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  1. Is there a way to make flaps and spoilers compatible with FAR-s flap and spoiler commands, primarily because of IVA flaps levers compatible with far
  2. Where are VOR-s and other navaids being defined, is there a config file or if there isnt how easy it would be to make one? I was thinking about adding navaids to Kerbinside runways and marking them on a chart. Its for a airplane centered modpack and challenge im working on.
  3. Here is my take at this: Not jet armed but nearly finished, so i will really appreciate any feedback. see G-5Xa on KerbalX.com Cruising speeds:(may speeds at 5000m not 100% corect) No-afterburner Afterburner 5000m 1.4 1.8 10000m 1.8 2.8 Has no problem puling 9 and 6 G pitch aceleration.
  4. Ist not just nodes KSP 1.1.x broke dll-s and there is a lot of kraken. so without major code re-wright it wont work.
  5. Hi, I have a mod "Boat Parts" made for KSP 0.9. I have tested it in KSP 1.1.2 and everything works except for plugins (the *.dll things). So my question is what is easiest way to make that mod work again. I have very good knowledge of programing so i could go and rewrite his whole code, but i am interested if there is an easier way. Thanks in advance.
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