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  1. Thanks for the tips, I will work on it over the weekend.
  2. I think I got the thermonuclear reaction turbine version of the cheetah turbofan to work now. All that I need to do is adjusting the atm curves to make it more efficient at lower altitudes, but I don't know how to adjust it.
  3. I love this mod very much. I have been working on a thermonuclear reaction turbine engine version from the cheetah turbofan but having problems with the config file. I can't get the sound of the engine on startup and the auto switching doesn't work.
  4. Is there a possibility to make a thermonuclear reaction turbine engine out of the cheetah turbofan?
  5. [1.3.1] QuizTech Aero Pack Continued

    Why not make it a single seater version since the real Raptor and the Lightning II are a single seater?
  6. Could I suggest a few parts and a cockpit? How about the cockpit from Valkyrie VF-31J, the thrusting vectoring engine, and intakes from the same aircraft?
  7. Has anyone noticed that the Mk2/Object 1.44 Non-Commercial Cockpit has no hatch to eject or do an EVA?
  8. Is it possible to make the Saab Gripen cockpit to fit the mk2 parts?
  9. If I can suggest one part, how about the cockpit from the Macross Delta VF-30 Chronos or VF-31 Siegfried?
  10. Aviation Cockpits (New prop cockpits)

    Any plans to make a sci-fi based cockpit like those from Macross series?
  11. Which mod do those wings come from?
  12. I found the issue with the engine. It has to do with something in BDArmory. Not sure what is causing it.
  13. Oh, sorry. Here is the output file. Output file
  14. Hey, Does anyone have the same issue with the K-22 Vector engines? When I load my aircraft onto the runway, it starts the engine without me staging it.