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  1. @ShotgunNinja It seems the Mk1 crew cabin does not have any life support; one of my kerbals suffocated shortly after entering the cabin with no other life support parts attached. Was this intended?
  2. This is a neat mod mod. I just have a few questions: -How do you harvest nitrogen? I read somewhere about an atmospheric scoop, but I have not been able to find any parts that would collect anything. Has this been implemented, or is it just a planned feature? -How do I disable the alerts for certain crafts? -Does this mod make any changes to the gravity scans? After downloading this mod, I was not able to do gravity scans on the surface of planets, so I was not able to complete some contracts. Is this something your mod did (in which case, can you do something about it) or was this from another mod that happened to break/change?
  3. Considering most contracts last 20+ years, there is real need to have these contracts come up at specific times.
  4. We don't have one GPS satellite in space that moves around. We have multiple satellites that do not change their orbits. Because everyone here seems to have a different opinion on this, There should be contracts where you can have it fly from one orbit to an other, and some contracts that say that a satellite needs to stay in one orbit. So far, the argument about "goals" has been dumb on both sides, both sides making arguments that really did not mean they were right. It should be an option [controlled by what the contract specifies], not mandatory loss-of-control.
  5. *Raises both hands* This definitely. It needs it's own biome. The thing is there should be a whole lot more biomes for each planet/moon in the game, but there really is no need. Biomes do nothing but add more science, that really is just a number. The way the game treats Science and biomes needs to be revamped. There really needs to be a reason to have biomes besides points.
  6. I see your point. Some people may not want to use displays in their command pods, So they just shouldn't use them. There should be one or two screens *(maybe on the sides of the command pods) that are for the people who want the screens because they need to see [list I already gave], and then for the people who don't use them, they don't use it. It's not that the player is forced to use the screen, but if they want to they could.
  7. Yes. Although there are a BUNCH of stuff that should happen first, Animated parts should happen some time.
  8. RPM SHOULD BE IN STOCK. It (and a few other mods) takes care of: Seeing your whole ship, See through a camera, helps with docking in IVA, Orbital/Ship statistics. Without these things, IVA is extremely hard and useless. Also IMHO, that mod does not look as good as RPM.
  9. This would be cool to have but: * Its to complicated for someone who doesn't know what any of the above means * Its to complicated for someone who knows what the above means. * Does not add anything, just makes things more challenging. * Adds a new level of realism to KSP (which it seems that every other KSP player does not *really* want)
  10. I support this thead. The only thing is the fairings have more mass, do not protect against the atmosphere in any way, and do not give any support (which the last two are just things that I think everyone hate about fairings in general), Which means using fairings instead of inter-stages just adds mass and "looks good".
  11. Maybe instead of creating extra ship (debris), larger parts such as orange tanks explode while smaller parts such as thermometer turn into particles (such as re-entre effects). If smaller parts turn into particles, there is no extra ship created and the main ship won't blow up if I use part-clipping.
  12. This. We need this. For me, its because of the audio. Sometimes I want music for my flights, other times it annoys the hell out of me listening to the same music over and over again. It shouldn't be that I have to stop my 30 minute ion burn because I want to or do not want to listen to any music.
  13. I support this, but I think this should be it's own type of contract. That way you can have a contract that says "hey, we only need a satellite in this orbit for 5 seconds just cuz. After that we will never need it again!", and then have a contract that says "hey, we need a satiate in this orbit for a year. We will be actually using that satellite for a year, so we can't have it get go to the mun or anything like that."
  14. Yeah, what would NASA do? Would they only allow one design for a pod that cannot be modified? Would they force the design of the pods so much they you could not add to or replace the nose cone with extra reactionwheels, tanks of monoprop, or even dockingports (which in this case, would make the ship look better than having to put a docking port over the nose cone or under the pod.)? Also, I would image they would re balance the pricing of the nosecone/pod so you could do this. How hard is it to place a second part? And don't you think they would retexture/fix the nosecone SO it would look the same and be the same size? I really don't see how your analogy works. I really do not see how being "forced" to have to use two parts for the nosecone would be such a big problem? How much memory space does adding ONE part to a ship take up? Why would turning a 100 part ship into a 101 part ship be a problem?
  15. I think instead of all the kerbal's genders being created randomly* , they should have it so there are two lists; one for males and one for females. That would be better because if you want pure male/female team, you can have that. If you want a mixed gender team you could also have that as well. (*where you can have all male/female kerbals in the recruitment center)