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  1. I am in need of a tutorial on the Breaking Ground Propellers for the Complete Moron. I mean I have been playing around with these but I don't know drek on how to get these <CENSORED> to work and it is really <CENSORED> me off. Where do I start? How do I get something that will power an aircraft and allow me to fly? What do I need to accomplish this? I'm completely clueless and getting pretty angry over it. KSP community, you are my only hope...
  2. Cool, I see the individual mods are done but the big USI Constellation has yet to be updated.
  3. I also noticed this issue after installing Breaking Ground when I put up a ground science station by the KSP monolith. After time warping, I can see the the counter for screen messages in the upper right corner of the screen just start to climb and the game performance takes a nosedive--since I'm on older hardware, it is really noticeable. The only mods I have installed at the moment are Missing History (1.7.3) and Module Manager (4.0.2). KSP 1.7.2594 (WindowsPlayer 64) en-us Making History 1.7.1 Breaking Ground 1.2.0 Running Windows 10 on a Dell N5110 with 8GB of RA
  4. I think that KAS has been updated but not sure if KIS was updated as well. But that's good to hear.I should grab the constellation and start adding things.
  5. @RoverDude I thought you were busy with the DLC and that's why the USI Constellation hadn't been updated. I was finally able to get Breaking Ground yesterday so I am just now exploring things. If it is not covered by a NDA, what did you work on in this latest expansion pack? I have been missing all of your wonderful mods so I look forward to when you will be able to get them updated for the current release--the fact that your day job of developing for the game kept you busy is quite understandable and you improving the game is quite worth my having to wait for a USI update.. The USI constel
  6. Cool. that is good to know. Are there any good tutorials on playing with this anywhere?
  7. Ok, I've not had to fiddle with things in the game this deeply. How/where do I add or insert this?
  8. OK, I guess I panicked a bit since the main booster I'm using in my save depends on TweakScale. It has certainly proved to be an extraordinarily useful mod for me.
  9. I'll give that a try when i put one together. i was planning on building one soon--perhaps today. If I'm still having troubles, I'll let you guys know.. Thanks! --- Update: Ok that makes life much easier. I think I need a new command cheat sheet. Does anyone know of a current one that can be easily printed?
  10. I don't know if this has been mentioned but while I absolutely love this rover, trying to attach the wheels is a difficult task. They just don't want to snap into place and I do find that to be a point of frustration in what is otherwise a stellar mod. I muddle through since the results are worth it but I wonder if it is something that you could fix? I have Parkinson's so sometimes trying to keep my hands steady while I attach thing can be a bigger challenge.
  11. Please forgive me if this has been asked to death but if I understand things correctly, Regolith is now part of the stock code? If so, can I delete the Regolith folder in mt GameData directory so that the AVC will stop nagging me about it and still have all of your wonderful mods--and other's as well--work?

    1. thesmokindeist


      Ok, I guess it does work without Regolith. I reinstalled all of my mods and i noticed that Regolith was not in your constellation.

  12. Wow, not only are you bringing it back, but it's sounding like we may actually get a superior ship out of it. Are there plans for different center modules sometime in the future or is that just asking for too much?
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