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  1. It actually fails to load... So I get a message that a part is missing and then it reports it can't load in the craft at all.
  2. Hi, I have a few ships in my inventories which are broken now that I've purchased breaking ground, especially ships using older KAS parts. They are failing to load, so I can't remove the parts to repair the craft involved. Anyone with an idea how I can save these craft?
  3. FINALLY! No longer having to bargain with KSP... Me: I'd like to set this to 0. KSP: "Best I can do is -1 or 1."
  4. AFAIK, the Juno jet engine as a basic jet is based on the Junkers Jumo 004, which was one of the first operational (fitted on active combat aircraft) jet engines. They both share a horrible fuel consumption and limited power output, and I personally like the historical nod. I would agree to some extent that a power buff wouldn't harm them, but I wouldn't go any further than a 25% or so power increase.
  5. Hot darn! I will definitely get this DLC, and it might mark my return to this game. Finally something to do on planets other than professionally crashland your ship onto them. Also, rotors, where have you been all these years! I can finally upgrade my VTOL heavy lifters now! WOOP WOOP! As a note, any chance of the featureset of the planets being expanded in the near future, beyond what's in the current update? More rocks, more notable objects, more canyons, and perhaps on kerbin some extra airports with added passenger and cargo missions?
  6. You can probably circumnavigate the issue by altering the way the game works by toggling an option on in the debug panel (Alt-F12). Under "Cheats", turn on "Unbreakable joints". That should most likely solve your issue. Don't forget to turn it off again once you've resolved your issue. Coming into physics range when an object is under severe stress will often result into janking movements, tearing the joints and destroying the craft. I use the unbreakable joints option whenever I save and loading a game mid-flight (atmospheric flight)... Works fine for me there, and if I'm not mistaken it should work for you the same.
  7. Today was a happy day. Got a message incoming that Samry was drifting in Munar orbit, so I installed a rescue mission, together with a tourist mission to the Munar surface and a Spider engine test. Here is the Bravo A rocket with the munar lander on top, standing by for launch. Samry was found drifting in a research lab which ran out of power - and adjacent parts, apparently - so upon rendevous she made it to the lander, took some goodies, headed back for the research lab, installed the goodies... And ran flew away. Boyan Slat may do his Ocean cleanup, we're doing our part... Samry's loving it. Next stop: Mun, just gotto grab the cab first. Samry's one of the "Happy but stupid kind", so even running dangerously low on dV to do an orbital insertion, landing and take-off, she'll just be going along with it. And she's a happy camper, isn't she. All things come to an end: Leaving mun after completing all three mission objectives, and arranged an insertion into Kerbins' atmosphere. Mission accomplished.
  8. Adelaar

    Why is...

    Yeah, if the weight went down to about 1,8T, with a max temp resistance of 1200 degrees, I think it's fine. But atm it's worthless.
  9. Adelaar

    Why is...

    Sure, but the ingame description hints that the Mk2 lander can really can't stand much at all, so less heat shielding would be used, the walls itself likely thinner or some alloy, it has no RCS thrusters, nada. So you are handicapped in the sense that you can only take 2 persons, does not have built in RCS, has a smaller monoprop container, it's pretty rubbish. In all, you're better off just using the Mk3 capsule, which is sad, because there should be a purpose to the lander can but there really isn't one.
  10. Adelaar

    Why is...

    ...The MK2 Lander can almost as heavy as the Mk3 capsule? Both are 2,7 tonnes, whilst the MK3 has more functionality and survivability? Shouldn't the Mk2 be rationed in food supplies to have it slim down a bit?
  11. So, yesterday I wrote how I got back into KSP after a two years hiatus, and had to pretty much start from scratch. Now that the relays are in orbit the position finetuned over time (I didn't exactly get the spacing right the first time...), I had time to rebuild a few rockets. With all the new parts, I spent my time building a new lander, which shouldn't be very costly (and mostly recoverable). The Bravo A lifting body is used, which is designed to lift up to 18.000 kg into orbit. The payload is 14.000kg, and with sufficient built in power, it should be able to do single runs to the Mun and Minmus until I have an orbital station up and running (which can be docked to this lander, too). Here she is sitting on the platform, costing 116k, with a recoverable first stage and of course the lander itself (the capsule can detach itself from the lander, but to save costs I'd rather not). Half of the launch costs can be recovered, in theory. The test flight went smoothly, so smoothly in fact that I decided not to waste resources and head for the Mun. Once there, I figured I'd do a few measurement contracts, which consisted out of temp readings above 9600m. I had to burn a good bit of fuel to readjust course three times, and after the third measurement I thought I could still pull off a landing and do three more measurements on the surface. An hours flight passed by, and I landed right at the designated sight, took my measurements, and then noticed I ran into trouble... I'm nearly out of fuel. Cr*p. However did I think I could make it back with 900dV in store, I think to myself? So, I did the clever thing, spent an hour outfitting an Alfa D rocket with a refueling payload, equip it with KIS parts (JS-1 connectors, explosives) to be able to refuel, head to the mun, land next to the lander, use Bill to connect the ports and easy peasy. But things are just not that easy, are they? Apparently, KIS changed the way fuel lines work, so the JS-1 can't just be used to attach fuel lines, you need the dispenser for that, and I didn't have that unlocked let alone equiped... So that plan failed, and 50k in resources spent in vain... So there's one option left: Use a tourist transport to land, retrieve Bill, Bob and Valentina, take two tourists with the transport to cover launch costs (114k minus recoverable parts), and bring two legacy parts to be able to pump fuel if necessary. So there I went. The rendevous went well, except for the part where I burnt through so much fuel that upon getting the rendevous and landing right, I had only 900dV of fuel left...... Cr*p. FORTUNATELY The fuel lines of the legacy parts worked! So Bill started pumping fuel from the refueling pod and the original lander (which I hoped to salvage) After all things are done, the explosives are used to deconstruct the refueling pod, because to clean up your stuff, you have to break it into more stuff... Or whatever, I just like explosions. With the cleanup done, everybody on board, experiments salvaged and 1200dV of fuel, Bill, Bob and Valentina are saved. Departure went smoothly, and an intercept with Kerbin was arranged. So there you have it folks, when you are doing a mission; make sure you bring enough fuel and know beforehand that your plans will work... This mishap just cost me 100k.
  12. Same here, but with From the Depths (a block based warfare game), been itching to get back into the game but every time I tried I spent so much time updating my mods which then all broke again the next update... Thanks for the warm welcome!
  13. I don't think a lot of peeps will pay attention, but here goes. I started playing KSP again after aprox a 2 year hiatus, which endured because my mods were all broken, and most of my ships were outdated. I had about 106 ships saved in the VAB, my campaign was a mess which I had issues untangling and I didn't really understand what the hell was going on. So I spent my last few days untangling the mess by decluttering the VAB, saving only the lifting bodies which I use (10 lifting bodies), and the payloads which hook onto them (manned pods, landers, space probes, relay sats, etc). I then started to update my rockets and replace their parts for new ones, a proces which will take me a few more days. In the mean time, I've started to expand my relay sat network, and currently in the proces of bringing four sats into a polar orbit. They are launched simultaniously (because that will save me the issue of having to allign four different launches), using a medium lifter, which has a recoverable first stage. The missile launches on a polar orbit roughly 2Mm up. It uses up the first stage on the ascent to space, the second stage then propels the ship to a 2Mm orbit while I can recover the first stage which re-enters into the atmosphere. At an altitude of 2Mm, the relays are deployed, which are then individually taken up to an altitude of 5Mm. That will ensure a (mostly) equal spread and similar orbits. After deploying all the relays, the second stage is then set to perform a retro-burn for re-entry. The launcher itself costs 106k, of which in theory, 35k is recoverable (in practise less because of the distance to KSC), each relay costs some 24k, but they shouldn't ever need to be replaced because of their strength and position above Kerbin. Total mission costs: Approx 240k.