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  1. I think I asked this before, but I'll ask again: Can we get a more independent behaviour for Mechjeb-Equipped vessels without an active connection, like reduced functionality but not a complete shutdown? After all, Mechjeb IS described as a kinda-sorta autonomous system...
  2. I noticed that too, and I noticed they both show author "linuxgurugamer" and are mutually exclusive.
  3. Thankyouthankyouthankyou for bringing one of my favorite mods back from the grave! You're aces! @linuxgurugamer can we expect to see this mod back in ckan?
  4. Well, storing any waste products for recycling would only make sense in the mk1d, and food and water aren't strictly necessities, but I think at least half an hours worth of oxygen should be available in all of them, if just for show. Maybe we also simply need more variants of pods, because especially away from Kerbin, it may be more than a day or two until I can come and pick a downed Kerbal up, and staying in orbit in the mk1d isn't always an option either, especially if I have to bail because I already AM on a suborbital trajectory. I'd also like to point out that the one pod that has supplies is the one least likely to make use of them, because in the mk1c, the inhabitant would be shock frozen. I just saw that post a minute ago. I think either we need a slightly bigger pod with more supplies, or stackable modules that go e.g. between the pod and the chute. It wouldn't even have to be configurable, you could alter the config with module manager depending on which life support flavor is detected. Oh, it's not a HUGE problem, just pop EVA and float to the surface. I still think life pods should be floaty in general. And floatiness on other planets is another question entirely anyways.
  5. I think what this pack could do with is an extended endurance pack for the mk1a. To make the mk1a workable, I almost have to have retro rockets on the bottom and the parachute on top. That leaves nowhere to attach the fuel cell. I ran some trials from higher up, but at anything above 200km, I almost invariably ran into issues with EC depletion before hitting the atmosphere. Also I've noticed that the pods currently sink in water. I think an integration with Comfortable Landing would be a good way to go here. Last but not least, there seems to be something wrong with TacLS integration, at least it looks that way from here. Currently the OTAV and the mk1c pod are the only ones that have a full set of TacLS resources. The mk1a has oxygen, the mk1n and mk1d have none of the resources at all. I'm afraid I can do nothing to help you fix it, except maybe test some stuff for you.
  6. I can confirm that on Ubuntu with Nvidia proprietary drivers, no pink blocks and everything looks fine. All monitor pages seem to work as expected as far as I can tell.
  7. That doesn't sound good at all... Didn't see that before. Great idea though! Thanks!
  8. I have some trouble with the font rendering on Linux. See Screenshots below - I showed each screen in sequence There are also a lot monitor<date><somecode>.png files in the screenshots folder, probably implicating RPM realizes it has a problem. How do I get at the logs to post those too?
  9. You, Sir, are an awesome, lightning-fast bugfixing-machine!
  10. That's true. Learning a bit of MM can let you do most things with a part, provided they have been done before.
  11. To tell the truth, the skycrane stuck a little sideways with me too. Hurra for low part counts, but I'm simply not one for all-in-one solutions. They smack too much of pre-cut paper planes. It's the same thing I criticize about Lego for years now: If all parts are specialized and highly integrated, it takes the creativity out of it. If all I have to do is stick together two or three parts that only fit together one way, where's the fun? To get back to KSP, there is (was?) that moon lander mod, where you can basicly stick together an apollo moonshot from pre-cut, pre-scored parts. Where's the fun in that? When I first went to the Mun, I flew unmanned 37 times, until I had all the ship construction, the engineering, the tanks, the maneuvers, the lander construction etc, etc, figured out. That was where the fun was at! The actual being-on-the-moon? Well, Kerbal gets out, Kerbal plants flag, Kerbal gives EVA report, Kerbal takes surface sample, Kerbal gets in. Boooo-ring!!!
  12. Oh, it's a loooooooong list... However, thanks to a little mod called Kaboom, I cut away all the exotic parts, so you should be able to make do with just Hangar and ART, which are probably the relevant ones anyways. You should get some unloadable ship messages when starting this up, that's OK. The relevant ones are the asteroids at about 1500000m above Kerbin. Here it is, just unzip it into your saves folder: https://filebin.net/xlssae4f6hd4k7z9
  13. I will try. Would it help if I gave you the savegame?
  14. Anything I can do to help you?