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  1. Understood of course! In case it might be of use when you do come to it in the fullness of time - from examining the behaviour of this issue in a bit more detail, it seems that a) switching away from the vessel and then back to it reorients the IVAs to the correct place, and b) moving any kerbals between different parts within the vessel also reorients the IVAs to the correct place.
  2. This mod is absolutely tremendous - a godsend for a particular ship I've been trying to build. Infernal Robotics has always had a glaring gap in it for proper rotational parts, and this is superb stuff. I was just wondering - there's an issue I'm experiencing, which I've seen mentioned a couple of times earlier in this thread but I don't know if a solution was ever explored. MaianTrey's explanation below of the issue matches pretty much exactly with what I'm experiencing: I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas for how to overcome this, or whether this is something that you might be able to look at sorting for the next update? In any case, a fantastic mod and thanks so much for all your work on it!
  3. @alexustas @MOARdV any news on a fix for this issue?
  4. Don't know what was up, but the problem's resolved itself now - I can get at the spreadsheet fine. Regardless, thanks for taking a look!
  5. Thanks. If you need anything further from me at any point as you look into this, ping me a message and I'll do my best.
  6. Hi @Nils277 Wanted to report something. Don't know if this is something only I'm getting, but any attempt to open the TAC-LS spreadsheet linked to in the OP is throwing me an error message. Specifically, it's a Google Drive error message that reads as follows: I'm getting this both on Google Chrome and Safari. My own Google Drive is working fine and I can get at my own uploaded files and stuff, no problem. I've been having this issue all day, so the 'coming back to it in a few minutes' option is pretty much exhausted. I know it's not a big issue in the grand scheme of things but could you take a look? Finally, thanks for your sterling work on this amazing mod!
  7. @MOARdV Here's the log file as you requested. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lu5po1ye6gsc2u4/KSP_4.log?dl=0 Ancillary information - this is on 1.2.2, and the only mods installed are as follows: ModuleManager 2.7.5 ALCOR Pod 0.9.6 ALCOR Advanced IVA 0.9.6 ASET Props 1.4 RPM 0.28.0 Steps taken: I went into the VAB, selected the ALCOR pod, added no further parts, and hit launch. The crash occurred as before, in the loading screen before even getting to the launchpad.
  8. Gotcha - will do. Which log file will the output from this go to - is it KSP.log or some other file?
  9. Totally understand - and again, thanks for all the work you do to put these mods together. I'm sure I can live with this issue without too much of a struggle! I see @WildLynx has made a Git issue already, so I won't duplicate it.
  10. Hi @Nertea Firstly, wanted to say a massive thank you for all the work you do on these mods. I use them extensively and they're just amazing! I wanted to report an issue I'm having with Near Future Spacecraft. Specifically, this is an issue with the IVA of the Mk3-9 pod. These screenshots show what's going on: As you can see, there's some issue with the 'upright' between the two windows. They look somewhat mangled and have transparency in places that don't look right. I'm on KSP 1.2.2, Mac OSX 10.9 'Mavericks', and I'm using the latest version of Near Future Spacecraft. The only mods I have installed are Near Future Spacecraft, B9 Part Switch (as it comes bundled with NFSpacecraft), and ModuleManager 2.7.5. Here's the log file, in case it's of use: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2wq2zkihfsjszxq/KSP_3.log?dl=0
  11. Update to my previous post: This problem is still occurring in a 1.2.2 install in which the only mods installed are the ALCOR pod, ALCOR Advanced IVA and dependencies (ASET Props, RPM, ModuleManager). This time, I attempted to launch a craft which was just the ALCOR pod on its own and I had the same sort of crash as I was getting in my other 1.2.2 install. Here's the log file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2493ciinx3t4ln7/KSP_2.log?dl=0
  12. Hi Alex Firstly, thanks for all the work you've put into this mod - it's one of my favourites! However, I'm consistently getting crashes in my game with the new version. What happens, specifically, is that any attempt to load a craft that uses the ASET props causes a hard crash straight out of the game from the loading screen. This happens both when hitting 'launch' on a craft from the VAB and also when attempting to load an existing craft from the tracking station. The reason I think this is a problem with the props is that taking the newest version of ASET_Props out of the ASET folder in my GameData directory, and replacing it with the previous version, fixes these crashes. I'm on KSP version 1.2.2, and Mac OSX 10.9 'Mavericks'. The install I first identified this on has a lot of mods, but it's only switching between the old and new versions of ASET_Props that causes this. I'm about to put together an install of 1.2.2 with just the new versions of the ASET Props pack and the ALCOR pod installed, in order to double check that that's where the issue is - I'll report back what happens. Here's the log file for the most recent crash I had. In this case I was attempting to launch a craft consisting just of the Mk1-2 pod with the improved IVA pack from the VAB. I've also been getting this phenomenon occurring with the OPT Spaceplanes cockpits that use these props. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ziwfccnqkobag9h/KSP.log?dl=0
  13. Forgive me if this is a stupid question - people have been talking both in this thread and the thread for the ASET Avionics pack about some dropbox links containing the most-recently-released versions of these mods. I'd be keen to get my hands on those, but the only dropbox links that I can find posted in either thread lead me to a 'not found' page. Has the mod now been taken down from these links? Any help much appreciated.
  14. I may be able to help with this despite not being associated with the mod's upkeep. In the download, there are two folders - an 'extras' folder and a 'GameData' folder. All of what's in the GameData folder has to go into the folder called 'GameData' in your KSP folder. The 'extras' folder contains just that - extras which are optional. The 'installation instructions' .txt file that I spoke about earlier, that comes with the download, explains this all step-by-step. Hope that helps!
  15. Hi there. Firstly, major thanks to everyone involved for maintaining this mod and updating it. Coming back to the game, I'm very glad indeed that it's being kept current, it's one of my favourite mods. Just wanted to highlight a very minor issue I spotted - in the installation instructions .txt folder that comes with the download of the mod, there's a passage that I believe has an error in it that makes things slightly confusing. It concerns the installation of the graduated power response config. The passage reads as follows; (My emphasis) I'm wondering whether this ought to read 'graduated power response' instead? The same words as here also show up in the section below this one on how to install the instant power response config: Having gone back in the thread a bit I wasn't able to spot anyone else who'd mentioned this. My apologies if I am in fact repeating a known issue.