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  1. Photography Showcase Thread!

    A few years ago when I was first getting used to artistic photography, I had the bright idea to try taking shots at the local indoor rodeo. I must have been some sort of masochist. To say that the conditions were difficult would be an understatement due to low light, fast action, long distances and blocked sight-lines. But I did get several shots that I am still quite proud of -- many of which were taken in the warm up area before contestants went on to ride. I do, of course have action photos taken during the competition, but as it may not be to everyone's taste I'll post them if anyone has an interest to see them or visit this album link.
  2. Photography Showcase Thread!

    Excellent catch! Those little guys sure do love Zinnias don't they. They're the first plant I'd recommend to anyone who wants to attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies.
  3. The docking ports could also have crossfeed turned off, but I assume you checked that too. Some parts cannot transfer resources, such as I-beams and heat shields.
  4. Rover Wont Work after Decoupling From Docking Port

    Looking at your screenshots @BjM it looks like your docking ports are clipped through each other and not directly attached to each other. The ones on the back of the cockpit should look like the ones on the back of that probe core. Notice how on the probe core docking ports the narrow ends meet in the middle between the flared collars of the docking ports? In the first pictures of the cockpit the flared collars are touching each other which should not be the case if they were attached correctly. My guess is that you probably missed the end node at the back of the cockpit when attaching the first docking port, which means that it surface attached and left the end node open. Then when you attached the second docking port it attached directly to the node on the back of the cockpit, and clipped through the first docking port. The docking ports aren't attached to each other, they are both attached to the back of the cockpit. To try and keep this from happening, hold down the ALT key when you want to attach to an end node. It prevents parts from surface attaching and will center it directly on the nearest available end node.
  5. When you load a sub-assembly it will only attach using the part that was designated its root part. If you want to save the rover as a sub-assembly that will attach using the Docking Port Jr. then you need to use the "Re-Root" tool to designate the Docking Port Jr. as the root part before you save it as a sub-assembly. Using the "Re-Root" tool is a little tricky. It's the zig-zag line icon to the right of the "Rotate" gizmo at the top of the editor. Once you select the "Re-Root" tool you will need to click once on your rover model, then click on the part of that model that you want to become the new root part - your docking port in this case. The rover should reorient itself to show that it now has a new root orientation. Then, open your sub-assembly pane, click on the new root part (the docking port) and move your rover over to the sub-assembly drop zone and save it. After that, when you select the rover from the sub-assembly list it will attach using the docking port to any available end-node on the ships you are editing. For future reference, there are several parts that cannot be used as root parts. Radial decouplers are the most frustrating, they can't be used as a root part, but in-line decouplers can be. Any item that can't be the first part used to start construction also won't work; like parachutes and ladders.
  6. So I've decided to use these KSP models to put together a comic book style treatment of the War of the Worlds story once I can dedicate enough free time to the project. My video editing skills are amateur at best, and the static models are not particularly conducive to moving pictures, although a few animated gifs are certainly on the table (example below) but I didn't want to just continue posting random stills. I'd like to at least try to tell a coherent story somehow. Any suggestions for presentation or creative ideas for scenes are certainly welcomed. I'd like to avoid parts mods as much as possible. I'm only using beauty and utility mods right now (thank you Vessel Mover!) except for the addition of procedural wings. And although I'm primarily taking inspiration from the book and the Spielberg film, I would like to give it a Kerbal touch. With that in consideration, I think the Fan Works forum would be the best place for me to post that project in. I'll put a link to it here once I get things moving. Until then, here's a glimpse of a slightly improved new tripod model emerging from its cylinder's crash site.
  7. "A monstrous tripod, higher than many houses, striding over the young pine trees, and smashing them aside in its career; a walking engine of glittering metal, striding now across the heather; articulate ropes of steel dangling from it, and the clattering tumult of its passage mingling with the riot of the thunder." - H. G. Wells, 1898
  8. Thanks very much! Let's just say that I haven't found anything in the stock Kerbal parts that can duplicate the bulbous shape of the classic Jeff Wayne design. And after your suggestion I did try. Who knows, maybe I'll stumble upon a design solution. I think it would be cool to see them marching along with the Spielberg walkers as scouts or something. Hmmmmmm...
  9. Rover Wont Work after Decoupling From Docking Port

    Well, it's hard to tell without more information about your rover. A screenshot of the craft would be helpful. A few thoughts about what could be going wrong. - Communication problem: What kind of antennas are you using on each craft? An unmanned probe needs a line of communication back to Kerbin in order to be controllable. Small antennas on rovers are not always powerful enough to communicate directly with the KSC, however if you have a relay antenna on the mothership then it could be relaying the signal for your rover using its more powerful antennas. - Power: Sometimes the electricity in small batteries and probe cores gets used up first when connected to a mothership. When you undock you might be stuck with no electricity, and no control as a result. - Control point: Your rover might be trying to orient itself to the docking port after undocking. This would mess up your directional controls, but it shouldn't cause a complete loss of control. Try right-clicking the probe core and choosing "Control from Here." - Design flaw: If you built the two versions of the rover separately, then it's possible you simply forgot some easy to overlook essential on the probe because it was present on the mothership - like batteries or an antenna. I don't know if any one of these is the cause of your problem. Let us know a little more about your craft and maybe we can be of more help.
  10. Fuel expenditure

    @Sarahleth From what I can tell from your screenshot your mission clock is showing yellow digits instead of green digits. This means that the game is slowing playback somewhat in order to have more CPU cycles to compute physics. In atmosphere flight and/or high part counts will often have this effect. If the clock is red then it means that the game is running seriously slow in order to compute all of the calculations the game needs to do in order to run complex physics on high part count scenes. It should be easy to test if this is the cause of the discrepancy. The mission clock is counting time elapsed in the game world, not real-world time, and runs more slowly when yellow/red. All you have to do is see if the in-game mission clock is keeping up with your stopwatch.
  11. I second the suggestions by both @technicalfool and @Spricigo if you want some nice mods to improve graphics and utility in the game. If you've got heavy computing power and a good graphics card I'd certainly recommend the EVE (Environmental Visual Enhancements) mod which incorporates a few visual upgrades into the game (including the aforementioned Scatterer and Planetshine) to give beautiful atmospheric effects. Go ahead and turn on "Ground Scatter" from the stock game's main settings menu, too. It populates certain areas of the surfaces of planets with trees and rocks. Another big shout-out for both Kerbal Alarm Clock and Kerbal Engineer Redux. KAC will set up alarms for future mission nodes and transfer windows so that you can do other things without worrying about forgetting about a ship with an upcoming maneuver. Kerbal Engineer gives you tons of information readouts that you can customize into displays in your flight scene, such as Delta-V remaining in each stage, height and time to your apoapsis/periapsis which can be viewed without needing to switch to the map view, countdowns to suicide burns, time to impact, what biome you are in or will be when you land, etc. It can even show you your predicted delta-V and thrust-to-weight ratio in the VAB/SPH. If you want to give your Kerbals something to do on EVA a hugely popular series of mods are the Kerbal Inventory System and Kerbal Attachment System which allows your Kerbals to carry around parts that they can attach/detach to ships while on EVA for repair, construction or linking up vessels for fuel transfer. You might also check out CKAN which is a stand-alone program to help you automatically install compatible mods. I would also recommend following technicalfool's advice and copy your entire KSP folder to a second location. You can run multiple copies of KSP for yourself from different copies, there's no DRM or copy protection. This way you can keep one stock and one modded. Also, even though you didn't ask I would highly recommend that you look over the Key Bindings chart. Even a lot of advanced users aren't aware of all of the keyboard shortcuts in the game. I know there's a bit of a learning curve, and being such a customizable game it does mean it takes a while to come to grips with all the options, but I hope you're having fun with it.
  12. You mean that you made a custom save and called it "Orbit" but it isn't showing up in the load game menu? Let's test and see if it's saving your custom saves properly. Bring up the same game dialog by pressing ESC and then "Save Game" or press ALT-F5. Give it a unique name and then press Enter. Now go back and check and see if your save is there when you call up "Load Game" or ALT-F9. Is it there? If not try the same thing again but this time instead of pressing Enter after typing the name of the file press the "Save" button. I believe there was a bug at one time where the Enter key defaulted to select "Cancel" instead of "Save" which could mean that the dialog box was closing without being saved.
  13. If I'm understanding you correctly, I think this is normal operation. Once you build up enough speed your momentum will keep you going in that direction for quite a long way even if you have turned to the side. If you burn due east and then turn 90 degrees to the south you will still keep your eastward vector but will add a southward vector -- sending you southeast -- and only gradually after you have burned longer to the south than you did to go east will you then see your path shift fully southward. Or, if you start going east and then want to go to the west then you'll have to cancel out all of your eastward velocity first before you see your path start going westward.
  14. Hello @Daedalus One, welcome to the forums! There's a lot to go over in your questions, so please ask if anything I say doesn't make sense. There are multiple different ways that the game creates save points, and they are all stored in different places so it's understandable to be a little confused. The first thing to understand is that a "quicksave" and "autosave" are not saving to the same file. The autosave is simply storing your game progress so that if the game should crash or the game is closed in a non-standard way then the game will load next time at the same point it last autosaved. This data is stored in a persistent.sfs file within the folder for each individual career or sandbox game you have created. The persistence file is what loads when you open your game, and it is considered the "current" state of your game. Quicksaves are different. There are two different types of quicksaves -- normal, and custom. For a normal quicksave, every time you press F5 it stores the state of the game at that point in your "backup" save folder, and makes it available to load when you hold down the F9 key. This automatically loads the most recent normal quicksave. Also at the same time you load a quicksave it updates the persistent file to match the state of the game that has now reverted back to your quicksave point. This is now your current game state. There is also a custom quicksave option. By holding the ALT key while pressing F5 a dialog box will pop up that lets you name the save file. You can create as many of these custom quicksaves as you want. You can also load whichever one you want by pressing ALT-F9 to chose from the list of previous custom save points. Also in that list will be the most recent autosave point (called "persistent") and the most recent normal quicksave point with timestamps attached that you could also load if you wish. The files for your custom named quicksaves are just stored within the "Saves" folder for each individual career, next to the persistent file. A few recent backup quicksaves and persistent autosave files are located in the "Backup" folder within the folder for you career save which you can copy into that game's "Saves" folder if you want to access them from the ALT-F9 menu. Tip: The "Save Game" and "Load Game" buttons in the Escape menu do the exact same things that ALT-F5 and ALT-F9 do. Every time you change scenes the game will update the current progress in the persistent file. This means that whenever you take control of a ship, switch ships, or recover a vessel for example, the game will automatically update the current save state so that it will return to that point should you close the game. Any time you exit the game in the normal way it will also update the current persistent save. It doesn't matter if you leave the game by pressing "Quit Game" in the ESC menu or by clicking the red button in the top right. This is normal operation. HOWEVER, if you shut down the KSP.exe process abnormally, whether from the Windows taskbar, task manager, or ALT-F4 then the game does not have the ability to update the save state. Then it will revert back to the last time the persistent file was updated, either because the game autosaved or the point when you loaded a quicksave or the last time you changed ships. As for the SAS controls, in a career play through the experience of your pilot or the technical details of your probe core will have an effect on what auto-SAS abilities are available. Unless you are playing sandbox then engineers and scientists don't have SAS abilities, and pilots need more experience to unlock more abilities. When you hover over their picture in the Astronaut Complex and I believe in the character portrait it should show you what abilities they have earned. Some probe cores are more limited than others. Only the most expensive probe cores will have all of the SAS options available. You can check the details of the probe cores by right clicking the picture of the part in the VAB/SPH parts list and seeing what is says in the extra-info panel that pops up. I hope this info answers your questions in a not too confusing way. Have fun!
  15. Action Group

    Hello @KranSmith and welcome to the Kerbal community. The only stock method I can think of to help with your problem would be to reassign some of the basic action groups to trigger your missiles as well. The toggles for landing gear, lights, abort, SAS, RCS and brakes can all be reassigned just like the numbered action groups. When you go to the action groups tab in the VAB or SPH you will see the basic groups listed above the custom groups (1-10) in the list on the left side. If you aren't using some of them you can remove the original function and add the function to toggle your missile. There is a mod designed to add over 100 extra action groups called Action Groups Extended but it hasn't been updated for version 1.3 quite yet. There is a post here that describes how you can make it work with the newest version of KSP if you decide to try it out.
  16. I'm not very experienced with Mac computers, I'm afraid. But I believe there should still be an executable file that you can run manually. Do you have an exec file when you right-click the application and "show package contents"? If your problem is different then you might find the answer here: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/en/?page_id=19 or here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202491 I wish I knew more about Macs to help you, but I think you can change the title of your question to ask for help from Mac users. Or maybe post a followup question in the http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/70-technical-support-pc-modded-installs/ sub-forum with a title that specifically asks for help with Mac installs. Sorry I couldn't have been of more help there.
  17. Yes, @Lo Var Lachland you can simply copy the entire KSP directory to another location on your computer and run it from that other location if you desire. There is no DRM or copy-protection software installed. It is allowed to make as many copies as you want for your own personal use - for modding, testing or backups as you intend to do. In fact, it is recommended that you make such copies in other folders if you intend to install mods. That way you can mod the copies and leave the one in your steam folder completely stock so that when you update to newer versions of the game it won't cripple your modded saves. In your case I would simply go to the folder where Steam is storing KSP, by default that should be "Steam\SteamApps\common\" and simply copy the entire "Kerbal Space Program" folder then paste the backup copy in any other folder on your computer. You can run directly from the new copy by running the 32 bit file "KSP.exe" or the 64 bit file "KSP_x64.exe". If you want to remove your mods then simply delete anything inside of "Kerbal Space Program/GameData" that IS NOT named "SQUAD". You MUST keep the folder called "Squad". Again, it's recommended to keep the copy in your Steam folder unmodded, and use the other copies for modded versions if desired. As always, you should NOT share copies of KSP with others who haven't bought the game. Many of us have purchased multiple downloads of the game for friends and family because it is the right thing to do. Happy Kerbaling!
  18. KSP Wobbling in a vacuum

    Interesting that you had the opposite problem of what we were thinking. If turning on some autostruts fixed your problem then what @bewing said about having parts clipped together might have been the cause. Or, maybe this was just an isolated case of the jitters. I'm glad you were able to save the mission anyway. Have fun!
  19. KSP Wobbling in a vacuum

    Hello @Defective2000 welcome to the forums. Sorry you're having trouble though. My best guess as to what's causing your ship to tear itself apart is overuse of autostruts. Specifically, when autostrut to heaviest part is used and then you decouple the game has to reattach the autostrut to the new heaviest part on your now separated ship. But often the act of decoupling causes a slight bend between joints and when the autostrut reattaches it can amplify this bend. If more than one part is autostrutted they can start pulling against one another in weird ways. This assumes that you are using autostruts. You can force the game to show what parts are strutted by going into the Alt-F12 menu during flight. Under the Physics tab there is an option to Visualize Autostruts. I would recommend turning all of the autostruts off before you undock.
  20. I'm sure that's true. It's been a while since I've tested it out. Of course, for borderline orbits you may be close enough when the satellite is overhead but too far away when the satellite is coming over the horizon.
  21. As Spricigo and Aegolius13 have said, the 353Mm number for the HG-5 is the range when talking to the large ground stations on Kerbin. It's not sensitive enough to communicate with the Communotron in a one-thousand kilometer orbit. But if you move your relay satellite into a much lower orbit of Minmus it should work just fine. Try more like 50 kilometers or less. Think of it like this. A big antenna is sensitive enough to pick up the faint signals from a small antenna, and a small antenna has no problem picking up the powerful transmissions from a big antenna; but two small antennas talking to each other aren't powerful enough to be heard by each other and aren't sensitive enough to resolve such faint signals. The huge ground stations on Kerbin have such big dishes that they can easily resolve the extremely faint transmissions of Communotrons and still relatively weak HG-5. But the HG-5 still has a relatively small dish, and is only slightly more powerful than the Communotron. If you can get it closer to the Communotron it should be able to talk with it then. And since we know that the Kerbin ground stations can hear the HG-5's at Minmus you will then have a functional communication chain.
  22. There's also a fair amount of science to be harvested from the different buildings of the KSC. Early in the game you can make a makeshift rover out of a cockpit, small jet fuel tank, Juno engine, and small landing gear. Throw some science experiments and batteries on it and you can get different science points from the launch pad, space plane hangar, VAB, tracking station and its dishes, astronaut complex, administration building, runway, crawler way, and several different buildings in the R&D complex, etc... Just be careful to not get your "rover" stuck in a corner because you won't be able to back up (unless you put an engine on the front facing backwards and toggle it separately.) Adding an experiment storage unit to the craft will make it a lot easier to quickly collect the science results each time too since it can collect the science results from all of your experiments without having to go out and collect them from each instrument every time.
  23. @The_Cat_In_Space Cool station and lovely screenshots. I see you docked the habitat ring together in modules (nicely done), but did you launch the glowing blue ring all in one piece? I'm curious as to what mod the blue ring comes from and what's its intended purpose. It certainly adds a dramatic touch.
  24. So this is rather an obscure question, I know. I thought I had seen that it was possible to trigger the destruction animation for the KSC buildings without needing to use the "object thrower." Maybe it was a mod, I'm not sure, possibly I'm misremembering. The ability to trigger the destruction animations multiple times in a row without having to repair the buildings each time would be extremely helpful for an idea I'm working on if such ability exists. Searching the forums yielded no luck so I thank you in advance to anyone who may be able to point me in the right direction.