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  1. Today I launched my first water ship named "Brave" A not very fast, but very lovely corvette like vessel armed with a ballistic long-range rocket B-1 type "Ballista", four middle-range rockets type "Arbalest" and a six-charged launching system type "i-don't-khow-where's-it-gonna-fly-so-be-scared".
  2. Well as I said, the first craft flies really badly, it tends to roll right every time I pull it up. Although it is a typical illness for my planes, but usually it is manageable and for this one it is deadly. As for voxels, apparently it depends on part. Up to now I found problems with mk3 adapter, mk2 small cargo bay and bicoupler, mk2 fuel fuselages, also LY-01 landing gear has this problem when placed symmetrical.
  3. Looks like the voxel problem is back indeed. I have this craft with the whole right side full of dots sticking out. It also tends to deviate to the right while flying If you need the craft it is here.
  4. @blackrack, just want to congratulate you on getting the job. Like all the others said - you deserve it. Keep it up, man, you rock!
  5. I think this is the most beautiful spaceplane I've built so far
  6. Scatterer - replaces atmospheres, Environmental Visual Enhancement - clouds, Planet Shine - makes vacuum ambient blackness deeper, Distant Object Enhancement - dims stars near bright planets.
  7. I finally reached Jool system! And saw Laythe from close up
  8. @Stone Blue To clarify: this is not memory related. I have GCMonitor and see memory usage in real time so to say, and at the moment of crash I've described it was under the limit. As of logs - only error I can see there, that refers to a craft that exploded, is this:
  9. @Stone Blue I'm well aware of the fact, that this laptop is not for KSP and especially not for heavily modded KSP (you said that - addiction...), but what I'm more concerned about here is whether it is normal that multiple structural failures between parts cause CPU to overload like crazy. Have you ever seen anything like this on your system? If it is normal, then overheat is a good guess. I will keep an eye on CPU temperatures from now on, to see if it's the case.
  10. Hello. I quiet often experience a severe issue with KSP when the whole system crashes and reboots. It usually happens when a craft gets destroyed by any force - be it aerodynamic stress or simply falling off the launch pad - the game stutters or freezes and CPU usage jumps up to 100%, then blue screen appears saying something like "System thread exception not handled" and windows reboots. No crash reports are left in KSP directory after that. Here are the logs of my game before the latest crash: KSP_log output_log My specs: ASUS laptop, Windows 8 x64, i5-3230M 2.6GHz, 6Gb of RAM, video card = NVIDIA GeForce GT740M, driver version - 364.51 (although I had this problem with previous versions of driver too, and updating it doesn't help). KSP, x32, OpenGL forced (had this in dx9 as well) List of mods: I should also point out that sometimes destroying a craft doesn't cause a crash right away - the game freezes, the CPU usage goes up to 100% but then everything is OK again. Is it normal behavior or is something wrong in my install?