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  1. I think my habit is to not want to revert no matter what (unless it is a computer glitch or something). If it something I screwed up I roll with it. If I lose lose my crewmen I will plant a flag in their honor near the flag pole. I do have one exception to that rule right now. I am trying to build a shuttle and I am running tests because that is a real pain so I am pretending that I am running computer sims. I have launched this thing probably 50 times and still can't get to orbit.
  2. There is a mod to record your flights but it is pretty broken. It doesn't show staging or anything like that.
  3. Can someone help me out please? I am screwing something up. I put this file in my game data folder and nothing showed up (force of habit) and read the instal directions and put it in the main KSP folder and still nothing. What is the exact folder I need to put this in? I am running the steam version if that helps. Thank you for your time
  4. I would like the game to record my flights. I know you already can record but what I mean is having the ability to replay your flight but be able to move the camera around as if the game was live. Does that make sense? Obviously the ability to turn this option off would be ideal.
  5. I went to play the game today and steam needed to update. The update took forever and midway through my computer locked up. I had to restart and when I went to play the game the load screen took forever and when the game fully loaded it just kept flipping pictures and never moved on. I quit the game. I removed all of my mods and now when I start the game all I get is a black screen. Anyone had this issue?
  6. This doesn't record staging? It just records the rocket in its original state from liftoff to touchdown?
  7. It is? I remember back in the day there was a mod that removed helmets. The mod would remove helmets "in a safe environment" and they would not have helmets on but as soon as you lifted off the helmets would be on. It was weird but I didn't pay much attention to it.
  8. Once again you come to my rescue!! Due I seriously owe you a beer!! If you are ever in Wiesbaden you better look me up lol. @JPLRepo found it. This is exactly what I was looking for.
  9. Yeah, I would like my astronauts to be wearing their helmets during launch and landing as well. Not just on EVA.
  10. I have searched google and such and kind find this mod. I remember seeing a mod that recorded your flights and you could then run the mod and watch your flight as it had been recorded. I can not remember the name of the mod and my search came up with nothing. If I remember correctly it was designed to where you could run this mod and fly along side a "ghost" of the other flight. Anyone know what I am talking about?
  11. I started on 1.3 and played that until last week and upgraded to 1.7.2. I love the learning curve. I don't do tutorials because I like to figure things out on my own. Basically I am once again roughly 1950's NASA trying to figure out how to fly rockets safely. I have been collecting science while experimenting with different rocket types. I have yet to man a rocket until I can get a sub orbital flight to succeed safely.
  12. Is the sun white outside of the atmosphere like it is in real life? I never thought to pay attention to that before. I know that it still wouldn't be a white dwarf just sayin lol.
  13. I Dl'ed Stock Visual Enhancements 1.0.7. I am grabbing the config at the moment. Do I keep what I already dl'ed or do I need to delete it and just use the config? Sorry for all the questions but I am new to all of this.