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  1. How about a mod that just allows you to adjust all the wheel settings on the fly while in the flight scene? Shouldn't be that difficult to put together As for having to use an engineer, I personally think an engineer shouldn't be needed as there is already real tech out there that allows the driver of a car to adjust ride height as well as spring and damper settings while driving and we all know that not all drivers are engineers
  2. @Temeter @MemeMarine @Wulfle Please carry this conversation to the thread linked below as this idea is intended to be a separate add on for BDAc
  3. World War KSP Discussion thread

    So I am looking at options to bring a Wolrd War Z or a WH40k like mod for BD Armory Continued and figured there should be a discussion thread so ideas can be bounced around while the pieces needed are put into place Also so that the BDAc thread doesn't get filled with comments about this idea which will inevitably get buried by other posts I figure the best course of action is to discuss it here in this thread as if this idea comes to reality it will be it's own mod, not a part of BDAc
  4. so what I wasspeaking about above about WWZ in KSP will be a separate mod and will not have a 'mission editor' per sey I apologize for any confusion you have There already is a BD FPS Mod
  5. That comment was more for the rest of the community as we all know someone is gonna ask So this has got me thinking that using something like AirPark to have the craft already in the air and when another craft on the opposite team (the team you are on) gets within the selected range the modified AirPark (as it's code would need to be modified) would then release the craft that was parked ... this would essentially give you the results you are looking for and I think it is doable with a bit of code diving Let me know what you think and perhaps we can put something together EDIT: actually I think you are on to something ... this could very well be the start of a scenario setup deal for BDAc where one could set up craft in specific locations (in the air or on the ground .. or both) and build missions .. I'm already diving into bringing World War Z to KSP and am still weighing the options ... either it's a zombie infestation deal that you are in on or it's a WarHammer 40k deal that puts you up against Orks (although I personally am leaning towards the Orks )
  6. Not sure how the mission editor will tie into things but it does look like something that could be utilized for users of BD Armory Continued to share BDAc missions ... I'm sure we'll find out soon enough once BDAc is 1.4.x compatible (Please don't ask when BDAc for 1.4.x will be ready as we do not have any answer other than we are working on it) As for Smart Parts control of launching enemy planes, there is no interface between SP and BDAc so unsure as to how you plan to get SP to work in conjunction with BDAc On another note you really shouldn't need to use SP as there is a toggle button on the Pilot AI called 'Standby Mode' which when on makes the craft idle until a craft from the other team is detected by a radar or comes within visual range of one of the craft of the same team ... Check the BDPedia (KSPedia) ingame for more detailed info on the operation of BDAc
  7. [1.3.x] HP and Armor Editor - for BD Armory v1.1

    At the suggestion of @Box of Stardust I have added another way to edit the HP of a craft ... via a percentage of a parts' max HP Enter the percentage you would like the crafts parts to have of their max HP and click 'Save HP %' Release Link: Enjoy
  8. No, only compatible with KSP v1.3.1 or v1.3.0 Could you advise me of the BDA version you are referring to? I have archived pretty much every version there has been and I would like to compare the versions to see what changed Although I have never personally been able to get BDA to work in space without a whole lot of setting up the perfect scenario, I would love to have someone show me which BDA version was able to do space battles
  9. BD Armory Continued is not for KSP v1.0.5 ... what you want is BD Armory v0.11.0.1 if I recall correctly Here's the link:
  10. Well the HP Balancer is already a thing so I could clean it up a bit and add a menu for turning it off and on as well as adding your suggestion of a HP modifier to modify all parts on a craft to a % of each parts max HP respectively, shouldn't be that difficult I'll play around a bit and see what I can put together for you ... I can likely add a total HP readout on screen as well so you can see a crafts total HP
  11. So BDAc v1.1 is not compatible with KSP v1.4.x as mentioned in the title of this thread As for when it will be ready for 1.4, we are working on updating BDAc to KSP 1.4.x and have no timeline to give on an expected date ... I apologize if this is insufficient information Please stand by
  12. [1.3.x] HP and Armor Editor - for BD Armory v1.1

    Hi all I've updated the HP/Armor Editor to BDAc v1.1 Final: Enjoy
  13. @Box of Stardust - so to address your issue with the HP being too high I went and finished off the HP and Armor Editor for BDAc v1.1 ... I just uploaded it to my github and it should help with the HP balance that you are looking for On another note, I also have the HP Balancer that will balance damage across the whole craft, let me know if you're interested as it is another avenue that you could look at for making the battles more balanced ... It's still in the dev phase but could be used to assign a certain amount of HP to a vessel and have it spread evenly across the parts after which, while in battle, the hp damage will be spread across all parts essentially giving you the ability to assign a whole craft a specific amount of hp Anyways, here's the thread link for the HP and Armor Editor: Hope this helps
  14. The release download was replaced, it has been updated with the latest changes The date is at the end of the zip ....
  15. So you can use the slider on a part to increase or decrease HP and Armor I will be releasing an HP/Armor Editor in the near future so you can manually change the HP and Armor in the editor but it is still in the testing phase ... until it is released the sliders on the parts are all you have to adjust how 'tanky' a part is