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  1. I really like this mod! Like Regolith originally and the stock resource system now are universal resource systems that allow others to build and expand upon, this could be the universal life support system, which offers easy configurability for players and mod makers alike. Would it be possible to adjust the code so that instead of the required and produced resources being hard-coded, it would get the resource names, amounts, effects and time before effects occur from the config file? So it could be set to Supplies-in, Mulch-out as in USI-LS, or [Food, Water, Oxygen]-in, [Waste, Carb
  2. This is exactly what I was waiting for. I really love your mods, but UKS always seemed a little to heavy and complicated. I especially like your approach with USI LifeSupport, combining a new challenge with fun kerbal-like game mechanics. So why not stick to the [ Mulch + Fertilizer -> Supplies ]-approach and have the colony-modules provide a way of producing Fertilizer? A possibility would be to use relatively common resources (e.g. water, dirt, substrate?) to produce Fertilizer (growing algae?). This way MKS-Lite would offer a tight integration with USI-LS by only using one possible produ
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