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  1. QuickReport: (with a 5 minute testing) seems to work well with 1.7 Details: KSP version: (Win x64). I've DLC Making History if it makes any difference. These are my mods: dir /b "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData" 000_ClickThroughBlocker 000_Toolbar 001_ToolbarControl AutoAction AutomatedScreenShots AviationLights BetterTimeWarp CrowdSourcedFlags Diazo DMagicUtilities DockingCam DraggableNavball EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements FMRS FShangarExtender HullCameraVDS KerbalEngineer KerbalReusabilityExpansion kOS MechJeb2 MechJebForAll ModuleManager.3.0.7.dll ModuleManager.4.0.2.dll ModuleManager.ConfigCache ModuleManager.ConfigSHA ModuleManager.Physics ModuleManager.TechTree NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicatorCE PartCommanderContinued PartWizard PlanetShine PreciseNode QuickMods RCSBuildAid ReentryParticleEffect scatterer ScienceAlert SmartParts Squad SquadExpansion StockVisualEnhancements TacFuelBalancer toolbar-settings.dat Trajectories Trajectories_ TriggerTech WaypointManager [x] Science! @linuxgurugamer Thank you for all your work. I've been setting up my mods last few days and kept finding my fav mods (still) under your maintenance. I really appreciate your time.
  2. just discovered this via your not-so-subtle signature and glad I did. wow man all the hardware, cool B/W navball picture from the 30s and stuff - on a serious note I applaud your keenness. you call it your "your KSP sim" - it is more like a comic-character-game for me but that's the evidence of Squad's success, I guess this game can be what you want it to be. at least the building block for it also many thanks for the clear picture with your fingertips - finally got you Neo. wait there, we'll be with you in 5!
  3. ikr. I can quit ANYTIME I WANT. I just don't want to.
  4. wow one of the most elegant cheats with advanced self-rationalization support
  5. Great that you got into linux however I am doing the same on 64-bit Windows version of KSP which is rock solid. Putting this here just to spread the word. For details, see the 64-bit thread.
  6. Thanks, I switched to your mod. And a heads up for any other newbies that might want to go that route; 1. you might want to remove parts from your gamedata\[mod]\Parts section 2. edit your craft files (using a text editor) and remove each part. 3. edit your last quicksave using this utility and remove each part (or game will refuse to load 'vessels' which contain parts which you just made invalid by removing from the game) => http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/133817-Java-Depart-Remove-parts-from-spacecraft-in-from-KSP-save-files Took me 20 mins altogether but I will not need to attach any parts for any of the mods [Protractor,MechJeb,KER] to any ships. It helps with the part count a lot especially on mothership+multiLanders setup.
  7. Thanks a lot for sharing your work. Used it to get rid of part requirement of Protractor (and others) which helps tiny bit with part count.
  8. I just wanted to thank you for this simple but lifesaver utility. +rep'd also. thanks a lot!
  9. Hello Malah and thanks for the reply. If I understand (the copied-below bit) correctly, your plugin changes how my game behaves globally for all similar mods. To clarify, I wanted only Protractor to be always-available without adding a part to the spacecraft but wanted to keep KER & MechJeb and others WITH part-requirement. I feel like KER & MJ are full fledged computers capable of calculating a very wide range of 'things' [and thus require a 'computer' to be added in] whereas Protractor is a focused small(er) bring-along utility (in Kerbanouts pocket if you like). Thanks anyway I will go think what to do on this.
  10. Hello Addle Thanks for this great tool. With the current limitations on part count, this idea above would be a great enhancement I think. Please consider this...
  11. @dtobi and Firov, Excellent job, thanks a lot for this mod! Great idea there. I would love to see this implemented.
  12. Hello, Thanks for sharing your work. Sorry for the many questions below! I do not have multi-monitor setup right now due to one screen dying but will be aiming to get back to it ASAP. I am considering 2x large screens (28"?) vs 1x massive screen (40"+?). Not sure if this is good or bad but it appears KSP compatibility will be part of the decision making process. To that end, I am trying to understand what this mod can help accomplish. Since I can't try it myself, could you please give me a summary of current status as of today? Can I use this mod with 2x (say 28") screens today and play an "acceptable" game perhaps with a few quirks? To detail my question - please find your Known Issues repeated below. Is Known Issue #1 game killer? or can you use a QuickGoTo or similar mod to overcome it? Item #2 - So is the Editor unusable, thus game unplayable with this mod now? OR do you quickly, in an automated/scripted manner, turn off multi monitor screen in editor view and then likewise re-auto-enable when you exit? Item #3 - What does this "some elements not located" mean exactly, is it game killer or are 'things' getting stuck in main screen?