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  1. New Release - 1.0.1: Fixed loading issue against BDAC, which for some reason was reporting an prior version to the one I compiled against some how. I have no idea how this happened, but will attempt to ensure this doesn't happen again. Edit: @ougiargi this will fix your issue
  2. [LOG 20:51:50.514] Load(Assembly): /ModuleManager.2.8.1 [LOG 20:51:50.515] AssemblyLoader: Loading assembly at E:\Games\KSP\Kerbal.Space.Program.v1.3.1.1891.part1\Kerbal.Space.Program.v1.3.1.1891\GameData\ModuleManager.2.8.1.dll [LOG 20:51:50.541] AssemblyLoader: KSPAssembly 'ModuleManager' V2.5 [LOG 20:51:50.541] Load(Assembly): BDArmory/Plugins/BDArmory.Core [LOG 20:51:50.542] AssemblyLoader: Loading assembly at E:\Games\KSP\Kerbal.Space.Program.v1.3.1.1891.part1\Kerbal.Space.Program.v1.3.1.1891\GameData\BDArmory\Plugins\BDArmory.Core.dll [LOG 20:51:50.543] AssemblyLoader: KSPAssembly 'BDArm
  3. Hello, I hope this is the place to ask this. I recently re-built my mod BDDMP, to run with the latest version of KSP. While doing so, one of my users got a "System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException" while loading my mod. This doesn't occur when I run the mod, andI normally develop in Java not C#. so am curious how to fix it (what issues I should be looking for, etc.) Error text: [ERR 20:51:50.643] AssemblyLoader: Exception loading 'BDDMP': System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException: The classes in the module cannot be loaded. at (wrapper manage
  4. @ougiargi The issue is that your KSP isn't loading the mod I honestly have no idea why this would be occuring, as my ksp loads it up. Done; sorry for any inconveniences.
  5. It would be helpfull if you could; There will likley be some stuff erroring on disconnect (as I've realised some of my code doesn't check for the current scene), but otherwise there shouldn't be any errors.
  6. Tracers weren't implemented in this version, as I'm still looking into synchronising their position and velocity. However, bullet damage should sync. Servers shouldn't need any modifications. To test have both people in a rover, and have one fire at the other. Also, Logs (KSP.log in the root game directory) would be helpfull (there may be an error you are experiencing that I havent encountered on my end yet)
  7. To use this you should just install the folder to your /GameData folder, with both DMP and BDAC installed, then connect to a server. If multiple people are using the mod it will synchronise with them. This mod does nothing without BOTH BDArmory Continued AND DMP, as without that, it does nothing. What sort of problem are you having?
  8. The latest version no longer redistributes BDA (I did notice the DLLs I missed in my .gitignore though (sorry)); But thank you; I will ensure this is added to the relevent repositories. (Edit: Done, if you can find anything else, please let me know)
  9. BDDMP Now with `unsafe` code and probably still as many bugs, but now with more Kraken Greetings everybody, and welcome to BDDMP. This mod does one thing. Make BDArmory sychnronise over DMP. Why? Beccause hilariously entertaining multiplayer combat encounters can now happen in mostly real time, which is fun. Background This mod was originaly made by DsonBill, then died, then was resurrected by me. Then it died again, around the time BDA introduced Radar, as that involved a total BDA rewrite, which also broke almost all of the existing code, as the mod required a f
  10. I pushed a commit that syncs damage and explosions. That is all it does, but it does that. To use: Download the DLL from github Link Create folder named zzBDDMP in GameData Insure BDA and DMP are installed and up to date ??? Profit Where profit == real time damage sync. Probably massively buggy
  11. I pushed a commit that syncs damage and explosions already. That is all it does, but it does that. To use: Download the DLL from github Link Create folder named zzBDDMP in GameData Insure BDA and DMP are installed and up to date ??? Profit Where profit == real time damage sync.
  12. My goal is to make code that doesn't need me to modify much BDA code, and definatly not re-pull and modify it, and to modify the code on a per function level. as such, all the code I need is already there, as hitmanager is version agnostic, as is the sychroniser itself. See the github for the changes currently in effect (it currently replaces explosions with the word "bang" in the console, and doesn't need to completely rebuild BDA every time). In this case, it was DMP's api changes that were a pig. but I worked them out. at 1 in the morning.
  13. I may be back. Or this may be a temporary thing. But I have (theoretically) updated the code to run. See Here for cause of project death and How I intend to revive it. Please also note that once this is working I will probably just create a new thread to stop necroing.
  14. Greetings; I noticed this post on my email pinging thing. First things first: No, it can. A combination of dsonbill's work and my own made it work. The problem had nothing to do with DMP, the problem came from BDA. Allow me to explain, and as to how I am currently looking to update it. Autopsy BDArmoury lacks any sort of API for external interface. dsonbill put in a pull request that was rejected. See: https://github.com/BahamutoD/BDArmory/pull/2. This meant that whenever there was a BDA update, I would have to pull the entirety of BDA, re-add the necesary ho
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