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  1. DoctorDavinci

    [1.4+] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.12

    So just an fyi ... there are tons of free pdf extractors on the internet, even ones built into websites so no software need be installed Use your preferred search engine and search for 'extract text and images from pdf' and then pick your poison As for a KSPedia, it's a nice thing to have but I have found that, after creating one for BD Armory Continued over a year ago, it rarely gets used even when you point it out to the user ... more often than not it appears that users would rather come into a thread to ask all their questions instead of reading the instruction manual So yeah, KSPedia is good but would be a large undertaking with little reward (in my experience)
  2. DoctorDavinci

    Space Taxi

    Yes ... let's put arcade games into ksp
  3. Mr Clean and his Magic Eraser Got too much debris? ... Did you smash a ship into a mun somewhere or just have a massive BDAc battle? Well Mr Clean has got you covered ... He has this magic eraser that will make your game spotlessly clean of Landed or Splashed debris Click on the button in the flight scene and then click on 'Get Mop n Bucket' ... Voila, all your debris will be swept under the rug with no one the wiser He even comes with a lemony fresh smell Download Link: Mr Clean is licensed under GPLv3
  4. Hi all More Enemy Mine updates incoming ... just updates for BD Armory Continued versions Enemy Mine for BDAc v1.2.1.3 - Enemy Mine for BDAc v1.2.1.4 - Enjoy
  5. Hi all More DCK Futuretech updates incoming ... just updates for BDAc versions DCK FT for BDAc v1.2.1.3 - DCK FT for BDAc v1.2.1.4 - Enjoy
  6. DoctorDavinci

    Including .craft files in a mod

    We have test craft in BD Armory Continued that are mainly there for troubleshooting although I do not know of a way to get the craft to show up in the craft selection list without having the user move the craft
  7. It's preferable that an issue is opened before any pull requests so that the team members are made aware of the changes you'd like to add If you just make a pull request with no explanation as to what your changes do then how are we to know what those changes are meant to do? Opening an issue also helps us with tracking the development of BDAc ... it also helps in the case that your changes or proposal is already being worked on by one of the team members We're definitely open to adding features and other goodies although it is preferable to discuss everything with the person who is proposing the changes/additions and we do that on github since it is very easy for posts in this thread to get lost ... the github issues tracker is how we get around the problem of good ideas getting buried
  8. Not a stock engine is the issue you're having ... I assume you're using a Firespitter engine which are not properly set up to be controlled by BDAc
  9. So either the user in question is misleading you or the craft has been modifed at some point between the user sending it to you and you receiving it ... there is no other possible answer except the situation where the craft in question was built in a previous BDAc version and carried forward into a later BDAc version which, if this is the case, the user didn't follow the directions that I personally have spread across this forum and posted in bold type under the header picture of the OP of this thread Well that's a well known issue there, has been that way since Baha created BD Armory Solution is to not place multiple AI Pilots and weapon managers on a single craft as it often will send the code into a hissy fit .... This is mentioned in the BD Pedia and has been mentioned by myself and other BDAc team members many times over the past 2 years
  10. DoctorDavinci

    Spawn a dead kerbal

    Totally possible to do depending on your coding skills Easy solution is to allow a player to focus on the kerbal to be rescued but have a part module attached to the kerbal that forces it to stay in a ragdoll state until you accomplish whatever it is you want the player to accomplish The more in depth approach would be to have a list of vessels that you create which excludes the kerbal you want to deny control of (doable), hijack the switch vessel function (doable) and then reassingning the switch vessel buttons to your list which essentially removes the kerbal from the players control I'm already doing the more in depth approach in OrX ... if you have any questions feel free to ask
  11. Please consult the ingame BDPedia (KSPedia ... blue book icon, lower right hand of the screen) for detailed instructions on the operation of BDAc
  12. DoctorDavinci

    [1.4.x]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    I'm not going to argue with you over it but it comes down to this: you are not hosting your code on a T2 owned online service therefore T2 has no claim to your code If they were hosting the mod, as in providing storage for it on their servers, then they have claim to it .... since it is not hosted on their server they have none, period. Read up on how EULA's actually work and the laws that govern them
  13. DoctorDavinci

    [1.4.x]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    Yes and no, let me explain Everything you post on this forum, as in what you write on this forum, T2 can do what they want with .... However this does not include the code you wrote or parts you made since you are not posting the code or parts directly on this site but instead posting a link to it Posting a link to code or part models etc does not mean T2 owns them as they are not hosted on this site ... T2 only has a claim to the words you type into your post, not anything contained at links you have posted as T2 cannot claim ownership of something posted on a site not owned by them
  14. DoctorDavinci

    OrX Discussion thread