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  1. I have just installed the mod and it works. But when I tried to connect, it shows that I am connecting, but it never finishes. Anyone help?
  2. KSP version: - Windows x64 The problem: When I and another player enter a dark multiplayer server, we can't interact with each other, for example: we can't see the physical shapes of the ships, If someone's base was damaged, the other one can't see it. Installed mod: Dark Multiplayer v0.3.3.0 Reproduction steps: Download the D-MP "Client" version, then install it by placing the folder named: GameData(this folder you will find in the downloaded zip file) into the "Kerbal Space Program" file. Also you should install the D-MP "server" version, make sure the port forwarding was successful. After the installations, open the server, let 2 players enter and, as one of the players, you may not see the player, his ships, or any damage he made to the base. Note: I had an internal IP, and the other player had an external. I will appreciate any help, thank you.
  3. Galera, criei um server DMP online pra quem quiser jogar KSP 1.6 multiplayer. Está em modo sandbox para testes. Quem quiser participar, basta baixar a última versão do cliente Dark Multi Player (Link do Space Dock: https://spacedock.info/mod/10) Lá mesmo vcs encontram o servidor KSP Brasil, mas deixarei aqui os dados para conexão: Endereço: phoenyx.sytes.net Porta: 6702 Discord para comunicação: https://discord.gg/pwA7gnN Não utilizem mods que quebrem o sistema Kerbal original (RSS ou qualquer outra modificação que não seja apenas visual). Como está em fase de testes recomendo utilizar o jogo em stock/vanilla, opcional Making History. Qualquer dúvida ou comentário, só postar. []'s
  4. Hello guys! At the very beginning I'd like to say that I am sorry for my English, I know that it isn't the best, but hopefully you will get the idea. Huge shout out to DMP developer - Darklight and LMP developer - @Dagger! They are both awesome and helped me with setting everything up, and as an act of thanks (and avoiding wasting they precious time developing mods) I am writing this general purpose porting guide for KSP version 1.6.2 and probably newer ones. Why you might want to migrate data to another mod? The reason (at least for me) was simple - LMP shares scenario (science, missions) across all players on the server while DMP does not. Generally DMP is better for public servers while LMP is better for sessions with friends (or at least that's my opinion ;p) Let's get right to action! I am assuming that you have running DMP server that you made some progress on and you don't want to lose it. In case you don't - just start a fresh one on preferred mod, documentation is on forum/mod's website :) Step 1: Requirements! You need to have DMP and LMP installed. That's all. Step 2: Decide on whose progress are you going to keep. To keep it simple - in DMP every player has its own scenario and own progress, in LMP there is only ONE scenario that is SHARED across EVERYONE in the same server. Basically just pick someone with most science points/more developed tech tree and copy his progress. At this point, we are not really doing everything. Step 3: Now we have to save our universe from DMP server to local hard drive. To do this, we need to have running DMP server that we need to connect to. If we are connected, just click leave button in upper right corner and save locally. At this point we generated a new save called DarkMultiPlayer in our KSP installation folder. Now, we can turn off our DMP server and quit to main menu (BUT DO NOT REMOVE ITS DATA! We are going to use it in a while) Step 4: Okay, at this point our save is ready to be converter to LMP universe. If you are disconnected from your server and in main menu, open up settings in LMP (1) and choose "Generate Universe from saved game" (2), after that you will be prompted with window called "Universe Converter" (it usually pops up in upper left corner of your screen) and you have to choose "DarkMultiPlayer" as universe that you want to convert. When you have any mods installed, click "Generate a server LMPModControl.xml" (3) and that will generate a whitelist of mods. YOUR FRIENDS/PLAYERS NEED TO HAVE THE SAME MODS AS YOU DO, OTHERWISE THEY MAY GET DISCONNECTED AND EXPERIENCE CRASHES OR NOT CONNECT AT ALL. Now, we successfully converted our DMP save to LMP's universe. Now - we need to set it up in our LMP server. Step 5: We are almost finished at this point! Now, enter your Kerbal Space Program installation folder and you should see a new folder called "Universe" and an .XML file called LMPModControl, if you see these - you did everything correct, good job! Now, we are going to put these files into our LMP server. Assuming that you already unpacked it (by "it" I mean server files) and put them somewhere safe (for LMP configuration please refer to LMP's wiki page) just straight up delete Universe folder in LMP's server folder! Yea! Do it like this! When you deleted it, just cut "Universe" folder and "LMPModControl.xml" from KSP folder and paste them into LMP server folder. Now - we ported our vessels and stuff but not SCIENCE POINTS and TECH TREE! Step 6: Grand finale. We are ALMOST done. One thing left - science and tech tree. Remember how I said that you can't delete DMP data and you have to pick the best player to transfer his progress? That's the moment that we use this knowledge. Navigate to your DMP server folder, and do as follows: Universe -> Scenarios -> [name of the player that you need to transfer progress from] and from this folder copy EVERYTHING (probably they are only .txt files) Now navigate to your LMP server folder and paste it in: Universe -> Scenarios replacing all the LMP's files with these from DMP. By this point - you finished. Now everyone has the same science points and tech tree as a player whose data you transferred, all the vessels should be in place and DMP was ported to LMP :) Check it out by running your LMP server and connecting to it. Everything should be in its place. That's the end of this guide. For any additional help you can visit DMP's or LMP's discord and I'll be happy to help as Kvviingu#1996 Have a good one :)
  5. I am running Darkmultiplayer on KSP 1.4.3 (direct download) on linux. The first time I start a fresh ksp with fresh DMP I get an incompatible mods detected message and A message with terms of service of darkmultiplayer. Darkmultiplayer works just fine the first time I start KSP. the second time I start KSP the incompatible mods message is still there but there is no DarkMultiPlayer window. It is pretty annoying to have to install KSP and DMP again everytime I want to play on my DMP server so I was wondering if anybody knew a solution I am running arch on Linux 4.14.36-1-lts.
  6. So as i said in the title when i launch my game a title showes up and says ; Incompetible Mods Detected update your mods bla bla by DarkMultiPlayer~~~i dleated all my mods exept DMP but i still get this mesage and mod dosen't start i tried 64x and 32x launch opinions but same result please help asap. ( i tried updateing)
  7. Every time I browse the suggestions thread I see a multiplayer thread and decide to check it out to see if anybody has even played the already existing multiplayer mod. Timewarp timewarp timewarp... If you don’t know how DMP handles timewarp, it’s a little tricky at first and isn’t very orthodox. But it works. Basically. Every person gets their own time reference frame. You can warp just like in single player, but you disappear to everybody else not in that time frame. When you get out of warp, people will be behind you in time. Don’t think about it too much, just as long as you can’t travel backwards in time (wich you cant) there won’t be any huge paradoxes. Other people can view the multiplayer menu and “sync” to your time frame. Now you can see each other again. They get pulled very rapidly into the future and everything is dandy as long as you aren’t sub-orbital. If they warp ahead, they can no longer see you, you have to warp to them. You cannot sync to people in a past time frame, they have to sync to you. mods? Mods are easy to handle. Have stock servers and modded servers. Have a mod list for each server (only part mods matter). What’s wrong with DMP then? It’s biggest issue is that it’s a mod, it’s not stock. (It’s got framerate issues and teleportation bugs and whatnot) The games code could easily be optimised and tweaked to work well with multiplayer, but you can’t tweak base code from a mod. All squad has to do is adopt the mod like they did for so many others, and all will be happy. Imagine it though.. building a base with your bud on pol.. or maybe a rival space administration.. The KSP system is too big to explore it all alone.
  8. When I try to connect to a server, it says "no such host is known" at the bottom.
  9. hello, I'm very new here but I was Wondering if anyone could help me with an issue I've been having with Dark Multiplayer I've set up LAN servers before and I was easy but now I want to add a few more of my friends in so they can play from home. the real problems start now, I open the DMPServer.exe to get the folders, then I go and input my Public IP but when I open the server again, I get this message: "[10:53:56][DEBUG] : Loading settings... [10:53:56][DEBUG] : System.IO compression works: True, test time: 10 ms. [10:53:56][DEBUG] : Loading plugins! [10:53:56][DEBUG] : Done! [10:53:56][INFO] : Starting DMPServer v0.2.4.5, protocol 45 [10:53:56][INFO] : Loading universe... [10:53:56][INFO] : Starting SUBSPACE server on port 6702... [10:53:56][INFO] : Error setting up server, Exception: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005): The requested address is not valid in its context at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.DoBind(EndPoint endPointSnapshot, SocketAddress socketAddress) at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Bind(EndPoint localEP) at System.Net.Sockets.TcpListener.Start(Int32 backlog) at DarkMultiPlayerServer.ClientHandler.SetupTCPServer() Ready! Goodbye!" then it deletes the Executable . I've tried using an older version, it comes up with the same results. Also yes Port 6702 is open. Any assistance that may get my server up will be Muchly Appriciated. Sam.
  10. Are there any good stock servers? And how do I fix "no such host is known?"
  11. There was a mod called BDDMP that made BDArmory compatible with DMP but it is for 1.0.5 and that version crashes with a lot of mods as there is no x64 executable.(and itd pretty old , also unity4) Mod Link: I wonder if the new BDArmoryContinued is compatible with the DMP mod. We really want to make dogfights and stuff. Any help would be appreciated. I searched a lot for it on the internet but couldn't find anything.
  12. BDDMP Now with `unsafe` code and probably still as many bugs, but now with more Kraken Greetings everybody, and welcome to BDDMP. This mod does one thing. Make BDArmory sychnronise over DMP. Why? Beccause hilariously entertaining multiplayer combat encounters can now happen in mostly real time, which is fun. Background This mod was originaly made by DsonBill, then died, then was resurrected by me. Then it died again, around the time BDA introduced Radar, as that involved a total BDA rewrite, which also broke almost all of the existing code, as the mod required a forked version of BDA to function. Then on the request of a couple of forum users, and my own boredom, I though, why not, and re-built it. New Version Features? Support for BDArmory continued, since BDA was deprecated Utilisation of detours and extensions, meaning that downloading an entirely new copy of BDA is a thing of the past More features than the last one (as I re-implemented some more things) What is the point? To mess around with the powers of multiplayer. Will it work reliably over a high ping? Probably not. (Have tested it) Download Spacedock Sources Github Licencing All of my code is licenced under CC0. Any BDArmory code is licenced under CC 2.0 BY-SA. NAQ Q. Does this work with BDArmory expansion mods A. It should, if they don't use their own plugin Q. Vessels Are Duplicating A. That's due to a lag based fault on the end of DMP As always feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for reading.
  13. Hello, my friend and I were messing around with DMP again. Our internets are better this time around, so we can actually get a somewhat stable connection sometimes. However, we noticed the tick rates are very slow. Is it possible to increase the tick rate? Thanks, Slntreaper
  14. I've never played the game with the DMP mod so please forgive me if I'm way off here... I've been looking at several you tube videos from people using dmp and i never find any cool dogfight scenes, which would in mho be one of the great things to experience while using this mod. also, i can tell that dmp can be rather laggy and shaky while planes are in the atmosphere. so that could explain why dogfights a no go with the current version of the mod. I've heard that in orbit, the movement of ships is less laggy and shaky with DMP. so wouldn't it be possible to perform enjoyable lagless dogfights in space? the dynamics and fighting mechanics would probably be pretty different from a dogfight in atmosphere but i guess it could be fun? right? has anybody tried this before?
  15. I was looking at amp servers and nobody was ever on there. so I was wondering does no body use dmp? or am I looking at the wrong server.
  16. kerbal 1.2.2 mods: mechjeb Newest File: MechJeb 2.6.0 for KSP 1.2.2 KAS Newest File: KAS v0.6.2 KIS Newest File: KIS v1.4.3 DMP version 2.4.2 I want to create and manage a server (career) with the DMP multiplayer mod, but I don't know somethings: *How can I change difficulty "advanced" and "basic" options for all players in the server? You know, custom "funds rewards", "plasma backout", and so on. *I dont know how to create a copy of my server to backup or move to another computer. Just have to copy the server install folder? It seems that some data is saved on the main game folder. As you see I would like to know, in general, the data folder scheme. Edit: Oh, and the config file also has this option. # modControl - Enable mod control. # # WARNING: Only consider turning off mod control for private servers. # # The game will constantly complain about missing parts if there are missing mods. # # Valid values are: # DISABLED # ENABLED_STOP_INVALID_PART_SYNC # ENABLED_STOP_INVALID_PART_LAUNCH modControl=DISABLED But I don't know how to config the modcontrol. I have read somewhere that in game settings you can get a code for your mods installed or something, but I suspect that that info was old. Sorry for my bad english, and thanks in advance
  17. Hi i play DMP with freinds and i have a few questions. (Only version 1.2.2) So, i like doing dogfights (who doesn't!?) but when i shoot the other player doesn't see the shots. When the other player is turning his craft, his plane jigs about from one place to another like suddenly up or down. Also somtimes the plane makes copies of itself. Thanks!
  18. Alright So I play DMP with friends. We want to have Dog-fighting battles but they do not work well. The player sync on DMP is not very good. When I shoot him he has exploded on my screen but is fine on his screen vice-versa. About 10 secs later he seems to resurrect and fly fine again. I heard something about dog-fighting only working in a vacuum on DMP but not sure. We try to dogfight in atmosphere of Kerbin with no luck. Any help is appreciated.
  19. I am trying to create a multi-player game for my students where they can all work on the same space station - creating, launching, flying, and docking components for the space station. Is this possible with the DarkMultiPlayer (DMP) mod and server. We have DMP working on a non-EDU version, but cannot get it to show up in the EDU version. I appreciate any assistance anyone can provide.
  20. Are there any war servers out there that have active players on for us to dogfight battle or destroy with hyperedit kax airplanes plus and bd armoury or procedural dynamics
  21. When people try to connect to my modded DMP server with the right mods and no whitelist, they get this error: "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it." Please help me. Ask for files if you need them.
  22. Hi there Kerbalister I'm looking to test how many people can simultaneously connect to my DMP server - I currently set the limit to 2000 and I wish to test if I can reach that high with a great server stability you can connect with the following IP : Its a Sandbox so feel free to let beautiful creation around
  23. The title says it all pretty much... Btw, I'm only looking for like 3-4 Players so the Adress ETC will be given in PMs once said person has setup the sever...and PM'd me it! Backup People who can make a sever are also appreciated! Thanks to who ever contributes to this amazing cause!
  24. Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I've found myself in quite a special situation and I was hoping some linux users could help me out here. I have a mid range PC I'm trying to run a DMP server on and the server runs well, it works fine. As of right now I use TMUX to run the server outside of the terminal window The problem comes in when I try to run the server headless. I use putty to SSH into my server and the server ONLY allows NEW connections when putty is connected. If I or anyone else connects before I close the SSH window the connection is maintained. The specific error that DMP spits out is "handshake error: invalid username". This post was kind of jumbled so if I can provide any info that might help please just ask. I hope that someone here can help. Thanks everyone.
  25. Would Anyone like to Join A DMP 1.1 No Mods With Me Say Yes And I Will Give Code
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