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  1. This might be a long shot, but is there any chance you can get a small config working with the fairings from AIES aerospace? Those were some of my favorite fairings to use. Back in the day I used Old School Fairings to fix the problem, but I haven't played the game since then. Now that I'm starting to get back into the gist of things, I want to know what really changed with the aerodynamics and such.
  2. Hi, I've decided to not host this mod on CKAN for the time being as I am relatively new to modding and need some time to figure out how everything works. I will get back to you as son as I add the .version (and hopefully fix the DS_Store and MACOSX issues but that could be hard because I work on a macbook).
  3. Sorry for the late response. I've had a lot of RL commitments this past month and haven't been able to play KSP. I'll take a look at the issue either tonight or tomorrow. RSS would require a new set of configs that would appropriate resize the model and the rocket parameters. I don't have much experience in RO/RSS, but maybe @MeCripp can help me with this one....?
  4. I will pull this mod off of CKAN later this week when I have time, and I will also remove the other directories since I work on a Mac. I will also make the .version for the next update. Oh, btw, the current version works in 1.2.2. I could've sworn that I updated that listing yesterday...I'll double check.
  5. If you guys want a stock overhaul go check out Ven's Stock Revamp...
  6. Is there a way to make the decouplers act more like decouplers and not separators? Every time I change the CFG file to make it decouple from only the top node, the whole thing refuses to decouple.
  7. Wait...What do you exactly mean by this? I have the images posted to flickr and I pasted in the link to the image (https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/Lk5z58). I hit space and nothing happens.
  8. It's THAT simple?! Man, I've got to try this out. I have a few exams coming up soon to study for, but I will get around to fixing those minor issues.
  9. Well, the Zenit in this pack isn't a 100% replica of the real thing; it was originally designed for KSP after all. The Block DM-03 for Zenit is supposed to be slightly smaller in size than the original Block D meant for the N1-L3. There were also Zenits that used Fregats as upper stages. Like what I said earlier, I'm sure the author made his models to make the mod fit with the standard 2.5m part size. Also, on an unrelated note, is it possible to embed images from other sites like photo bucket? If so, how?
  10. That's not good. I might look for another platform to host images (so that the OP won't just be a jumble of text). What's wrong with the flag overlay?
  11. Got it. How do you embed the albums again? The new forum software screwed everything up...
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