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  1. This is the ONLY game where I don't feel like a big loser role playing. The game is so fun it knocks about 30 years off my I actually lost 3 Kerbals in a space station where I had inadvertently left the periapse just barely below 70K and when I returned from a long mission to Duna they had all burned-in. I was actually liquided off and sad.
  2. Both. I have my largest, most indepth Science Sandbox game to finish up in 1.2.2 so I will play that for a while yet. 1.3 is smoother for me for sure. The only thing I don't like about 1.3 is the new struts with that nipple thingy on them. I like the plain look of the old ones better and I find it harder to make my own interstage meshes with the new ones: they just don't stay put where I want them to.
  3. Testing new Medium Shuttle...
  4. Yeah I always lock out the monoprop in the command pods and treat them as a reserve in case of emergency. Couple RCS thrusters attached to the pod and you can de-orbit from at least 100k.
  5. Landertron to the rescue! Love that mod! I was in docking mode for some reason so smashing the space bar didn't do much...lulz...luckily Landertron was already activated by the abort sequence. Notice the un-deployed parachutes...
  6. Definitely an Engineer. I spend 90 percent or more of my time perfecting and/or re-imagining all my ships. My Jool expedition is on its 3rd iteration in about 2 months of building.
  7. Supercharged space truck!
  8. Nice mission. I've been playing two years and am finally getting around to it. Been planning it for over two months now: my ships have gone through 3 design iterations but I think I'm ready. Planning my Eve mission was simple by comparison.
  9. My version of a Mohotel... And yes I ripped the basic design from someone...can't remember who but they are a freakin' genius! Look at all those empty beer kans... Jeb likes to drink alone....
  10. Build the ships separate then save them as sub-assemblies (there's a green tab in your parts section in the VAB and SPH). Make sure to use the root function to make the root part something that can attach to other stuff: like a decoupler or a docking port. Then just load the rocket and go to the sub-assembly tab and grab your previously made 2 ships and attach how you like. Easy-peasy...done it a few times myself.
  11. Jeb-"Wow! Thank god for the personal parachutes mod. Uh, did they move the rip-cord location?" Me-'uh..yeah about that...' As Jeb realizes I uninstalled some stuff:
  12. This is a good topic and one I've thought about a lot. My philosophy right now is to go for fairly realistic ships in that I use TAC life support and always include about 4 or 5 tons of living space per Kerbal. I basically look at the size of different crewed modules (I also use Planetary Base Systems) and incorporate what I think looks like enough living space for hard-core astronaut types that are totally motivated for their mission. So of course that is way less space than a wimp like me would be able to deal with on a 5 or 6 year round trip to Jool, but probably realistic for hardened veterans of space flight. Though my ships are very functional and I can pretty much do any mission (though maybe not as efficiently as the real wunderkinds on here) I have yet to get a good feel for aesthetics. That's my next big challenge is to 'have it all' as it were: realistic functionality combined with nice looks. Plenty of food, living space and making the ships not too 'Kerbal' (by that I mean using multiple launches and docking realistic-sized sections instead of just making one 10,000 ton ship) and of course having it look nice and maybe even innovative. The other facet of this philosophy, however, is that part of my idea of 'realism' is to deal with the actual game limitations as I would any real life situation. This isn't a perfectly realistic space/flight simulation so sometimes you have to do stuff that is a little unlikely to happen or be designed that way in real life. It took me a long time to come to terms with that fact that I can't always solve problems like NASA or ESA would because of little quirks of the game, but in real life you deal with the actual situation confronting you and not always holding to some abstract ideal. That may sound a bit overly philosophical, but when I do design something a little on the 'Kerbal' side versus a more realistic interpretation, I don't worry about it as much as I used to because being effective in the game is slightly more important to me than being 'realistic.' My first Eve Mission ship in 1.05 (one launch and NO refueling of any kind): IIRC there is only a MK 1 Lander can and an ion powered Mercury capsule for return...not a lot of living space for a multi-year mission and of course no life support mods. Actually I'm pretty sure this was totally stock except for Kerbal Engineer and maybe one or two other minor mods. And my last Eve mission in 1.2.2: Separate launch for the transfer vehicle and the lander and a refueling mission to top them off in Kerbin orbit before departure. And though there were escape pods built into the design for safety, when the ship returned to Kerbin orbit I actually sent up a crew return vehicle to retrieve the Kerbonauts instead of using the escape pods or some built in reentry vehicle. And the final assembled vehicle (a 'mere' 1300 tons): Oh and I forgot to add that I build every crewed launch vehicle with a built-in escape system (this is probably my specialty in this matter how crazy the ship is I always have a way to save the crew...except for my big shuttle launches...but NASA didn't really have a decent escape system for the real shuttle either). And I go for perfectly stable flying vehicles throughout the mission profile: no wobbly ships and good, clean separations of stages. I guess the one thing I don't do is worry too much about debris: can't recall how many times I've destroyed that poor launch pad...
  13. Jool mission vehicle. The very top ship is the lander to ravage all the moons for science (except Laythe). The little round tank next down is a fuel assist for the Laythe SSTO docked at the bottom of this craft. And the small shuttle just below the fuel assist module is actually removing all the crew back to Kerbin so they can await the next good launch window without exhausting the onboard supplies (and so they can minimize their time aboard ships and maximize time with their families before the longest mission in Kerbin history). And here is the refueling base for Vall to enable all this. I call it the 'Southern Cross' because it reminds me of the Crux constellation. I'm going to redo the lights a bit so it looks cooler, but this is the final operational configuration.
  14. I imagine doorways into big trees (ala the Keebler Elves) that lead to tunnels and caves with tons of struts supporting wall braces made of 1x1 structural panels with red lighting throughout. Huge, over-engineered caverns chock full of snack and rocket part factories. I guess the snacks are some sort of lichen/moss/algae derivative since there appears not to be any farmland up top. Or maybe the snacks are made from those blind cave fish we always hear about on Nat Geo documentaries...that doesn't really sound all that appetizing, but hey I'm not a Kerbal.
  15. Thanks for the kudos and advice. Yes definitely using Fuel Tanks Plus and Planetary Base Systems. I have one more tech tree unlock and I will gain access to the really huge 3.75 tank so I can color switch it all to orange. I have already redesigned the 'SRB's (in quotes because they are actually Vectors underneath liquid fuel tanks) to be white like the real thing. The only fuel in the Planetary Base Systems tanks is just enough to run the fuel cells. Just use the radial adapter on the rear of the shuttle to orient your tanks then rotate and move until they are in position. I made the mistake of initially clipping in tons of monoprop to those (mostly) empty tanks but apparently having lots of weight high and to the rear makes the shuttle very unstable. So I put two of the big RCS tanks (the ones with 750 in them) up front for counter balance (I have 2 of the 1000 unit MK3 monoprop tanks making up the bulk of the rear) and set the fuel logic to drain all of them at the same rate and I can keep the vehicle pretty stable regardless of fuel level. No manual balancing required. Only two big cheats (besides the aforementioned parts clipping): had to clip canards into the cockpit to allow her to pull up on final (they still work even though they are completely clipped-in); and I had to change the max temperature level of the Planetary Base Systems adapter that makes up the front part of the OMS. Yeah the most stable reentry profile is just holding prograde but it heats the OMS part of the shuttle up enormously so I had to edit the part from 2000 to 3000 max temperature. Since it's really only a cosmetic part, I don't feel too bad about it. Those canards were pretty cheaty, though...