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  1. So OrX Move Launch works just fine ..... Coming in the next update, just a few more things to tweak and we're done this round
  2. Most of this sort of idea has been set up in OrX Kontinuum ... Framework has been laid for creating your own stories within KSP and sharing those stories with other players although the story creation mode is still in development Currently OrX K has a challenge creator that allows you to create a geocache on any planet, have that location saved as well as any local vessels within 1000 meters to a sharable file that any other KSP player that has OrX K installed can open and search for while in the flight scene OrX K also has Short Track Racing and Dakar racing challenge types that can
  3. Just a quick update .... Real life got in the way of the next release, however I am going to be diving back into it in the next day or so ... Only needs to be tested and some minor tweaks made and then it will be ready Here's some of what is coming ...... OrX Move Launch Originally created as an addition to Vessel Mover, it was never 'turned on' after I handed the working code over to the maintainer of VM so I have completely rewritten the code from the ground up and included it in OrX Kontinuum ...... Move Launch literally picks your craft up after loading and physically m
  4. Here's a drop box link to the Unity project for the BDAc KSPedia ... This is all I could find I did this version back in the KSP v1.2 days so it definitely would need to be updated ... Note that I cheated and used Fireworks (old Macromedia software) to create .jpg's of each of the KSPedia pages and imported those into KSP so you may need to completely redo the images to update the information and add more pages It's a lot of work and I'm not up to the task ... Took me over 100 hours to do the first version and then another 80 hours or so to update it and reduce the size on disk
  5. Scuba Kerb has been a thing for awhile now ... no dependencies, not even module manager The video is from over a year ago when Scuba kerb was only usable with the Scuba tanks, now no tanks are needed Even has the bends and nitrogen narcosis
  6. Just a quick update .... So I messed up on the stop watch ... the stop watch was running fast during time warp I also noticed that I messed up the spawning of stage gates for the Dakar Racing challenge type I fixed both issues but also added in a feature for those who would like to launch a craft from the editor and have their craft literally picked up and automagically moved to a location of their choice (currently only hard coded locations are available such as the Pyramids, Baikerbanur, KSC Island Runway, KSC Beach (water launch), KSC Island Harbour, Kerbini Atol etc... .....
  7. I guess I should refrain from releasing an update to a mod when I am half asleep ... fixed now I'll be releasing an OrX K update this evening or tomorrow that will have the fix in it ... Just polishing up some more new features such as the ability to launch a vessel and have it picked up and moved to another location automagically and also the ability to create your own launch locations that are saved into a config file You're probably better off just using @linuxgurugamer's new mod if you're not going to be using any of the other goodies in OrX K since all his mod does is run a tim
  8. Now that would be an @Triopquestion ... if you want to restart from the beginning then I'll update the scores but you must restart from the beginning
  9. Try turning down shadow cascades to 0 in the KSP settings ... There is a long time bug in Unity that causes this sort of thing which is caused by having the world space being as large as KSP has it set up to be I may not completely be understanding what the issue is but it sure sounds like what I mentioned above ... here's a link to the Unity issue tracker regarding this https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/shadow-precision-issues-far-away-from-origin-needs-reverse-fp-depth The only way I know of to fix this is to change the near clipping pane of the main camera .... this can
  10. I added a stopwatch to OrX Kontinuum, released it a few minutes ago (with some fixes) ... works great and also takes into account time warping and the pause menu I think it is self explanatory how to use it ... click on reset to reset the timer back to 0
  11. OrX Kontinuum v [1.8.20] Upgrades and Fixes Added a Stop Watch function accessible through the main menu Fixed Distance menu not displaying properly when scanning for HoloKrons Added a modifier to the timer that will compensate for warp Additional minor upgrades
  12. So OrX Kontinuum has a challenge builder and I am open to adding new challenge types Currently there is 4 types of challenges: Geo-Caching - Basically you have a base somewhere or even just a location, you go there and create a Geo-Cache and share the .orx file ... when a player starts scanning for Geo-Caches then a distance menu shows up telling the player how far away they are from the closest Geo-Cache ... when the player gets within 5 km then the HoloKron (Geo-Cache) will spawn as well as it will spawn any vessels that were saved into the holokron Short Track Racing - As the
  13. @Mars-Bound Hokie So something along the lines of this: This is the challenge timer system that is in OrX Kontinuum ... It doesn't currently have the option to start or stop the timer when a player wants to but it is trivial to add that functionality It will even tell you how fast you are traveling in kph or mph (it wouldn't take much to add in your speed measured via knots either) Let me know if you're interested and I'll add the feature ... actually I probably will do it anyways as this is a really good idea Here's a video showing part of OrX Kontinuum in action (Dak
  14. So I found Stage 2 to be not as rough as Stage 1 ... probably just the line I chose to take though Seems that there is quite a bit of flat stretch to go all out on ... just got to be careful and pick your lines since doing 300 kph into a slight incline can have the effect of hitting a brick wall Anyways, Here's my my Stage 2 report START FINISH TIME: 8 minutes, 16.55 seconds And as a bonus I recorded it for those who would like to see the route I took
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