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  1. A mere 13 years, 340-something days. She probably needs a shower.
  2. OK this was a lot of work
  3. One of these days I'll do something useful
  4. I really do need to make a space station and shuttle, now. Problems, problems
  5. Do you have a screenshot of the craft showing CoM and CoL? And remember to check it with the fuel tanks empty to simulate re-entry. Usually either CoM is behind the CoL due to mass shift or you're trying to maneuver at trans-sonic speeds and get a flat spin as a reward. But that's guessing.
  6. Here's a weird question - anyone getting a strange invisible speedbump/collision using RSS in 1.2 at about 150km altitude? Rockets thump into an invisible kraken and do a cartwheel. Can't begin to think what would lead to that.
  7. And the second diary entry. So far, so good, comrades.
  8. Edit - It's a video diary. I'm curious how far I can get before all the wheels fall off.
  9. The only person in this thread with any first hand experience in the situation is RoverDude. Be smart and listen to him. Primary source, people.
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