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  1. @Xyphos - Here you go put it in your class and then use it like this ... Should give you what you are looki8ng for
  2. Unfortunate that you aren't allowed to use a kerbal in a command chair ... I have a couple interesting entries that would probably fit nicely here (although they were for a previous challenge ... Ike to Duna using a momentum tether and Jeb survived )
  3. Yes ... and there was also this one from 3 some odd years ago
  4. So 50km is a reliable range for spawning airborne enemies contained in a BDAc challenge HoloKron ... above that things can get a bit 'splodey Here's a video of one of my latest tests ... enjoy
  5. And some more successes ... I also have managed to get airborne enemies contained in a HoloKron to spawn at 50km
  6. Do we have an @TheKurgan somewhere around here
  7. For those who are interested, here's a taste of things to come
  8. @UAL002just an fyi ... It works I just flew into a holokron area, it spawned all the craft in it and they proceeded to attack me Be sure to have guard mode turned on and the pilot ai turned on as well as start the engines if there are any before you create the geo cache Flying craft spawn armed and ready for combat ... there is a 4km range on the current release but I intend to increase that Oh, and be sure to turn off Physics Range Extender ... OrX Kontinuum has it's own physics deal going on and PRE messes with it and causes issues
  9. That would be what the Kontinuum is for Currently the way to share HoloKrons (Geo-Caches, BD Armory challenges, Racing challenges ect.. .... these are all HoloKrons) is to upload your file to a file sharing service (dropbox for example) and then provide a link to the file for people to download. Once downloaded, the user places the HoloKron file (the .orx file) into the GameData/OrX/Import directory in their KSP game and then when OrX Kontinuum is next opened (you can drop the HoloKron files into the import directory while the game is running) the HoloKron file will be processed and all of the HoloKrons contained in the file will be set up and made available to the user (yes, you will be able to chain HoloKrons together with each HoloKron being unlocked and made available after the one before it has been opened and completed) The Kontinuum however will bypass the need for this step ... I have already started on a file sharing deal that will allow for automatic updating of .orx files while logged into someones Kontinuum ... Let me explain So this mod came out of an idea I started working on about 2 years ago and has been in the works in some shape, form or fashion for over 4 years .. actually since I had the idea to create a zombie mode for KSP (which I did mind you ... See spoiler below ) Anyways, back to the Kontinuum ...... The Kontinuum is the multiverse of KSP installs which, through some file sharing and network connectivity, another person will be able to connect to. This is not a multiplayer deal per se, but more of the ability to phase into another players universe by using the HoloKron system coupled with a whole ton of other network logic I have been working on that shares files between KSP installs that are connected to the same Kontinuum ... A player will be able to create their own Kontinuum connection that other players can log into if they have the password as well as the connection details Use Case #1 - you can create BD Armory HoloKron and send it to the other players universe and have the AI defend the position you created the HoloKron at in the other players KSP install (the ability to send orders to your phased HoloKrons will likely be a part of this) ... You will not have direct control over any of the craft contained in the HoloKron, they are controlled by the AI in BDAc Use Case #2 - A space race type of deal Use Case #3 - A cooperative space exploration deal I think you get the picture I created OrX Kontinuum to make it so that I do not have to hard code every level in OrX - The Loot Box Controversy (that was a major factor in how long it took me to create the few levels I did) ... Now OrX Kontinuum does it all for me
  10. Let me know how it turns out as the method I explained above hasn't been tested ... yet Like I said, the BD Armory challenge builder isn't even finished being written but the HoloKron system is what actually does all the heavy lifting so the above method should work
  11. Please consult the OP of this thread paying attention to the HoloKron system Also the BD Armory specific challenge builder is not available at this time, however you can use the HoloKron system to create a Geo-Cache which will give you the ability to create a simple BD Armory challenge "But how do I do that?" you ask ... well it is pretty simple really .... 1- Set up your BD Armory equipped craft and place them in the area you want to create a battle scenario ... be sure to have them all within 2km of each other (this is important) 2- Set up all the craft to be ready for incoming attackers (turn on their engines, set to standby and turn on any AI etc...) 3- If you want airborne craft to be saved you first must launch them and have them flying around on standby ready to attack any other team (same as above, just have them flying around) 4- Go to the center of the 2km zone where you placed your craft and create a HoloKron ... Leave it as a Geo-Cache 5- Name your HoloKron, add a description, enter a creator name etc... as explained in the OP of this thread as well as detailed in The Kurgan Manual found in game (main OrX Kontinuum menu, button at the bottom ... consult pictures in the OP of this thread if you are unsure of what you are looking for) 6- Add blueprints if you so desire ... Again, this is explained in the OP of this thread as well as in The Kurgan Manual 7- Click on the 'Save Local Vessels' check box ... this is important ... leave the distance slider at 1000 (this is the radius of the save range for landed craft) ... don't worry about the flying craft if you have any as they will be saved into the HoloKron as long as they are within 8km (flying vessel save range default is 8km) 8- Click 'Save And Exit' Doing the above will give you a Geo-Cache HoloKron containing battle ready craft that will be spawned immediately upon coming within 4km of the HoloKron ... The HoloKron will not spawn unless you have selected it from the list, consult the OP of this thread as well as The Kurgan Manual for further information on the operation of OrX Kontinuum Please be advised that the BD Armory challenge builder is not ready as it adds a whole plethora of additional abilities to HoloKron creating, however by using the above method you will get a taste of things to come Good luck and happy 'sploding