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  1. Mkay, I think I can figure it out now. Thanks to all for the info!
  2. Well so it says in the VAB that just one of those relays can communicate up to 200Mm which should definitely be enough. Thats also why I stacked 3 of the communotrons to get that max range. Furthermore I have OPM installed, which as I understand changes these max ranges to be pretty strong. I'll have a gander at the KSPedia but I feel like that isn't whats wrong.
  3. So I've been away from the game awhile and I remember getting this to work not long after 1.2 came out. I messed around in stock and then shelved it because I need my mods. Anyways I'm attempting to set up a basic relay network in Kerbin's SOI, I want to be able to see behind the Mun essentially, and put an equatorial satellite there. My relay satellites are at highly elliptical polar orbits, roughly 78Mm Ap. They each have an HG-5. Those connect to the ground just fine. However the attempts at a satellite around the Mun leave me blind when I'm passing over the far side. I've had them equipped with HG-5s and 3 Communotron 16s, and I can't get the connection. There is a clear line of sight no doubt about that. Am I missing something? They all should be well within their respective ranges.
  4. See I tried and the clouds weren't there.. That was one of my first install attempts though so Ill try again. Edit: Well it worked when I got up this morning! I don't know what I did but I'll take it.
  5. I've tried carefully following the install instructions three times now and I can't get the clouds to show up at all. I have gotten to work on previous versions of ksp just fine but this all says 1.2 compatible so I'm doing something wrong... Anyone have an idea of what dumb thing I've done to cause this?
  6. I hadn't heard of Principia before and wow!! Really? That's so cool! I don't think I can say I've mastered stock ksp but I'm definitely going to have to check that out.
  7. Okay, I think I get it. This mod is nuts! And awesome! Thanks for the info, I'll keep teching up and see if it starts to make more sense to me.
  8. I'm having a weird problem with this mod and I can't seem to figure out how to solve it.. Maybe I'm just missing something about how these engines work. I'm in V1.1.3 on a science only save file, and I have just unlocked the solid core engine. I have the candle as well and both have this problem. After reading some posts where people explain how these engines work, it seems clear that A. I should be able to use one of these interstellar fuel tanks which you can switch out all the different propellants on, and attach it to the engine, and switch the engine mode to the different propellants for a different isp and twr. Instead I can choose between only hydrogen and liquidfuel. Am I wrong about this? Are hydrogen and liquidfuel really my only options with these engines? B. I should be able to hit "Swap Fuel" on the items popup in the VAB and I think that makes the reactor run on a different fuel type? All it does for me is empty it out, it won't switch fuel. C. The third thing in this pop up is the "Switch Mode" button, which will change Uranium Oxide to Plutonium TWR as the reactors fuel, however this only works once, it will not change anymore and if I launch the rocket it will be back in Uranium Oxide mode and will not switch. And again, I can't put plutonium in the thing to begin with. Unless there's some step I'm missing? I've also seen people mention that these engines aren't as good until you've unlocked another node or two forward in the tech tree. I figured it might be referring to efficiency and energy output and whatnot but are these upgrades what actually allow these engines to use different fuel and propellants? More often than not these problems just end up being a lack of understanding on my part.. So I figured I'd ask real quick to see if I'm simply not grasping the basics.
  9. On every fairing base I try to use, when I right click on it in the VAB to modify something it shrinks to 1.25m and will not go back to normal. I have tweakscale and I'm wondering if the problem is with that or the parts themselves.
  10. This mod is great and I'm very excited to dig in. I just had something I wanted to ask about.. I'm using a Saitek X55, it's a 2 part setup with a joystick and a throttle control and this mod seems to only partially work with it. In the mod configuration menu I have lots of options that I would love to use, for example I can have control with the joystick and assign a hat on top to be able to move the camera view around. Sounds sweet! But It won't work... I found this was the case with a lot of controls. Brakes, gear, lights, staging; little things like that are not working with the buttons I am assigning them to, though it says they do in the menu. I went into the settings in the game's main menu and set it up from there. I could get this to work with a lot of the buttons I had been trying, but some don't register when I try to assign them in the main game settings.. Like the hat I want to use for the camera. The other 2 on the stick are set up for translation and they work fine, and again, in the mod configuration menu it has no problem assigning that hat to adjust the camera.. Plus there's features here I just can't set up from the main menu, like stage locking. It sounds to me like other people don't run into this problem, talking about editing controls in-flight. I have to exit out and go to the main menu for most things.. The only thing that worked straight away was the stick itself for attitude and the throttle control. Have I done something wrong in installation? Is it just the stick I'm using?
  11. There's already tons of awesome suggestions for parts that would fill in some gaps. Not so much of a necessity for me would be more parts geared towards exploring oceans, and also biomes for depth/the bottom of a body of liquid would be sweet.
  12. Built a rocket to go as low and fast over the ocean as possible. Broke up at an altitude of 7Km, Mach 7.5. when it happened the G meter spiked and the Kerbal simply died from the excessive Gs, fractions of a second before the rocket exploded into oblivion completely. It was an earlier build, before the heat system.. Long before that in the demo the first Kerbal I got out of the atmosphere ended up burning up in said atmosphere because I went on EVA and never made it back. I guess he didn't burn up back then.. He made it to the surface and died there.
  13. I figured it out, looks like it's working now. Thanks for taking the time!
  14. I'm building a research station to hang out over Mun for use moving into the future. I've read up on the mobile lab part, because last time I played this game extensively enough to use it was some time ago, and it sounds like it works much differently now.. I know if you keep using different labs you can keep collecting and using the same experiment results and processing them into data. I also know you get multipliers for the amount of science payout depending on where the lab is. My question is this: can a lab do the one-time processing into data in orbit, then land on the surface of an object, and process the same results again for the new modified science amount? I'm guessing I would need to gather the experiment results a second time, but would it work with the same lab like that? Or would I absolutely have to make a second lab to be able to do this?
  15. It is not, there is a config file there but that is all. I actually can't find InfernalRobotics.dll anywhere..
  16. I figured I had done something wrong, that's how it always goes... Thanks for getting back to me, here's the screen
  17. I've just attempted to install IR with MSI's rework. I'm doing a science only save file, and I can see many of the parts in the tech tree, some of which should be unlocked. All the structural stuff is available in VAB, like the robotrusses and whatnot, I also see the utilitron grabber under utility, however no robotics tab appears and the actual robotics parts are nowhere to be found.
  18. I'm building a rover I want to use on low gravity objects. I want it to be able to go over a bit of a bump and fly a little and be okay. Of course I'll have to be careful about not landing, ya know, on not the wheels, but if I do happen to accidentally flip the thing on a sharp turn or something, I want it to be somewhat durable.. Do any of you talented engineers out there have any advice on how to make a rover tumble-worthy?
  19. I just this morning finished my first round trip to Duna. It's a nice easy system to get around in. I landed without parachutes, it was pretty easy, just remember you don't need a steep trajectory. I started my accent at about 54km and dropped my periapsis down to 20km, within the atmo but as people have stated, very thin. It'll bleed off some horizontal speed over time so I figured that was my biggest concern; the possibility of the drag dropping me faster than I'm used to in a lander like this. The net result was a nice short burn right at the end that dropped me right on the surface. I was a little alarmed at my rate of decent for just a moment but I was surprised how easy and fun a landing it turned out to be. So land at day, try to make sure it's in a flat area and you got it no sweat man. I used chutes to land on Duna once.. that was back when I didn't know anything and barely managed to get there through sheer force and a way oversized inefficient vehicle. I built this crazy looking spider like lander, it had a sweet rover that dropped off the front of it, but besides that the thing was super shoddy... Anyways I ran out of fuel about 400 meters above the surface... still moving at like 200 m/s. I don't remember the build, some time ago... But yea, i had the chutes out on the legs, and when they deployed the craft flipped completely over on its back and the spider legs bowed out waaaaay farther than they should have been able to...used the last scrap of monoprop I had left to turn the thing halfway over and drop it right on the engine BLAMMM!! Kerbal on Duna but man that rover was sweet. A little too sweet, I kinda drove it over a cliff...
  20. I am proud to report the near success of my first interplanetary mission. I went to Duna, and landed there, and after heading back into orbit and docking I ran some calculations and was tickled to find I had just enough fuel to also land on Ike. That didn't go quite as smoothly.. but the craft and Kerbal were well enough to make it back to the command module and get all docked up, and the crew are ready to prepare for the trip home. So we come to my current situation. I'm in a fairly low orbit over Ike, roughly 30km parked and my question is this: Whats the best way to get home from here? Obviously I'll have to make sure I'm in a decent enough launch window but I'm talking more about what I do in Duna's sphere of influence. Should I wait until Ike is at the ejection angle and burn directly from there? Or would it be best to drop myself into a highly elliptical orbit around Duna and use the gravity assist to help me pick up velocity, again, obviously timing it to line up with the ejection angle. Or should I do a Hohmann transfer to a lower/higher parking orbit around Duna and go from there? I doubt that last one is a very smart choice... but I'm no expert.
  21. My goodness I feel like a fool, that makes sooooooo much sense... Thank you for the enlightenment.
  22. So my meager monkey brain is starting to work with me on this game. I'm planning a trip to the Jool system probably, but I'm building the engine for this thing and I'm using KER to know my delta-v. I use a big ol fuel tank and put the big ol nuclear engine on the bottom of it and I get 2397 m/s (vacuum obviously) and then I put the mainsail on the same craft, same fuel tank. 3033 m/s... So I'm confused. I thought the better efficiency would give me more delta-v. The nuke engine weighs 3 tons more, which is a third more but would I really lose that much delta-v as a result, even with the extra efficiency? If so, when does it actually become beneficial to use a nuclear engine?
  23. The slider that lets you do "Fuselage, Structural, etc." or whatever the options are is not present in this tank. Though I realized I have other tank options which is a huge relief.. I think this part may well be bugged though. But this is enough for me to keep flying so thanks bunches Frybert!
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