and the recent Kopernicus update.
  11. I reinstalled all mods again and deleted some other useless mods I was using. It seems the log messages are gone and the resources are being generated just fine. KSP is weird sometimes.
  12. No, I'm not using SigmaBinary. Gonna try tonight to see if it is related.