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  1. hello sir can u help me pls 

    (I want to play this mod so much)

    why i download bdarmory for ksp 1.5.x completed but why my game stick it loader

  2. Hello I have a question, how do I make the DCK interact with the set Aviation Cockpits? Well, I set up a Mirrage 2000, but all I have to do is paint the cabin. Can you help me ?

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      :/ I really did not know, I wish all the best for both of you. !

  3. DoctorDavinci

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  4. My point is that if I wasn't standing behind him then the kid would be dead, period What my browser is set up to do has nothing to do with the point that there are people, other than mt nephew, who have epilepsy and that they are at risk from stupid gif's etc... Can you not see that, do you not realize that having the ability to have gifs etc... on the forum that it provides a dangerous situation to those with epliepsy? [snip] Methinks the forum should consider a ban on these types of images as it provides a means for irreparable harm if someone were to be malicious As for my nephew, he's fine as I caught it before it got bad ... [snip]
  5. @Deddly @Vanamonde @SQUAD @Darth Badie etc...... Might I suggest banning gif's and the like from being used as avatars or being posted on the forum My nephew is here for a few days and he has epilepsy .... I showed him KSP and he really got into it and then I introduced him to the forum Within 20 minutes he came across a gif of Spiderman with a camera that had a flash effect and it sent him into the beginnings of an epileptic seisure due to the flashing (thats what happens to people with epilepsy ... they go into convulsions when strobe light effects are within their view) I managed to catch it before he went into full epileptic shock but methinks it might be a good idea to ban gif's and any other format of pic that can be posted which has interleaved slides due to the fact that it totally leaves unsuspecting persons who may be medically vunerable to such visual effects at the mercy of posters on this forum Thoughts?
  6. DoctorDavinci

    [1.4.x] Boost Flap Controller v0.1.1.0 [9.1.18]

    Exactly .... change the action group in the config I'll work on a solution for automatically detecting boost flaps and their action group assignment for the next update ... already have an inkling of what I'llhave to code (which shouldn't be all that difficult)
  7. DoctorDavinci

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    Yup, pretty much the case .... when you quicksave and reload the whole scene and everything in it is reloaded from scratch which resets everything back to normal ... part of the reason why I went the route I did with the HoloCaches in OrX If you have more questions feel free to pm me and I can clarify any further questions you have ... Don't want to derail the thread Sorry @Triop ... thought the info might help other challengers understand what is actually going on with the flickering textures If anyone wants a more in depth explanation feel free to message me ... now back to your unregularly scheduled Derby
  8. DoctorDavinci

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    We've been dealing with this issue in BDAc for awhile now .... It's actually caused by Unity itself, mods just make it more noticeable Unity, even though being 64 bit, has some of its functions and code stuck at 32 ... In this case it has to do with the render pipeline which still has a cap on the total size of all textures in the game that can be passed through said pipeline This problem is still in Unity as of 2018.1 iirc ... not much can be done except to reduce the texture load on the render pipeline Basically what is happening is the textures are in memory but due to the memory cap KSP loses the reference to the texture so it reloads the reference and the texture but the texture is still there ... this causes the flickering, it is switching between the 2 textures in memory because the reference is seeing both textures and it just jumping between the two
  9. DoctorDavinci

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    I think what the poster meant is if they can fly their rover to the flag and then create a save to load if they crash their rover while driving to the Pyramids (Tuten Kerman Uldum)
  10. Well then the HoloCache will spawn as usual and the menu will open with the name and description but if you do not have the mods installed with the parts that the craft saved to the HoloCache contains, then that craft will not spawn
  11. DoctorDavinci

    dV-Calculations Incorrect with LH2 Engines

    So not sure if it is related but BDAc AI air battles using craft built in previous versions of KSP use fuel faster in KSP 1.4.5 as compared to previous versions of KSP I have craft I built going back a few years and I have found that on average the crafts in question use about a third or more fuel than they did in previous versions of KSP A plane I built specifically to fly for 15 minutes in a previous KSP version will only just make the 10 minute mark and then run out of fuel in KSP v1.4.x
  12. If after reading the first post you are unable to figure out what OrX is/does then OrX is not for you
  13. Thanx PJ .... I posted on the KSP reddit and it was at the top of the controversial list in just over an hour Must be doin something right
  14. [snip by moderator] OrX and any of my other mods are no longer available [snip by moderator]