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  1. Thank you!! I looked into the city one but I haven't heard of KK. I am looking into it now. Do you know if it's possible to swap out the gray scale maps on Kerbin?
  2. I would love to narrate this for you. If you are interested I can send you my soundcloud and let you hear some of my stuff.
  3. Good evening everyone. I have an odd question. I want to edit Kerbin. I have created a world in SimCity 4 and I want to export the gray scale maps from that game and use them on Kerbin. Also, I want to take screen shots of my towns and overlay them on the land. Another thing, I have city lights or whatever that mod is called (I can't remember off the top of my head) but I would love to be able to adjust those lights and put them on my towns and cities. One other thing, I know axial tilt is impossible on this game but can I change the inclination of Kerbin to fake axial tilt? If anyone can poin
  4. Not something I would use personally but this is cool. I am sure there are many people that would love this. Good job!!
  5. I think he is talking about going right into manned launches instead of, for example, sounding rockets then a sputnik launch and then going to manned launches. I see what you are saying but I also agree with him as well.
  6. I would suggest Kosovo but that actually exists lol.
  7. Personally, I just enjoy a good mix of probes and manned missions.
  8. Oh yeah, that's a good one as well. That probably comes in 2nd for me. Either Civ or KSP.
  9. Oh yeah!! They are 6 hours. My bad. I did change those settings and I guess I forgot that I had done that. I guess I assumed it would show the date instead of the KSP time then forgot I did that. Thank you for your help.
  10. It depends. I do "simulation flights" or "training flights" and work out bugs. If I crash or whatever I will revert. If it is a real mission I will not revert. I plant a flag in memory of him at the flag pole and move on.
  11. I just realized that my days are still 4 hours long but the game time day is now 24 hours. Is this something that KSP changed or did I screw something up? Let me know what information you need from me. Thank you again for your help.
  12. That's a good idea. I tried what you suggested and everything is working now. Thank you everyone for your help!! I was trying to instal MechJeb but I got everything worked out now. I had CKAN a long time ago. I liked it but it was a bit burdensome for me. I have gotten used to searching on here for the mods that I want to use now. I definitely appreciate your advice
  13. I am going to do that then. Steam drives me insane. Should I copy and paste in a new directory or completely remove it from steam?
  14. That's odd. That's what I am doing. Someone mentioned dependencies. I didn't think about that. Thank you. I will look into this. I was under the impression that it will corrupt the game or something if you remove it from under steam.
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