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  1. I'd like to note that this bug happens even when I remove all mods from the GameData folder. Two days ago I was having this issue on the surface of the Mun and Minmus and it wasn't fixed until I reinstalled the game completely. Then suddenly yesterday the bug appeared again while I was on the surface of Duna.
  2. The Player log file is already included in the OP. The output_log file is outdated by several days and not relevant. There is no crash.dmp file as the game never technically crashes, just freezes and has to be forced closed. Version is Modlist is as follows, each mod is running the latest version: [x] Science! Toolbar Control B9 Part Switch Community Resource Pack Distant Object Enhancement Environmental Visual Enhancements Heat Control Module Manager MSP 3000 Navball Docking Alignment Indicator Near Future Props Station Parts Expansion Redux Stock Visual Enhancements Texture Replacer Transfer Window Planner
  3. While on EVA on the surface, the game freezes but audio still runs. The only thing that can be done is to Alt+F4 to close the game. This happens every time when trying to do a surface EVA and it usually occurs just before touching the surface itself. In the Player logs at the time of the freeze there are a lot of lines saying "D3D11: Failed to create RenderTexture ... error 0x887a0005", "ShaderProgram is unsupported, but because jobified rendering is enabled the ShaderProgram can not be removed.", or "D3D shader create error for vertex shader [0x887a0005]". Pastebin with relevant logs from my last session: https://pastebin.com/pALFPW51
  4. Planetshine is causing this and is not compatible with 1.8.
  5. It's an issue with Planetshine, it is not compatible with 1.8.
  6. For those wondering, the mod is not compatible with 1.8 unfortunately. A pink square appears stuck to your ship if you have this mod installed.
  7. This looks really nice! The capsule reminds me of the really flat capsule from one of NovaSilisko's old mod packs.
  8. I just downloaded and made a test rocket with a 1.25m diameter, 8m long fuel segment and a Minuteman nozzle and the engine does not appear in the staging, and upon launch the rocket is firing smoke upwards into the air and cannot be activated.
  9. I did a career playthrough with this and I suppose I wasn't expecting this tech tree to be geared towards players using a lot of modpacks. As a mostly stock parts player I found the start challenging, with the only thing I could do being to hop out of the capsule on the launch pad and run around getting science. Parachutes came a lot later than I would have liked and my first launch was only saved because somehow my SRB bounced instead of exploding when I hit the ground. After the first couple flights I started to unlock everything really quickly and I ended up having like 80% of all the parts before even going to Minmus.
  10. Thanks, sounds to me like 100% science gain will be plenty challenging with this mod.
  11. How does progression through the tree compare with stock speed? I usually play with science gains set to 20%-30% so that I don't max out the tree before leaving the Kerbin system and I am forced to visit other planets. Would you recommend lowering science gains at all with this?
  12. Thanks for updating this, I don't know how you manage to take care of so many mods
  13. I've never used CKAN but to install it you download the mod, open the Optional Mods folder, and drag the GPP_Secondary folder into your GameData folder.
  14. I'm also getting that scene switch freeze. It's about 4 seconds long and in terms of number of planets I am playing with Galileo's Planet Pack.
  15. Downgrading to that version helped. I was using the latest version. I guess GPP isn't compatible with the newest version?
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