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  1. I see. I didn't know that launching through the default shortcut launched the 32 bit version of the game.
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/owuubjxuz9tv63t/error.log?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/zg9sx06axv0alti/output_log.txt?dl=0 Here are the error and output logs. I'm running on a i5 6600k with 8gb ram and RX 480. This crash happened upon launching a craft. This only happens when I have the SSPX mod installed, all other mods work fine with SVE installed.
  3. I just downloaded the latest release and I immediately started having issues where the game would crash trying to load a save. I decided to start with a totally fresh install with just this mod and add mods on to see what caused it. It seems that using the latest version of Stock Visual Enhancements (and the included mods) along with SSPX makes the game either hang on loading, crash on loading, or crash on trying to launch a craft. Just to make sure it was SVE being incompatible I uninstalled SSPX, leaving just the base game and SVE, and the game worked fine.
  4. Any way to play this mod with career mode?
  5. And I think that number doesn't take into account the equatorial radius, so in reality it was like 11 or 12km
  6. I like the one that moves Gilly to Duna but I think it should be a bit farther away so that the SOI can be bigger. Not to make it easier to rendezvous with but to make it more time warp friendly.
  7. @Alshain that's probably the best solution. How do you judge how spaced out the satellites are? I only managed to get a perfectly spaced geostationary network because of a Youtube video that said to make a specific orbit where you deploy a satellite each apoapsis. Did you just eyeball it or was there some sort of method you used?
  8. I see people talking about how it's unnecessary to bother with having a relay network around Kerbin since there are multiple ground stations. In the advanced difficulty options you can make it so that KSC is the only ground station, just like in RT. I selected that so that I would have a reason to set up a geostationary relay network. Now as for the problem of getting relay coverage to the far side of the Mun, even with relays 60 degrees ahead of and behind the Mun there's still a small dead zone that the signal doesn't reach. I'm not sure exactly what size that dead zone is but I know that it means that you won't be able to land an unmanned probe in the center of the Mun's far side. I think the only way to ensure total signal coverage would be to have relays in orbit of the Mun itself or to have relays orbiting beyond the Mun.
  9. No point in voting or debating, we all know from past experience that Squad will just do what they want.
  10. Why is KSP So bad when it comes to cars?

    Aside from the control rebinding, the game's friction system (or lack thereof) is pretty bad. Unless you're on a relatively high-gravity planet you might as well be driving around on ice.
  11. It already has sunspots
  12. Please make a new Ceres, the stock command pod looks like crap next to your fantastic parts
  13. What Is Your Finanical Status?

    I've barely played career mode but I'm rolling in cash
  14. The Grand 0.24 Discussion Thread

    I've only completed about 6 contracts and I haven't made orbit yet but I already have over 80,000 in funds. This is going to be very easy.