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  1. Hey, not sure if anyone saw this but I just wanted to double check. I'm stuck back a few versions because when I upgraeded to 1.12.x, some mining operations became useless when the option to just mine the default "ore" from KSP disappeared from the drill options. Was this a deliberate change in the mining operations due to KSPI-E and I missed it in the notes, or is it likely to be a conflict with another mod? I'd appreciate any help anyone has to offer. Edit: Never mind -- I looked back and found the removal of the generic liq fuel / oxidizer categories had been in the works for a while. Guess I'll delay patching up to 1.12 until I've gotten tired of my current game.
  2. I had just installed the latest update going from 1.12 to 1.12.6 and I lost the ability to mine from the sites I'd placed on two moons in Galileo Planet Pack...just unable to use the vanilla drills to harvest ore and convert to liquid fuel and oxidizer. Was this intended, or is there something I screwed up on installation? Did the stock ISRU and drills processing get removed from KSPI-E?
  3. @Dwarfy Kopernicus is version-locked. Anyone who uses planet mods should never jump on a KSP update until Kopernicus is ready for that game version. Let this be a lesson to me to make a backup of my KSP install once I get a mod pack that I like installed. I just never learn.