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  1. In the above 2 scenarios, if either happens T2 proves they are still up to their shady ways I don't expect to get paid for a mod nor do I want any of the code/mods I write to be 'sold' to the KSP community or making it so that in order to use a mod you must pay for a season pass or something to that effect Monetization of my work and other modders work will bring down the quality of what is available since it will turn into a steam workshop fiasco where most of the mods are actually not very good and fairly useless from a gameplay perspective ... cosmetics As I said earlier, I really hope I'm wrong about this and KSP2 ends up being what us veterans have always dreamed KSP would become, however my spidey senses are tingling and something just smells off Let's hope I'm completely wrong on this .... only time will tell
  2. See there is this thought in my head that is telling me T2 didn't include the rest of the statement I expect it went something like "Mods are the beating heart of this community and we're gonna make it more moddable than ever .... so how can we monetize modding so as to bring in more revenue for investors" T2 is a slave to their investors, not to the KSP community .... I seriously hope I am wrong
  3. You have elaborated on what I think quite well Being a modder myself (DCK, BD Armory Continued, Mr Clean, Enemy Mine, Wind, DCK FutureTech and involved in many others) I am really curious as to how T2 will go about allowing mods ... let alone how the 'monetization' will manifest itself since, let's face it, with their past conduct I expect T2 to do something shady Not saying they will, just don't be surprised if they do
  4. Stating that there will be no in game currency or lootboxes does not mean no microtransactions or monetization
  5. That's if modders decide to jump to KSP2 in the first place I don't se many of us doing so until after we see how T2 has decided to set up monetization and if we will be forced into a 'mod workshop' or something to that effect ... Let alone how the licensing of mods will work given that T2 has already shown their hand with the GTA5 paid mod fiasco etc.... EDIT: Here's a quote from T2 in regards to modding GTA5 and other Rockstar games - “After discussions with Take-Two, Take-Two has agreed that it generally will not take legal action against third-party projects involving Rockstar’s PC games that are single-player, non-commercial, and respect the intellectual property (IP) rights of third parties.” Citation -
  6. Unsure of where your getting your info on this, however VAB created vessel can and will spontaneously explode while on the ground .... I refer you to your late comment quoted below ...... I'm fairly certain that @IgorZknows what a vessel is How KIS attaches parts is through Unity, not necessarily KSP itself ... take a look at the code and you will see this, the parts are being directly instantiated by KIS/KAS Oh, I guess I should think about your later statement again linked below ...... Anyways, @IgorZ, perhaps directly turning off the collides before instantiating the parts may help .. Take a look at the reloadable missile rail I put into BDAc, I had to do something funky with the colliders to keep missiles from going off during reload if I remember correctly EDIT: I think I remember .... something about KSP needing 3 fixed updates to allow for some kraken sauce to do its thing ... It should still be in BDAc although I haven't looked at that code for over a year Credit @flywlyxfor that ... at least I believe it was them who did the original reloadable missile deal
  7. So I personally don't think it would be feasible to offer a free copy to veteran players due to KSP2 being a new game being built from the ground up However, perhaps TT would take this suggestion - offer up a free copy of KSP2 to known modders in the community so as to get a jump start on having mods for the game shortly after KSP2 is released Having extended modding support built in is one thing but it is useless if modders of KSP (or others) do not want to make the jump for whatever reason Personally I am hesitant to hop on the hype train as there are too many questions yet to be answered ... season passes to use the multiplayer, restricted access to mods like what happened with the mission builder deal being set up for steam workshop only and other questions come to mind let alone the fact that I'd have to use steam or the microsoft store to purchase KSP2 - this is a major thing for me, I do not like being forced to deal with a specific company for my purchasing of entertainment
  8. So, for all to be brought up to speed, this is where OrX was at last spring (northern hemisphere) I took a break and now have been slowly redesigning OrX to not require BD Armory over the past few weeks OrX Scuba Kerb will be an unlockable tech as well as a few other goodies such as Spider Kerb (does what a spider can) and Super Kerb (able to leap a building in a single bound) as unlockable tech The intention is for OrX to be able to have addons created by other modders and to bring purpose to your kerbals Geocaching is a major part of what I am creating and I intend to make it work so that a player can use the mod to create their own story in KSP ... Users share a single .orx file that contains the story the user wants to tell It should work with any part mod ... BDA will likely need some modifications to work properly with OrX but that is totally feasible (meaning setting up battle scenarios to share with your friends and the community via a single .orx file)
  9. Let me put it this way ..... If I were to happen to come across a fully rigged model with animations I can spawn that model anywhere in the 3d game world and make it move around, dissapear, reappear etc.... I've can even load a kerbal in the SPH/VAB so importing a model to the game would be fairly easy I do code, I don't do models
  10. Yes, quite possible and has been done ... I'm still working on it and have added an encrypted config file system to contain all craft and other stuff (story line, mission/holo cache/geocaching information etc...) I also have Scuba Kerb, a geocaching system (holocache) as well as a few other surprises in store (spawning of vessels, kerbals that chase you and a ton more ... been at this for over a year) Watch the videos in the spoiler if you dare
  11. So it was a BDAc team decision to change the category functio. I coded it and I did the actual change [snip] It was done for exactly the same reason as @SpannerMonkey(smce) mentioned above ... which is the amount of sub par non bda weapons filling up the bda category ... sorry, but searching through over 300 parts in a single category makes the point of having a category moot So I fixed the issue and now only BDAc parts appear in the bda category as it should be All weapon mod authors were given ample notice that this was going to happen as well as offers of assistance in the form of a detailed explanation of how to incorporate their own editor category invluding the code to do so not to mention myself and others offering their time and effort to do it for the aforementioned weapon mod creators They didn't take any of us up on the numerous offers of help to make the transition If you dont like it then complain to them since all reasonable effort was made by the bdac team to help them and in many instances we offered to do it for them outright [snip]