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  1. This isn't a suggestion, it's something I'm actually trying to do with a mod pack. The idea is to make a full mod pack that will make the game somewhat playable in VR. Here's what mods I'm putting in: Vivero (VR mod) https://github.com/Vivero/Kerbal-VR RasterProp Monitor (and various plugins to make the MFDs more useful) Through the Eyes (Kerbal EVA first person view) KIS and KAS (to make EVA a little more interesting) I've run into a road block. Vivero ONLY allows you to enable VR when in an IVA... And apparently running the first person mod, and going EVA in first person doesn't count as an IVA. So I'm unable to enable VR while on a first person EVA. It seems like there's possibly a simple fix, maybe a file I could open and edit in notepad, so that Vivero can enable VR regardless of whether or not you're in IVA. But I don't know enough about programming to identify what file I'd have to open, and what edits I'd need to make. If anybody has any experience with modding who could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it. I'm so close to making a proper KSP VR mod pack work.
  2. KerbTrack This plugin lets you look around in-game by moving your head. To do this, it can use a joystick, gamepad, your webcam with FreeTrack and FaceTrackNoIR, a TrackIR camera or the Oculus Rift headset. It supports all six degrees of freedom in IVA (yaw, pitch, roll, forward/backward, up/down and strafe left/right), and two degrees of freedom in external views. Other input methods can be added in future. Downloads CurseForge | GitHub | Spacedock / CKAN Source included, also available on github, licenced under GPL v2. If you've enjoyed this, consider donating a cup of coffee to help with late night coding: TrackIR Supports TrackIR and other systems which emulate it, such as opentrack. When using opentrack, select TrackIR as the tracker in KerbTrack. In the opentrack, set the Input tracker appripriate to your hardware setup, and select "freetrack 2.0 Enhanced" as the Output.In the Output settings, ensure "Use TrackIR" or "Enable both" is selected. Thanks to Stilton for the info and Medsouz for the plugin for TrackIR support. opentrack supports many different input methods, with new ones being added regularly. Check out their website to see whether support for your hardware is available. Here's what it supports out of the box at the time of writing: Joystick Joystick mode can be used to assign the axes of a joystick or gamepad to camera orientation. This can also be used in conjunction with headtrackers not directly supported by KerbTrack, such as inux-track, by setting the head tracker to operate as a virtual joystick. Press Escape during the game to pause, bringing up the setup menu, and select "Joystick" mode. The menu then allows configuring which joystick to use and which axis to assign to which direction. Version History v1.5 (2018-03-14) Updated for KSP 1.4.1. Added support for opentrack. Added position axes to joystick tracker. Added description text for trackers. Removed defunct trackers: use opentrack with the TrackIR setting, or set your tracker to output to the Joystick setting. v1.4 (2017-03-12) Updated for KSP 1.2.2. Added improved handling for TrackIR errors. Improved accuracy for position scale editor. Updated GUI. v1.3 (2016-10-24) Updated for KSP 1.2. Added FTNoIR zeroed data fix (thanks to @DaMichel for this). Changed logging to use [KerbTrack] to take advantage of the new KSP log colorising system. v1.2 (2015-08-09) Added support for joystick camera control. v1.1.3 (2015-08-09) Oculus Rift-only release. Fixed Oculus Rift quaternion tracker. Upgraded to OVR SDK v1.1.2 (2014-10-16) Fixed persistence for scene toggles. v1.1.1 (2014-10-14) Added support for the KSP Add-on Version Checker. Added missing files. v1.1 (2014-10-13) Added support for FeepingCreature's IQuatTracker for more accurate Oculus Rift tracking. Added the ability to disable tracking in external and map views. v1.0.1 (2014-09-23) Fixed dependency errors when not using TrackIR. v1.0 (2014-09-13) Full release. Added support for TrackIR and the Oculus Rift. v0.1 (2014-03-27) Alpha release. Usage tips Scroll Lock enables/disables headtracking. Sensitivities are adjustable on the pause screen. Rotation and movement imits are adjustable in the settings.cfg at: GameData\KerbTrack\Plugins\PluginData\KerbTrack\settings.cfg You can interact with IVA controls like the throttle as normal when using KerbTrack. Known issues Using the close-up window views is supported, but looks a bit weird with the kerbal whose eyes you're meant to be seeing through sitting behind you. Two-axis control is working in external views (pitch and rotation around the craft), but it's difficult to see the far side of the craft for any given camera position. This makes EVA piloting very difficult as you can't turn back the way you came from. More work on the cameras is needed. Pressing the key to disable the tracker (Scroll Lock by default) and then moving the camera normally can be useful in this situation. Not currently added to other scenes such as the Tracking Station, VAB or KSC. There are currently no limits on the range of the magnified head motion, so you can stick your head out of the window and view your craft from the outside, or do the Exorcist head twist. Now configurable. Head tracking requires a good frame rate. With a single-figure FPS, you can't judge when to stop moving your head to look in a particular direction, making it completely unusable. Potential future projects Linux and Mac support via Linux track. Head-controlled joystick Alternative input systems. Shaky-cam / g-force movement effects. Done by KerbQuake.
  3. Hey Fellow kerbonauts, I just borrowed the Oculus Rift from a colleague of mine so I could play some cool 3D games (namely Subnautica and ye olde Skyrim). This morning I had a moment of clarity and wondered if there is a VR mod available for KSP! To my surprise, there is!!! It’s called Kerbal-VR: https://github.com/Vivero/Kerbal-VR Does anybody have any experience with this mod? It looks like the mod is made for the VIVE.. does this also work with the Oculus Rift? I saw a pretty neat video of a guy flying in a Kerbal plane, but of course I would love to get a real SPACE ship to another planet (preferably without vomiting)! Any tips and tricks are also welcome off course
  4. KSP has been with us for many years now, and judging on how well the game is doing, it will be around for many years more. We've had VR for well over a year now, and although the game market is still small, there are quite a few sims which already fit into the "I can't play this without VR anymore" category. And with future performance boosts from hardware, and better resolution and field of view to come, the VR future is bright enough. Heck, the present isn't bad either with such gems like IL-2, Elite Dangerous, many car sims which are a lot better than what could've been expected from this first generation. So why not KSP as well? Before you ask, yes, I've played the KPS 1.1.3 VR mod. Yes it's slow, buggy and clunky. But I've put RasterPropMonitor and I've made Mun and Minmus landings with it. And boy, what a ride it was. Vomit inducing yes (because of the bugs and low fps), but still a heck of a ride. I did have a lot of experience with "interior only" flights and I am a good KOS user. I didn't manage to put a first person camera mod, so I was robbed of a bit of EVA fun, but overall, it sold me completely to the idea of Kerbal VR. If the devs would manage to make a proper VR implementation, it wouldn't just be a gimmick, it would be awesome. So let's talk implementation... - Difficulty of implementing: it would require a lot of effort, but it would open up the sales to the hungry VR market, so, if it's done properly, it would pay for itself easily. Kerbal is already a fantastic educational game and sim in itself. I mean, how many people ended up buying the pretty basic (so far) Elite Dangerous, just to be able to play one more title in VR? How much did the IL-2 sales jump when it became apparent it was the best VR game? And there have already been VR fans keen on making it KSP VR happen (see the VR mod which is 1 year old). Hire one of those. And don't think twice about making it cost a few extra bucks. I'd buy it in a second. With thousands of hours played - Performance: Kerbal isn't exactly a light game on the processors. With VR requiring 90fps, yeah... Realism Overhaul wouldn't be an option... but most of us have been here in the beta days, struggling with limited RAM and constant crashes. Things improve. Computers improve. By the time Kerbal ends its shelf life, we might be in the 2nd generation of VR, sitting on 200 of extra fps, even with a ton of mods loaded. So as long as the devs manage to crack the Unity VR cookie and provide decent performance for the vanilla game with the current hardware, it should all be fine in the end and RO compatible in a few years. - World scale: Make it customizable from the start. Is that underlined enough for you? For example, in the VR mod for KPS 1.1.3, the world is very "realistically" scaled. So that means that everything is scaled to a kerbal. So it's tiny , with the interiors being very claustrophobic. Just add a slider from the start, to allow people to make the Kerbal 1m high, or human scaled. Also make sure to put the skybox as far away as possible, lest you end up with a bad 3D like Elite Dangerous has (and has yet to fix grrrr). - Gameplay: while I am happy with RPM and KOS, most users might not be. An interior-only game would be sad to see. We need everything to work, VAB, map, the lot. Probes should really get an optional "probe control room" interior variant, but 3rd person camera would still have to work. And first person kerbals are a must (with better control btw). Mouse cursor should work flawlessly (think DCS in VR). There are enough implementation options for game interfaces to get inspiration from. All in all, the game should needs to work normally, as it does now, with head orientation and 3D being there just to improve the overall experience. All normal mods shouldn't be rewritten from scratch. And non-VR modders shouldn't worry about their addon not working in VR. However.... - Gameplay 2: Consider just how far people have gone with the whole addon stuff... moddable interface?... BAM! 1000 mods. One of them is RasterPropMonitor, which is a gem in itself and lovingly maintained. But it needs to be vanilla. Sure, VR would bring more modders to RPM and expand it somewhat, but if the vanilla game itself brings a clever way to display monitors and create an interface layer for it (plus the controls), imagine what mods would come out. Now imagine the other "exterior" mods, such as KIS. How would VR work with that? My point is that any help from the devs, any amount of work they put in the vanilla game, would be improved by modders. Just give them a solid VR base to build on. - Interiors: well... this has to be done anyway, doesn't it? There is no lack of talented modders to create amazing interiors for the crafts. The issue is different: movement. If the devs manage to make a proper movement in the interior of bases and crafts (vanilla parts), with docking ports, doors, artificial gravity, zero gravity, sitting down in a seat, using a particular prop to do something (science experiment, eat, repair, etc) the modders would be able to go crazy with the interiors and that would be benefit everybody (not just VR users). - Hand controllers: meh... I have a Vive but I keep my controllers pretty far from my HOTAS, if you get my drift. But controller support would be able to make an interesting EVA control and be really fun to grab objects and build in KIS. But I'll pass, I think that a more important aspect would be the movement and camera controls, so... - Movement and camera controls: I guess most of us use (or have used) a first person EVA mod or another. What I would like to see is a "helmet" effect, with a visible visor, maybe some form of light filter to dim out the extra bright Mun surface. Rotating your head "inside" the helmet is the way to go. I've played enough VR first person games to know that you should keep it as simple and basic as possible for keyboard and mouse controls. I suggest moving independent from the head position. Rotating the kerbal should be done with keys or mouse, not with the head. Headbobbing and ragdolling your kerbals from the top of a Minmus cliff should be minimized as much as possible. One other problem is the speed at which craft rotate. That can be fixed with various mods (limiting Gforces, or reaction wheel forces). But other effects, such as cockpit shaking can be kept. They'd provide a nice feedback and make life difficult for the pilot, trying to press the small buttons while the craft is shaking like hell.
  5. Hi, There is any possibility to play in vr mode in ksp (version 1.3.1 and up)?? Some mods, open vr drivers / libs etc.
  6. Hi All, I've not checked in for a loooong while but thought some people might like to see what I've been working on over the last couple of years since I dropped off the forums! (although obviously I still play KSP in my down time ) Go For Launch is a full simulation of project Mercury. It's not KSP, you don't build rockets etc, it's focus is on accurately recreating the Mercury spacecraft including fully interactive and functioning IVAs. It has support for VR although it can be played on a monitor too (all switches interact with the mouse). It's on steam early access, so just google it if you are interested! EDIT - Some confusion as to what Early Access is, it's already available to buy on Steam, right here - http://store.steampowered.com/app/467400/Go_For_Launch_Mercury/ Here are some screenshots!
  7. Im currently working with my university that has 10 HTC Vives for development work at the immersive media observatory, it is designed for alternate approaches to teaching using vr, there is already an educational KSP but how about a VR tsp, I can see what changes need to be made to the ui beyond just gead trakcing, it would need the unity VRTK integrated and the menus re-working for motion control compatibility then it would need the ability to walk (and teleport) around the VAB/ SPH with a height scroll in the vab but other than that a very tiltbrushesque interface with a left hand scroll wheel selector to browse menus and a right hand pointer to select parts with mebe a left to right to browse categories and up down to search in subdirectories then a point select with the right hand via the trigger which spawns the part on the end of your hand, the ability to freely rotate it is important too before then snapping, needs the ability to select offset and rotate tools for which you should be able to reach in and grab the dials to adjust, after that all that is left is to make sure general flight is not nausea-inducing, other than that the ability to check staging maybe on one hand and stage its part with a button press, in IVA its pretty much there already, its simple mouse movement but maybe a bit of depth movement by freeing up the camera movement a bit/possible integration with the free iva if that is working reliably, I'm pretty sure I can test and make all this work and my uni will support it as it is regarding enhanced teaching but I have no idea where to start with ripping into the ksp UI and/or whether it needs a total rebuild or whether a simple overlay would do, also gotta look at making sure you can get full 3d which is proabbly the easiest bit tbh. I'm looking for any help and support that could get this project on the road and/or someone with some ksp plugin experience since i have none bar part modding, thanks for any help you can lend and I look forward to this ever becoming a reality!
  8. Hey guys! I'm trying to find old mod versions for 1.1.3. Everything on github like raster prop monitor or mechjeb isn't a problem. But I can't find ASET Avionics ASET Props Is there a mod archive website I haven't found yet? Or can anyone upload the ASET versions compatible with 1.1.3? In case you're wondering why, the Kerbal VR mod only works for 1.1.3 and I got it working with my Rift Thanks!
  9. I'm fairly sure its ok to post this as it seems to be free with an option to fund (seems to fit the forum guidelines!)... I've just stumbled on this little gem and I'm blown away that it's apparently made by just one guy! Has anyone tried it? It looks like it's still in alpha but already looks great and even has support for VR headsets (like I dream about for KSP ). Anyway, free download links here for PC and Mac - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/go-for-launch-mercury-vr-educational#/ You can just ignore all the bits about crowdfunding (although I think I'll drop some money to support the effort!). It doesn't really seem to tread on KSP's toes as it's a different kind of game, a bit more like Orbiter crossed with A-OK (anyone ever play that?).
  10. Hi guys, I wondered if there's already someone working on a mod for compatibility with the HTC Vive. If not, i'm thinking about building one. Are there any Unity developers interested in cooperating with me? I would like to try making it posible to have a VR IVA and interaction with the controls in the vehicle. Imagine flying a rocket from within the module in VR! What do you guys think about this idea? Any suggestions are welcome ^^
  11. I think It would be really cool if you could Ksp in VR. You could have the building as you building models of the ships in miniature and the parts in little boxes that you pull out. Then you could fly the ship from iva and with a few external cameras. Maby you could drive rovers by telling them where to go. or you could have a rover control room you could drive it from like probe control room mod.
  12. Squad - listen up - if you want to kick your revenues up to higher orbit and breath some fresh excitement into your title, consider integrating VR support. I tried out Vivero's Kerbal-VR mod and even in its rough, jittery, demo-only form, being right there standing beside (and sitting inside) my rocket was breathtaking. It conveyed a sense of scale impossible to achieve viewing the Kerbal world through the rectangular little window of my flatscreen monitor. Now imagine grabbing rocket parts off the shelf and slapping them together with your bare hands. Science fiction? Nope - you can do stuff like this with Leap Motion's Kinect-like developer kit (which conveniently mounts to a Vive / Rift). Watch this video and imagine that's a StretchyTank grasped between their fingers. Imagine reaching out to your RPM displays and flicking buttons with your fingers, like a real Kerbonaut. It's been done before. The folks at FlyInside did a great job of bringing VR support to the popular X-Plane series. I challenge you to do better!
  13. Got my HTC Vive yesterday, and one of the things I tried was the Kerbal VR mod. It only works in the cockpit and the head tracking is janky enough (just in Kerbal VR; SteamVR has butter-smooth tracking) that it's pretty much unusable, but the few minutes of flying in VR shows what huge potential this has for a game like Kerbal. And not just cockpit mode! Imagine the VAB / SPH with room-scale! You could walk around your vessel, scale yourself up and down, place parts by literally moving them into place with your hands. And flight! From 100% IVA to external ship views with the stars/planet(s) at actual depth with no visual discomfort. Please please please add native VR support with the proper interface adjustments! It would be the most jaw-dropping gaming experience ever.
  14. https://naturalpoint.com/trackir/ Pretty please? ;-; Flight sims become infinitely more enjoyable with Track IR and I have been sorely disappointed to find KSP doesn't have it even after release...
  15. The recent introduction of consumer virtual reality headsets has got me thinking about potential applications of VR to human space exploration, particularly the psychological issues related to being extremely far from Earth (or at least far enough to not be able to see features on the Earth). A sufficiently advanced VR headset could be used to 'transport' astronauts back to Earth, either with specially made VR experiences or what would amount to HD google street view. If you combined the headset with a treadmill, you could allow astronauts to take 'walks' on Earth. What do you guys think about this? What are some of your own ideas for applications of VR tech in the space sector?
  16. Squad, you should totally jump on the band wagon. I got a HTC Vive on order, and KSP in VR just sounds more and more awesome the more you imagine it. I get it, I get it. Focused on 1.1. Focused on console release. Focused on a million other things to make the game even better. You've done amazing work. I know its totally out of the question to think about right now. But let it stew in your subconscious for now, and when things start slowing down a bit....think of VR compatibility.
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