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  1. Thank you for listening to your community and removing RedShell.
  2. Community feedback works. This is the example. Speak up for what you feel is right.
  3. Considering that protest has already caused a number of publishers to remove this from their product? Yes.
  4. Deinstalling KSP and no longer playing until this is fixed.
  5. Thanks for this. I'll give this a try after I manage to remove enough mods to make my game playable again....
  6. So what I'm reading is... break long burns into orbits of multiple integer days (1 day, 2 day, 3 day); or just burn to a higher circular orbit to begin with?
  7. Scott Manley had a youtube video on this, and I believe he got something like a 20% difference in dV when everything was factored in. The main issue with long burns in low orbits (ie, a 100km orbit) is that you are burning off-axis to where you need to burn. The optimal burn would be an instantaneous burn (zero second) that gave you 100% of the dV you need for the orbit change. Every second you're not doing that, you're spending extra dV in order for the final orbit to be what you would get, if it was a zero-second burn. So it turns out there is a plugin that handles splitting up burns - Maneuver Node Splitter - but it has not been updated beyond KSP 1.2.2. Sure, that's a possibility. But it wastes more dV to get up into that orbit and then burn out. I know it's possible to use multiple burns, I just can't figure out the math involved. Hasn't *someone* done this?
  8. Thanks for replies. I know 4m isn't a terribly long burn, but I'd like to add this "technique" to my toolbox for when I try to send a 100t station to Jool and need to split a 90m long burn, for example. I'd love to hear from anyone who has done split up a super-long burn into many of them, and how they timed them so as to still get the transfer window correct.
  9. So I've got a ship ready to go to Eve, using nukes. The delta-V needed is only about 1000, but the burn time with the nukes is just over 4 minutes. My ship is in a 100km parking orbit, and a 4-minute burn is going to mean some extra dV spent in order to compensate for not being entirely prograde during the burn. I've seen that other people break long burns into multiple small burns with a complete orbit in between. How do I figure out the timing of these burns? Thanks in advance.
  10. Today I did a fourth (or fifth?) sub-orbital tourism mission. I'm playing with the game on OMG HARD mode - 20% science, Kerbin science values are all changed to 0.1 multiplier, CommNet with only one station, 110% re-entry heating. I'm basicly running whatever missions I can in order just to get enough cash to upgrade buildings so I can actually fly missions for pitiful science, in order to get key technologies like RA-2 dish and solar panels. Trying going to Minmus and back on just batteries and with a 30-part limit and high re-entry heating. Good times!
  11. Additionally, I'm noticing that the Advances on my contracts are now all negative numbers.
  12. They're all showing +50%/-50% for me. Need a save file/logs?
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