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  1. Loving these show and tell videos! Can't wait until KSP 2 comes out!!!
  2. holy excrements i can't i am crying right now oh my god.
  3. isn't that just Iapetus? tho it's pretty cool.
  4. I am pretty reassured and glad to hear this, wish the team the best luck!
  5. And another video, not fully KSP but pretty epic.
  6. Sweet return to KSP cinematics after a long multi-month hiatus, I have more in store coming soon!
  7. First time i saw it, was through an early trailer or teaser of the game back in 2013, so i didn't give it much attention as i dismissed it for some reason, second was when i started playing Jundroo's SimpleRockets 1 on my old Ipod, i saw it in the recommended list IIRC, It looked familiar to me, and i installed the demo of it on my crappy laptop and after a while i forgot it even existed on my Craptop, and then, one day in 2015, I Was scrolling through my YouTube feed, And I used to watch a lot of Jackesepticeye game-play videos, and then i saw his first KSP episode, i watched it, and i really fell in love with the game, and a few months later i discovered steam gift cards existed as i also had no Credit or Debit card to buy any online stuff on my own, and i immediately hurried to my closest game-stop rip-off store to find one, and as soon as i got back, i bought the game and installed it, was kinda disappointed that i had 10 fps at first, but the amount of enjoyment and fun i got made me forget about that. Now, i couldn't be more happier with my new system and KSP's 2 announcement.
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