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  1. Yay, new KSP vesion, one more kerbal returning to the flock. Oooow, let the layman try to apply everything he learned here during all those years around here. Google gives approximately 84 100 matches for the keywords "KSP" and "dying". If I assume that a proper grave is two meters deep, that would result in a 168.2 kilometers deep pit. I have to add that digging 84 100 on the very same spot doesn't seem like ideal distribution to me, but limited real-estate ownership can very well justify doing so. So 168.2 km below us is the mantle. So if we don't split hairs by considering terms such as "upper core" and "lower mantle" anything else than semantics, we are already right next to the core. Ten times more so if we rather did the digging on Kerbin. Ahh, it's good to be back.
  2. Can't tell which one was the biggest.. but I know the most memorable one. I have a horizontally launched shuttle that dislikes even very minor pitches on ascent when done too suddenly. And it expresses that dislike by fun and spectacular explosions. On this one, 8 out of the 12 turboramjets decided that thrusting prograde is too mainstream, so they rather turned towards the main fuselage instead. No casualties happened - it turned out that the canards on the cockpit can act as emergency main-wings, while the RCS system doubles as a rudder.
  3. Everywhere. You just hire someone to do your job for less than you'd do it.
  4. It's on my list of cool stuff to try since it's release. I'm just waiting for some 'can't live without' mods to update.
  5. I wouldn't forget about Raster Prop Monitor either. I'm using it for too long, so forgot how stock IVA looks like. Though it lets you to do virtually anything from IVA, without ever switching to map or outside view. In case you really don't want to.
  6. Dunno about serious field applications... But there is Adr1ft already: Don't think I'll get any close to getting a VR set or get to one to try one in the next few years.. unless they release something really groundbreaking and cool.. In the meantime, there's this Gravity-inspired 'gameoid', designed for Occulus and alikes. Critis said it's breathtaking, gets dull very quick and gets them VR-sick faster than any other product that had support for such.
  7. I terminated all my debris before 1.1. Now I keep all of it 'cause it looks fun all over. Designing a mission to clean it up would be very interesting... Like how much I can bering home with the minimal tech/part-count/launches... Though actually flying it... so many dull rendezvoui (what's the plural of that word anyways?) to preform.. Think I'll skip it. On the other hand... can't wait for my debris to become actually dangerous. Equatorial LKO between 70-100 is pretty busy.. So for increased fun, I do everything there that could be done elsewhere.
  8. Thought I mention it, in case it interests someone. I missed it back than, but I remember critics loved it.
  9. I'm a caveman when it comes to smartphones... But don't they usually have a default function that can store, display or even scroll images? If not, I have a best-selling app idea.
  10. Without seeing a screenshot of the plane, I'd probably blame the angle of descent. 60m/s horizontal should be slow enough - I did landings without a scratch by touching down at 80 m/s. (That's with Kerbal Krash Systems, so 'without a scratch' isn't just a figure of speech). That 5-10 m/s vertical speed sounds a bit too much though. What I'd try is to level out the flight really close to the ground (like 30-60m), so you have a zero~ish vertical speed. Horizontal velocity doesn't really matter at this point, as if you pitch up carefully, you'll bleed the rest of the speed without losing altitude too fast. Though a bumpy surface means you can't always keep an ideal distance and/or angle from the ground... That could make landings really tricky. I admit, I'm a lot better at picking my landing spot than touching down at a bad one... thus I kinda' almost always aim KSC or an ocean. Those are the flattest and softest spots to go for, the latter also saves the cost and weight of landing gears too. Though by enough patience and f9 overuse, I'm convinced that anything can land virtually anywhere.
  11. I'm quite proud of my low-tech, low part-count vertically launched spaceplane designs. The idea that improved my efficiency a lot was to place the main booster on top of the rocket, so the payload plane's wings can act as fins on ascent (and it substitutes heatshields and gears on the way down). Of course that setup means I have to face off prograde to stage.. but it costs a lot less dV than I save with this setup. It can also only land on water, but it's still a small price to pay. Even hard careers start easy when you can take 8 tourists to orbit from 30 parts: With less seats and more fuel it can bring down 6 stranded kerbals from LKO too.
  12. I always had the faint feeling that someone just misspelled Discombobulator. I heard that word in multiple sci-fi environments before... though I can't name one. I kinda' imagined it as a zap-gun that discombobulates people to tiny molecules. My best bet for the word's origin would be very old James Bond movies. Villains in those loved such toys.
  13. I have a new one for my current career - derogatory names. It started with "Stupid MunSat". I only wanted to indicate that it's a very low-tech probe, compared to the technological marvels that I'll soon be using. But I realized that I like seeing that name in the Tracking Station, so the new naming convention was born. Since than I keep sending stuff like "Puny MinProbe", "Damned Rescue", "Silly SciLab", "Hopeless Tourism" and "That Bloody Station on LKO". And a few more I'm not comfortable sharing. I blame the time I spent playing a certain moba while waiting for 1.1.
  14. I remember when the apocalypse started. I knew it started because they said on CNN. I was sitting in a pub in England with my father. (I've been there only once). Drinking beer, watching the news. They were broadcasting live as the Kraken emerged from the sea at the shores of France. It was huge, black, squishy. Various scientists and theologians were discussing the events in the studio, most of them agreed that the End is Nigh. I remember some official delegation were arriving to the spot by choppers. People in the pub found that ridiculous. Understandable, as the beast was as big as a city. Some locals rather wanted to watch soccer, but others hushed them. They said there will be a lot more football matches, but only one apocalypse.
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