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  1. Hey KK, just reporting a quick problem with your craft files and fairing separation. Firstly, the booster ignition and separation sequences for the Delta II are whack, so I'll send you a revised set of Delta II's if you're interested. Second, upon fairing separation on the Delta II the upper stage suddenly rolls 45 degrees (this is annoying when I'm trying to stay on track), I'm assuming this has to do with the fairing collision boxes and the revised Delta K collision box conflicting, or some bug with the separation motors.
  2. I'm having a really annoying problem, the stages don't jettison when out of fuel. I really want to like this mod but I'll have to uninstall it for now Edit: Fixed the problem, don't let your root parts be the engines or they won't work. But when you discover a solution, inevitably more problems arise. I guess I shouldn't have installed this for 1.0.4 lel Aerodynamics are wack, the payload is always destroyed when it hits the ground, the rockets are woefully underpowered overall.
  3. You can try building them yourself instead of demanding it from others...
  4. I'm here for config work and testing, we could try and integrate the dreamer with Kartoffelkuchen's Atlas V parts.
  5. Yo, I came here as quick as I could as soon as I heard about the drama. Here for config work and testing if anyone needs me. A quick idea I had was to align the navball view with the thrust vector for the engines instead of the nose so you don't have to guesstimate the AoA for your maneuvers.
  6. Ah... my payload was half a ton overweight. Gosh I'm an idiot for not seeing that. Anyway, the Atlas V performs beautifully as I actually put a properly weighted payload in it You would think I'd know better after 250 hours... Nope, still a dipstick.
  7. Been doing some testing and mostly everything looks good so far, except for some time warp glitches with the fairings (which was to be expected). One worry I have is that the Delta II upper stage has barely any thrust, and orbiting is impossible with the recommended efficient ascent. I went 45 degrees to space the whole time and couldn't even get it to orbit then. Should I just tweak the config? It could also use more fuel, as even if you increased the thrust it wouldn't make orbit with heavier payloads augmented with the turntable and 48B. I also think you should increase the burn time on the ground lit boosters.
  8. Thanks a bunch, and those sound effects are eargasmic. Just another quick question though, what is causing me not to be able to attach the fairings in your ULA launchers pack? I installed Bob's Old School Fairings prerelease and it didn't seem to work. Basically I take the fairings off to build a payload and then the fairings won't reattach to the side node.
  9. Hey Kartoffelkuchen, I couldn't find a better place to ask you this but I was wondering if you could implement some quick changes I'm recommending to make your Antares mod more realistic? Could you change the interstage with the Orbital logo on it into a decoupler? As with the real rocket the first stage falls away as the fairings and the second stage coast to apogee, where the fairings are jettisoned and the second stage is launched, rather than the whole stack coasting to apogee.
  10. Thanks! I'll be updating the thread later today with new craft and using that. Edit: It doest't work :/
  11. Wow! Senpai noticed me! Definitely agree with you, the way I built the Rhino is right on its limits, so I knew it could handle anything I throw at it. The low-density payload versions I'm working on are going to be the real flagships, as I'm aware fuel tankers are a bit of a niche. As for ferrying engines up I do it the scrub way and put them all the way at the top of the staging tree, and hope that I don't accidentally hit spacebar. I'm very liberal with my quicksaves though. - - - Updated - - - Thanks a bunch for the rep man!
  12. Hey all! This is my very first thread on the forums, intended for showing off my stock creations, mostly spaceplanes and, uhm, non-space planes. Yep. DISCLAIMER: While these craft are entirely stock, all of my testing was carried out with KJR, so don't be surprised if you choose not to install KJR and these planes fall apart in midair! Please install KJR! [This Section is Under Construction] I will be updating this page with new craft as soon as they pass my rigorous testing procedures, as I'm very particular about craft performing as well as possible! Firstly, introducing the Rhino Heavy SSTO series! Two variants have been completed so far, the base HDPRS model (High-Density Payload Rendezvous Spec), and the advanced MPLFS (Maximum PayLoad Fraction Spec). There are 2 more variants in development, one of which is the LDPRS (Low-Density Payload Rendezvous Spec), which is based on the HDPRS airframe but tweaked for payloads such as space station parts and batches of satellites. The other version in development is the LDPRS-EX (EXtended), which is intended for large, low-density payloads and is based on the MPLFS airframe. Rhino HDPRS specifications, images and instructions: The Rhino HDPRS variant is intended to ferry orange tanks or payloads of similar mass to orbit, with frankly excessive margins for rendezvous, thus making it perfect for new players. Want to build an orbital fuel station? The Rhino HDPRS has got you covered. Want to build a fully laden interplanetary ship? The Rhino's up for the challenge. Imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/SP4PE Craft file: http://kerbalx.com/Quarky_/Rhino-Heavy-SSTO-RS Action Groups: 1 - Switch RAPIER mode and shut off ramjets. 2 - Activate ramjets to extend crossrange after re-entry. 3 - Activate fuel cells. 4 - Shut down fuel cells. 5 - Toggle cargo bay lights. Ascent Profile: Take off, pitch to 30 degrees AoA and climb to 8000m. Level off and keep prograde on 10 degrees. You should have broken Mach by 10000m. From 10km, continue your speed run, holding attitude the whole way. At 25000m, after the ramjets have flamed out, switch to rocket mode and pitch up to between 20 and 30 degrees AoA to gain vertical speed and help push your apoapsis to the desired height. As apoapsis is approaching the target, point the nose back prograde for maximum efficiency. Coast to apoapsis and circularise. Rhino MPLFS specifications, images and instructions: The Rhino MPLFS variant is intended to deliver one and a half (!) orange tanks to orbit, but sacrifices the rendezvous capabilities of the HDPRS in favour of maximum payload fraction (hence the acronym). Imgur Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/9YNae Craft file: http://kerbalx.com/Quarky_/Rhino-Heavy-SSTO-MPLFS Action groups and flight profile are the same as the HDPRS, but the margins are a heck of a lot slimmer. As some final piloting advice, try not to roll the craft too much as you can induce a little bit of roll oscillation that can stuff up your ascent if you're not careful and correct it. I suspect this is a result of the control surfaces not being as far back as possible, unavoidable with the design I chose. It's not much to worry about though and my OCD is probably getting the better of me here. [COMING SOON] A medium cargo (6t) Mk2 SSTO that handles like a dream and looks fabulous to boot, a small Mk2 crew shuttle, a micro Mk1 multirole SSTO, and the debut of the, ehm, non-space-planes (including a hyper-manoeuvrable fighter jet and a Mk2 Learjet). Till then!
  13. The way I get my spaceplanes to handle up to 45 degree AoA on re-entry is balancing them so that the CoL is right on top of the CoM, feels a bit cheaty though especially since I use KJR.