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  1. DoctorDavinci

    The Dessert Derby 2018 setup

    @Triop so seeing as the Dakar 2017 is responsible for me creating DCK and hence the rest of the mods that came after (yes, you are to blame for me creating DCK ), I will have to make an entry ... just need those starting coordinates
  2. I just found out that you guys were already given the code and a detailed explanation on what has to be done to have your own category, you know by whom If I would have known this before I posted my response I wouldn't have bothered posting since you already have everything you need So my question is why have you piggybacked off our category when you have everything you need to make your own?
  3. If you want an editor category you can find the code here: Please do not put your weapons into the BDAc category as the purpose of changing the editor category code is so that BDAc has its own category and other mods will stop piggybacking off of BDAc Make your own editor category or use a stock one ... the BDAc category is for BDAc parts, not other mod parts
  4. DoctorDavinci

    The Dessert Derby 2018 setup

    @Triop - yeah, no DLC here (refuse to buy it) so a marker for the desert airport is probably in order
  5. DoctorDavinci

    Bda for v 1.2.2

    Please read the first post in the following thread for installation instructions Also be aware that we have a BDPedia (KSPedia) which contains detailed information on the operation of BDAc ... little blue book, lower right hand side of the screen Happy 'splosions
  6. DoctorDavinci

    KSP VAB crash

    Contares, Contract Configurator and Interstellar fuel switch are the culprits ... to narrow down which one is the main issue I'd need to see your KSP.log but my first suspect is an outdated mod or mod incompatibility KSP.log can be found in the same directory as KSPx64.exe ... it is overwritten each time you start your game just like the output log so we need one from a game that this error occurs in
  7. DoctorDavinci

    [1.4.X] SM Armory Group. See Note First post Ref BDA

    So this is what I see in the OP of this thread .... It says installation, not download and It even clearly states at the end of the sentence in brackets to not panic as the correct version is included in every download (see spoiler below)
  8. Perhaps reading the first post in this thread might help? You will find instructions on how to help us help you there.... @kcs123 told ya, nobody reads the instructions anymore
  9. DoctorDavinci

    Real Solar System doesn't work!

    My suggestion is to read the instructions for each of your mods, normally found in the first post of the mods thread ... it has been clearly stated in the Kopenicus thread, and many other threads, that Kopernicus does not work in KSP v1.4.4 so I assume you didn't read the instructions
  10. DoctorDavinci

    KSP crash

    @JPGSP - are you running the 32 bit version or 64 bit? Looks like you are running out of memory when you still physically have memory which tells me either 1- you have installed one of your mods incorrectly, 2- did not install all the dependancies, 3- installed through CKAN or 4- your trying to run a bunch of mods in 32 bit KSP solutions ... 1- many mods related to RSO are version locked and require a specific order sequence of installing - solution is to check that your mods are installed according to the instructions for that mod 2- if the dependancies for your mods are not the proper versions it can cause memory hangs - check that all the dependancies for your mods are up to date/match the versions you are using 3- CKAN is known to not properly install mods, for whatever reason - solution is don't use CKAN 4- install 64 bit KSP .... 32 bit caps your memory use to around 3.5 gigs so if you are installing mods and you have more than 4 gigs of memory 32 bit KSP can only utilize 3.5 gigs or so of your physical memory - solution is to install 64 bit KSP Hope this helps
  11. @Universal Gamerz I suggest that you should read the OP of the BDAc thread as the solution to the problem you are experiencing is right there, can't miss it
  12. Yes, the mod maker has to add a category script to their project for their own custom editor category or you can edit the category = none in the part configs and change it to one of the stock categories Here's a link to the code required for a custom editor category for modders who would like to add a custom editor category ... starting at the post linked below, there are a few examples as you scroll down Took a quick look ... are you loading a previous save or craft that were saved with BDAc parts from a previous version of BDAc?
  13. Don't install BD Armory through CKAN ... Manual install CKAN breaks mod installations and is unreliable ... if you use CKAN to install expect no support until you have manually installed BDAc
  14. Look at the post directly above yours, it's right there, can't miss it
  15. DoctorDavinci

    A unknown Mistake of BDAc in my new msi laptop

    Please consult the BDAc thread linked below for detailed instructions on installing BD Armory Continued