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  1. well - pass that link around fast and let's burn twitch down with Prootviews! Waiting like a madmen here in the channel with my viewers haha
  2. sure thing, im doing a KSP marathon now anyways - it'll be on www.twitch.tv/jays_nl streaming right now too - running the workaround fix, so memory isn't an issue.
  3. It is.. Everytime again when i stream i say; okay, just 15 more minutes... Aaaaand it's 04.30 in the morning. Thanks jeb.
  4. Yes. It's. Absolutely. Lovely. No issues with 54 mods on my end.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0hzMAZdYCk
  5. [quote name='Proot']I've done a lot of advances in the last days. Truly close to a release, matter of days. Maybe one week? I'm not really good calculating this things... and depends on my free time. Thomas P. has helped me, and finally we can have the custom flare without touch the stock assets of the game. This version comes with most of the game artwork reworked, for real. Almost all, except for buildings and the newest parts. Every planet and moon is re-worked. That include surfaces... personalised for each body. No more boring landings, no more flat lands. Among many other things. The dark side: in some situations "HD" version is too heavy for DX9 in Windows. Force OpenGL o DX11 mode is pretty mandatory to avoid memory problems. A "SD" version (much less detailed but less memory intensive) is planed after the release. Hopefully Unity 5 could avoid this limitation in a short-mid term future.[/QUOTE] Well, i'll be happy to test out the HD and/or highest quality version you have. So far i've got a stable 64bit that will only crash as it hits the 8+ GB mark, so i should be fine... (playing on 1440p with everything to the max) :)
  6. Downloading it as we speak, ehr type. Will be trying it out while playing on my stream too
  7. I've been lurking for a while, but decided to register, just cause of the CSS mod. Been using it quite a while, succesfully on 64bit too, so i'm curious to see how 1.0.7 will work out in 64bit 1.0.4 Here's some IVA action with, i believe, 1.0.6 in the 64bit 1.0.2 version of KSP