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  1. @Columbia May I borrow(steal) your engines and put them on my 777?
  2. I'd like to know specifically what is causing a 40 - 50 fps drop when compared to other visual packs of similar content. In a stock game with graphics cranked i get between 50 and 70 FPS. With Astronomers Visual Pack loaded i get a fairly reasonable 35 - 45 fps. With StockVisualEnhancements loaded i get 35 - 45 fps. With this pack loaded i get 10 fps. Why
  3. This is very cool. I never thought stock props would be able to reach this level of speed!
  4. no...... I meant for whatever reason it started producing stupid thrust at high altitude.
  5. The engine was still making 6.7kn of thrust which was amazing. It was cruising along nicely at ~300m/s until i hit about 7,500 meters and thats when the turbo kicked in and sent it to Mach 2. I genuinely had no idea that it would do that. I imagine it was the Radial ramp intake that made the difference.
  6. PSA: Radial Ramp air intakes give Junos turbo mode.
  7. I made this on accident today and thought id submit it. Note, check the altimeter. This was done at over 9000 meters. The intake i used generated the high performance at high altitude. Its also very pretty
  8. Installed mod, dependencies, and a set of configs for stock parts but i get no texture loading at space center. Parts load fine in hangar, but preview are nonexistent. Cannot launch a craft, black screen. no textures. I can here sounds and can move around (based on instruments) but no textures. Did i do something wrong or is the mod just not 1.4.4 compatible Note: Tried on DX11 and OpenGL. same result both times.
  9. I ran into the same problem with the landing gear. The only way i could make my plane support its own weight was to offset the gear far bellow the fuselage just so that it would clear the engines
  10. @EvenFlow We'll have to have a triple seven battle
  11. My Smallest Turbo to date. Fully stock, no aero modifications, 2 Blowers
  12. Look at little dude go! TurbooooooPowerrrrrrr
  13. @Kronus_Aerospace Your a madman i tell you. Definitely the most impressive creation i've ever seen based on shear size alone, nevermind that it's a actual flying turboprop on top of that. @PaperAviator That B-2 is beautiful! I admire your work greatly.