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  1. @ferram4 It may not solely be an issue with FAR, but when I reverted from v0.15.6.5 to v0.15.6.4 the issue stopped (Only thing changed) Its like the ground height is set wrong. - 12mb ish using 91+ mods (ya sorry...) So I reinstalled FAR_0_15_6_5_Knudsen but the bouncing wasn't present... The ship stuck on launch issue was still present, have retracted the Landing strut to show ship floating off ground.
  2. I'm finding v0.15.6.5 has a major bugs v0.15.6.4 didn't. Its effects are: Landing Gear bounce even if stationary and no forces are applied. Not using Landing gear results in the craft being stuck in the ground, unable to move. Had the same issue with the 1.1 pre-release... Can add log file if needed.
  3. I have tried to install this on 1.1 with only ModuleManager.2.6.18 and it isn't working, I have also tried KSP Interstellar Extended - 1.7.2 and CommunityTechTree2_3_0. Even without EET, only Interstellar Extended parts that use the default nodes show up. Found that there is newer version of MM that fixes issue
  4. Have noticed that when resizing the vanilla drills, the sweet spot for ore extraction doesn't change and the drill visual effect is shown under the ground. Hope you can fix this. ty
  5. Have found a weird compatibility issue with the ALCOR_Capsule_0.9.2.3 When you click load in the UI for a ship with this mod part. Instead of bringing up the confirm to start building, it is insta-built at the centre point of your base (normally with a game crashing explosion) and without cost... Have found an update, ALCOR_Capsule_0.9.4 seems to fix the issue
  6. I have a weird problem, my VAB and SPH don't have the concrete base and pylon in the menu. I realised this after updating KIS and KAS, but reverting didn't fix the issue and I seem to still have all other parts. Saved ships that had them in inventory still do, can be launched and then pylons placed as expected. I'm thinking that its a mod conflict but given my game has a 10min load time, posting here will hopefully be faster given the 50ish mods. Lucky they are listed in the OSE workshop build menu, so I can work around it for now. KSP: 1.0.4 (Unix) - Unity: 4.6.4f1 - OS: Linux 3.13 LinuxMint 17.1 64bit Filter Extensions - 2.3 Chatterer - Color Coded Canisters - 1.1.1 Community Resource Pack - 0.4.3 Connected Living Space - Contract Configurator - 1.5.1 Contract Pack: Anomaly Surveyor - 1.2.2 Contract Pack: Base Construction - 0.1.3 CC-CP-SCANSat - 0.5.2 Contract Pack: Field Research - 1.0.6 Contract Pack: Tourism Plus - 1.1.5 Contracts Window Plus - Crowd Sourced Science - 3.0 DMagic Orbital Science - 1.0.7 Firespitter - 7.1.4 Fuel Tanks Plus - 0.11.2 Interstellar Fuel Switch - 1.15 Kerbal Attachment System - 0.5.3 Kerbal Inventory System - 1.2 KSI: Placement Services - 0.1.5 KSP-AVC Plugin - 1.1.5 Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - 3.1.4 Infernal Robots - 0.21.3 Modular Rocket Systems - 1.7.3 EVAHandrailsPackContinued - 0.2 Near Future Electrical - 0.5.2 Final Frontier - QuickScroll - 1.3.1 QuickSearch - 1.1.3 RCS Build Aid - 0.7.2 SCANsat - 1.1.4 ShipManifest - SpaceY Lifters - 0.17.4 TextureReplacer - 2.4.7 Alternate Resource Panel - 2.7.2 Kerbal Alarm Clock - 3.4 TweakScale - 2.2.1 USI Alcubierre Drive - 0.2.1 Universal Storage - KSP Interstellar Extended - 1.2.6 Waypoint Manager - 2.3.4 OSE Workshop - 0.9.2 [x] Science! - 4.7 Kerbal Konstructs - 0.8