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  1. i will try that as soon as possible, but hey i ubgraded the design already just to SugarCoat it even more oh yeah already forgot to mention this..... Why is Speed and ACC only able to do 20? i need them to go into 1000 can't get walkers go over 2-4m/s
  2. @ZodiusInfuser @V8jester @kcs123 @Rudolf Meier Alright i got the IR parts to work with Stock sequencer now and here are the results :,D
  3. Alrighty, please inform me as soon as possible so i can do marvelous things with IR sequencer throw me a link buddy
  4. @ZodiusInfuser i know it saddens you : / but i can't get the sequencer to work, if i'd get it to work, i would throw the DLC robotics to the trashcan
  5. i have already made a Kerbal Vending Machine but couldn't come anything funny with it soooooo not gonna show that x,D i was thinking of LUBE tube for some reason, and Fully automatic gun, maeby oven, Dish washer would be funny though x,D
  6. @ZodiusInfuser @V8jester @kcs123 seriously is this where my insanity is now taking me ?
  7. i know this problem and can help with it too, If that happens in Editor, how about not being in the Custom action section when moving robotic parts And if that happens During in game "sequence" that just means the sequence lenght is too short and just goes wobble wobble wobble and will not do the wanted sequence, just raise the sequence lenght by second or 2. Not sure if this was the problem you described but anyway :,D
  8. @ZodiusInfuser @V8jester i made something for you guys Blame my audience for the second one :,D And
  9. Alright people, just to cheer and inspire you again with my designs, this is 1 of my creations from today.... enjoy And here is something less inspiring but still damm funny x,D blame my audience for this one
  10. Alrighty here is my latest Masterpiece "succesfull Design" that actually works properly :,D BWOOOM!!!! im now able to get smooth movement with these robotic parts
  11. Here is my early Breaking Ground robotics Design for a Science mech, Robotic parts works well but they could be little more stronger since they tend to woble under few tons of weight, any thoughts on this or the design?
  12. so they are finally gonna add robotic parts into the core game INCOMING Mechwarrior Walker SEASON 8 guys :DDD
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