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  1. Colonizing Eve in stock 1.3.1

    Excellent idea. Yeah now you have me thinking of designing a single stage rocket for shuttling back and forth. I would have to role play some sort of MacGuffin unique to Eve's surface to make it work for me psychologically. Haven't done the numbers yet, but a base at the highest point would probably be a necessity and some sort of rover that can shuttle Kerbals back and forth from mining/studying/excavating my MacGuffin in the lower altitudes would be cool too...
  2. Your craft nomenclature?

    12-21-17 Jool Transfer Ship 1.0 test 1 Yeah I use dates to make sure when I actually go on the mission I use the latest, best iteration. The 'test x' field is when I tweak something minor on a proven base model. I'll even put a descriptor in there like 'srb test 3' or something to let me know how that exact craft differs from the base model.
  3. I guess my larger, philosophical point, is that it's fun as heck to deal with those bugs sometimes. I mean if it's a full-on Kraken debacle then I'll just reload or do whatever. I would even hyper-edit a new ship to the location of the incident and not feel bad about it if that fixed the problem.
  4. Yeah depending on the severity of the bug I just treat it as a malfunction. Had the bug where I absolutely could not dock two docking ports back in .90. Yeah was trying to get a Mk1-2 to dock to the front of an unmanned transfer ship but it wouldn't dock at all. The problem was I had to keep that capsule as it was the only living space for my crew but it had to be inline with the transfer ship so my burns would be symmetrical and efficient. There were extra docking ports on the side of the transfer ship so I tried that but the loss of efficiency in the burns (because of the capsule throwing off the weight distribution) was going to deplete my delta-v requirements too much to get back to Kerbin. I had a narrow dv budget for that one. Anyway, I transferred all the fuel in the landing craft/crew quarters ship to the transfer ship and that got the weight distro to an acceptable level so I could burn back home...was still less than the inline ideal, but it got them to Kerbin.
  5. What did you do in KSP today?

    Doing my first geostationary satellite network deployment. Still have to get the apoapsis right and zero out the inclination. I'm trying to get the best possible network without just spamming to death. I like efficiency... And here's one of the sats fully deployed:
  6. Should I start over?

    I'm starting over for 1.3.1 because my last epic game was in 1.2.2 and honestly the newest version runs great for me. 1.2.2 had a massive memory leak for me...could only play a couple hours before it became impossible to play. Yeah when I got 1.3 I knew there was another patch around the corner so I just messed around with it and noticed how much better it runs on my rig. I was going to wait for the DLC, but I think I'm just going to update all my fave mods for 1.3.1 and then joyfully begin another game. Absolutely my favorite game ever...
  7. What did you do in KSP today?

    Haven't played in a while waiting for the 1.31 patch so I just did a quick, one hour, Apollo style mission. Easy-peasy. Glad I haven't lost all my
  8. KSP Challenge Coin

    Yeah an official challenge coin from Squad would be super cool. Been playing since 2014 and I have literally only met one person IRL that plays the game. I think a design contest and voting thing would be appropriate. And I don't mind giving Squad more money because I've got at least 1,000 hours in the game...far exceeding the value of my initial 24 dollar investment. And I already carry around a 1,700 year old Roman coin from the reign of Emperor Diocletian and some Zimbabwe hyper-inflation notes, so adding a super-nerdy KSP coin would make me even more awesome and eclectic! lulz... eta: oh and instead of Latin on the coin, write something cool in Spanish but the Chatterer Mod...I think that would be funny...would add another layer of eclecticism and can never have too much of that.
  9. Am i the only one?

    This is the ONLY game where I don't feel like a big loser role playing. The game is so fun it knocks about 30 years off my I actually lost 3 Kerbals in a space station where I had inadvertently left the periapse just barely below 70K and when I returned from a long mission to Duna they had all burned-in. I was actually liquided off and sad.
  10. KSP Version in use

    Both. I have my largest, most indepth Science Sandbox game to finish up in 1.2.2 so I will play that for a while yet. 1.3 is smoother for me for sure. The only thing I don't like about 1.3 is the new struts with that nipple thingy on them. I like the plain look of the old ones better and I find it harder to make my own interstage meshes with the new ones: they just don't stay put where I want them to.
  11. What did you do in KSP today?

    Testing new Medium Shuttle...
  12. Do you use command pods monopropellant?

    Yeah I always lock out the monoprop in the command pods and treat them as a reserve in case of emergency. Couple RCS thrusters attached to the pod and you can de-orbit from at least 100k.
  13. What did you do in KSP today?

    Landertron to the rescue! Love that mod! I was in docking mode for some reason so smashing the space bar didn't do much...lulz...luckily Landertron was already activated by the abort sequence. Notice the un-deployed parachutes...
  14. What Type of KSP Player Are You?

    Definitely an Engineer. I spend 90 percent or more of my time perfecting and/or re-imagining all my ships. My Jool expedition is on its 3rd iteration in about 2 months of building.