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  1. Get your hands on @sarbian's debug stuff ... it will show you the mesh names of each part Here's the link to its thread (works as is in 1.3) I will sit down shortly and add the fairings and intakes that I missed
  2. Please read the OP of the BDAc thread where you will find the answer you seek TL;DR - you haven't installed Physics Range Extender which is required for BDAc to function correctly
  3. Just haven't gotten to them yet .... Will be adding more stock parts in the coming days, please stand by EDIT: If you care to lend a hand, you could post issues on Github for each of the parts you find that aren't switchable which would help me with keeping track of which parts haven't been completed
  4. As stated in the OP of this thread, please take any issues with ckan to the ckan thread ... You can find it here: This is now handled by Physics Range Extender ... PRE is required for BDAc to work correctly
  5. @Next_Star_Industries - thanx, I knew about those already but, for the sake of posterity, I figured that the mods you were talking about should at least have links provided since they are relevant to the conversation at hand
  6. I'm fairly certain that anyone would be hard pressed to fit the technology contained in the JW telescope into a missile as the telescopes mirror alone is 6.5 meters across (21 feet and 3.906 inches) ... fit that into a missile Mods that have helo's? Links please, I'd like to see them
  7. Yes, heat is part of the Infra Red spectrum of light. However, the AN/ALQ-144 was designed for helo's and only serves to fool IR missiles due to the amount of heat (or lack thereof) being generated by the engines which are already sheided and have the exhaust directed at such an angle that to reliably shoot the helo down you generally have to be behind and above it to get a proper lock if the jammer is part of its load out In terms of jets, the amount of heat generated by a jet engine is magnitudes above the heat generated by a helo turbine which would land the AN/ALQ-144 useless since the power rating on the jammer would have to be in the kilowatt level of intensity to break the lock (that is unless you got a direct hit on the IR sensor with the jammer IR beam ... chances of that happening are infinitesimally small) ... let alone the fact that you would need at least 2 of these modules (if not 3) in order to have proper coverage around your craft since IR beams do not pass through solid objects such as a helo superstructure or a jet fuselage So great idea but, unless helo's become a thing in BDAc KSP, the teams time would be wasted And just so I don't get corrected ... yes, there are helo's that have been created by @Azimech in KSP but I'm unsure if they would be BDAc battle ready Source: Check my signature
  8. Hi all Just did a major texture update to DCK Stock and BDMk22 Editions, much more detail can be seen on each part .......... Working on a solution to having to change each parts skin individually ... Possible pickle down the road that will change the texture of all parts on a vessel in one click Enjoy
  9. Hi all Just released DCK SM_AFVs Edition with most of the parts completed and support for the 4 additional textures I added to DCK and the other DCK addons Enjoy
  10. Perhaps this would help ... @Malah's Quick Brake should do the trick
  11. Hi all Just uploaded more updates for DCK Stock Edition, DCK BDAc Edition and DCK BDMk22 to Github I added more parts and instead of releasing a separate texture pack, I decided to integrate the first pack into DCK Stock Edition as well as the BDAc and BDMk22 Editions (Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Orange) I also converted most of the texturesto .dds which reduced the download size considerably I have mostly completed DCK SM_AFVs Edition and will be releasing it soon with the added textures Enjoy
  12. Hi all DCK SM_AFVs Edition Pre Release is now up: About a third of the parts have been completed with the rest coming along smoothly ... Be advised this is still a work in progress, hence the pre release status Please Note: You will need DCK Stock Edition in order for DCK SM_AFVs Edition to work correctly Enjoy
  13. Hi all Did some more refactoring of the directory structure for DCK ... I'm taking recommendations on skin colors and textures from the community and plan on releasing a detailed guide on creating your own skin packs for DCK in the near future Theoretically there can virtually be an unlimited amount of skin packs created as each pack released uses it's own module ID. I did not use ID #0 as I figured most modders tend to use that module ID for adding FStextureSwitch2 skins to their parts and instead started DCK at ID #1 so as not to cause a conflict between DCK and other modders' parts packs (also so that the original skins are still available for the user to select) ... The other skin packs that are to be released will use the next ID # up from the last DCK skin pack so as to facilitate the using of multiple DCK skin packs at the same time Anyways, DCK BDAc Edition and DCK BDMk22 Edition have new releases which I just uploaded to Github ... Please Note: you will need to delete any previous version of DCK BDAc Edition and DCK BDMk22 Edition before installing the newest version Thanx for the tip ... I'm gonna try that and see if I can get a chrome-like set of skins
  14. Did you set the weapon manager to target all or to target missiles? I recommend starting up KSP and opening the KSPedia in game where you will find our BDPedia ... it contains a wealth of information on the operation of BDAc and I am quite confident that you will become a BDAc master in no time after reading our instruction manual
  15. By giving him more work to do on his creations