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  1. Any plans to make a sci-fi based cockpit like those from Macross series?
  2. I found the issue with the engine. It has to do with something in BDArmory. Not sure what is causing it.
  3. Oh, sorry. Here is the output file. Output file
  4. Output Log Mod list Screenshot
  5. Hey, Does anyone have the same issue with the K-22 Vector engines? When I load my aircraft onto the runway, it starts the engine without me staging it.
  6. What mod did you use to paint your plane?
  7. How about a cockpit like this for the Rafale?
  8. Do you know which mods are the rest of the parts from?
  9. Was that made with stock parts?
  10. Dude, I love your cockpit designs. I hope to see the final version of them.
  11. Is there any plans for a single seater cockpits?
  12. Hey, I love your cockpits. I used them in my fighters. If I may suggest a cockpit interior for your Hornet cockpit: VF-0 cockpit. As well, you should make two varieties of the same cockpit, a single seater and twin seater version.