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  1. Making things look cool. I can design just about anything I need to complete the most complex missions, but they never look "cool". Just sort of "meh".
  2. January 2015. I want to say it was v0.90? I may be wrong about that. I just started playing again after laying off for about two years. Pretty much my favorite game ever.
  3. Yeah if they can get the graphics anywhere near the quality of the trailer, then they can take ALL my money! lol Actually, I just want a new game engine with better orbital mechanics simulation and get rid of the GC stuttering. But nicer graphics will be appreciated...
  4. Yup. Downloading now. 174.4MB for me on Steam...
  5. My best missions would simply be my 3 successful Eve-return missions. My worst would be my first manned Duna mission where I did everything right except for falling short on delta-v for the return trip. Had to revert to save. I was super angry because I engineered the landing and ascent vehicles and did all the rendezvous perfectly, but was about 200 meters short. I could get back to Kerbin's SOI, but not capture into an orbit (not even a super-elliptical one where I might send up a rescue ship). Yeah I had the kerbals get rid of every last ounce of unnecessary weight and ran the return trip m
  6. It seems to be a tradition now that whenever there is a new KSP update, I do a quick Apollo-style mission to bring myself back into the game...
  7. Yeah that will work very well. The RAM is a tad slow, but shouldn't really make a huge difference. And the video card will work great with any visual mods you might want to use.
  8. ...pollution and epic safety violations. Manslaugh...er...kerbalslaughter.
  9. As to the docking bug being related to the landing leg bug, as mentioned earlier in this thread, I am still on 1.4.1 (which is working very well overall, btw) but I have the docking bug without the landing leg bug. Landing legs are completely fine but docking is way harder than it was in 1.3.1. Especially with the new flexible, extending docking port: that thing takes the ship that is trying to dock with it and moves it all over the place. Have to kill SAS (which is a shame since I used to use the target mode to help line things up) and go in completely manually and then wait for the two p
  10. You're de-orbiting a piece of space junk. The reason you are using a heat shield and parachutes for apparent full recovery is the fact that just burning up a satellite like that with so many RTGs would pose a radiation hazard to Kerbin. It's a role-playing thing. And/or maybe you just want the funds back for all the stuff...
  11. Been refining my reusability program. This is the whopper: a 1600 ton booster that can loft over 100 tons into a 100km orbit with the downrange landing profile (analogous to Space X landing on the barge vs. back at launch site). It can put the same payload to about 90km with about 800 m/s of speed with the boost back to launch site flight profile. As shown here: Ground Crew doing last inspections before roll out: Launch!: The payload: Reentry burn: Coming in Hot: Landing: Sweet
  12. Grab an old version of Glasswire and just firewall it. Of course if you really like your mods to let you know when an update is available then firewalling KSP will break that functionality, but you can still just manually check CurseForge, Spacedock, etc., for the mod updates.
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