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  1. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Flown in FAR without reduced drag
  2. Just whipped this one up real quick. First beast i've got to fly in FAR and on that without reduced drag either The Elliptical wing actually does wonders for stability in FAR.
  3. KSP Economics.... You wanna use a Gman-built Thrust bearing u gotta pay 50 cents
  4. yeah exactly, everybody builds the same part but Azimech's is more reliable than Mine or Klond's can handle higher RPM than EpicSpacetrolls's. Finding the optimal design and then everybody just using that one as a sub-assembly would work wonders for build time and keep us from pulling our hair out.
  5. Standardizing basic components like bearings and props as sub-assemblies to make assembly of new engines easier. There could be different sizes and load tolerances and whatnot but i think a baseline standard could be really useful if the parts are reliable.
  6. Are yall up for a community project?
  7. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    @Azimech Two question, can your train actually run on a rail? And what is the top speed? I'm interested in how piston engines can actually be used in vehicles.
  8. I may have lost my speed record but I definitely hold the record for most part intensive turboprop at 1016 parts! I doubt anyone will be taking this one away anytime soon!
  9. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Improved Kraftei Nacelles, shortened fuselage, and redid tail plane. Looks more like a 264 now.
  10. Its because if the blades increase in diameter that means the tip RPM increases and they produce more thrust. That and the fact that rigid attachment screws with the RPM limiter.
  11. Try using engines you KNOW work well in other craft instead of building a new one from the ground up. After all, in real life most of the hundreds of different planes only use a handful of different engines. The 757 and C-17 essentially use the same P&W 2000 and basically all major airliners use some derivative of the RB211 or Trent. I through that Me 264 together by taking the fuselage from my B-29 and the engines form that record plane i just made with some modifications. The wings and the cowling were the only only parts I purpose-built. I'd also suggest using a custom wing instead of the FAT one. You'll get more lift that way.
  12. Yay! You posted it finally! We have a new record holder! Mine takes off like a real plane tho
  13. Oh yeah that'd be dope. Will your engines fit on it though? I'd also be worried about part count (ironically) because the base aircraft is already running high. Adding engines will probably double it, although i dont know the part count of your machines.
  14. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Look at it go!!!! Zoom Zoom!!