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  1. Here's an OPSEK inspired station I'm building, the Russian segment is done and now I'm building an American segment to sort of make it into an ISS 2. Really can't wait for that updated VA capsule
  2. Well whatever you did in that patch has made the sliding legs issue go away for me. The shaders on the legs are fixed as well.
  3. Congratulations on release! Everything looks great so far but the landing legs like to slide around on the surface and something seems wrong with the light shaders on the legs.
  4. I built it in parts, recreating each module (core, Kvant-1/2, etc). I ended up replacing Kvant-1 and Kristall after having docked them because I just didn't like some stuff about them. A few goofs here and there were easily fixed by removing parts on EVA with KIS. I had built the docking module with the two big block things on the side but after getting it docked I realized that those blocks are the solar panels that were later added to Kvant-1 so I took them off with a quick EVA. I launched Kvant-1 with the big Sofora and Rapana girders on the side, which made the rocket pretty painful to control, but if I had KIS installed at the time I would have just packed them on the side and detached/reassembled them in orbit. I'm really liking that VA capsule and heatshield. Do you have any plans to create the Federation capsule?
  5. I finished building my Mir replica. I didn't really like how the craft files in the OP were designed so I rebuilt them. I spent so many hours last night staring at reference photos...
  6. How old are the craft files from the OP? I just tried them out and there's a lot of gaps and clipping and such. On the Almaz some of the antennae are pointed in the wrong direction, where if you extend them they just extend inside the craft itself. I want to make the Mir station but I think I'll have to rebuild the modules. Edit: With the parachute problem and this question I feel like I'm starting to sound like that guy... I promise I'm not trying to be a pain
  7. Thanks for the update, I was really hoping that it wasn't just a dumb thing on my end that I was doing wrong...
  8. So first I tried deleting just physics.cfg and partdatabase.cfg without removing any other mods. No change. Next I did as you said here and removed everything except for Tantares and Squad as well as deleting those .cfg files again. Still no luck. Finally I did a complete fresh install of 1.4.2 from Steam and reinstalled Tantares with a fresh download. Still, the Soyuz parachute doesn't slow the pod down at all. Just for fun I attached the larger A-ML1 parachute to the capsule and it seems to work fine, slowing the pod down to around 5 m/s. It seems that the issue is isolated to the T-V2K parachute. At this point I have no idea what I could do further to get it to work.
  9. I do not. I've never used Real Chutes or any mod that uses it. No files of it anywhere.
  10. Unfortunately this didn't solve the issue for me. The pod still hits the ground at 250 m/s without slowing after parachute deployment.
  11. No The chute opens at around 5km and I even bumped up the full deployment to 1km instead of 500m but the chute doesn't appear to slow the pod down whatsoever.
  12. How do I properly land the Soyuz capsule? Do I need to put thrusters on it? By default the parachute almost doesn't slow the capsule down at all and I smack into the ground at a not-so-gentle 250 m/s.
  13. ddavis425

    [1.4.1 PlanetShine, Mar 28, 2018

    Nice, great to see continued support for this mod
  14. Would it be possible to edit the stock Gemini service module to be conical shaped like the real one? Like 1.875m on top and 2.5m on the bottom. The one in game is cylindrical and looks terrible. Edit: Also if that is possible to do, then some upscaled Cheetah and Bobcat engines to 2.5m would be good to fit the new size of the rocket.
  15. While you're here, what part is supposed to be used for the PWS and PRA antenna on Voyager? The only thing I can find are the two Radio Plasma Wave antenna but those have three antenna each instead of the two that Voyager had. Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out. You're supposed to use the three-antenna thing but rotate it in a way that one of the antenna is hidden in the magnetometer.