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  1. First time i saw it, was through an early trailer or teaser of the game back in 2013, so i didn't give it much attention as i dismissed it for some reason, second was when i started playing Jundroo's SimpleRockets 1 on my old Ipod, i saw it in the recommended list IIRC, It looked familiar to me, and i installed the demo of it on my crappy laptop and after a while i forgot it even existed on my Craptop, and then, one day in 2015, I Was scrolling through my YouTube feed, And I used to watch a lot of Jackesepticeye game-play videos, and then i saw his first KSP episode, i watched it, and i really fell in love with the game, and a few months later i discovered steam gift cards existed as i also had no Credit or Debit card to buy any online stuff on my own, and i immediately hurried to my closest game-stop rip-off store to find one, and as soon as i got back, i bought the game and installed it, was kinda disappointed that i had 10 fps at first, but the amount of enjoyment and fun i got made me forget about that. Now, i couldn't be more happier with my new system and KSP's 2 announcement.
  2. Will KSP 2 have multi-threaded/multi-core support?
  3. How badly optimised the game is, and that it is only single threaded support.
  4. The issue Gameslinx is reporting can be confirmed by me, and a few other people, looking at their screenshots, i am going to provide some context and details here. This shortly occured after installing BH, I also asked Gameslinx, and he informed me it was on Scatterer's end this was confirmed when i deleted Scatterer, it went away i reverted 1 version before the latest release, 0.054, to 0.053, and that also seemed to fix nothing, i had to delete scatterer in order to fix it, I reinstalled both BH and Scatterer and i no longer know what to do. I restored Nvidia settings, resetted KSP settings.Turned off anti aliasing in both NVIDIA's control panel and KSP. One thing that i have noticed is that it only occurs when i am looking at bright objects or if the exposure changes dramatically it also appears on my spacecraft and not just the background. One person asked me to run the game on DX11, and i did that, then i also did that to OpenGL, and nothing happened. I turned off the supersampling settings for screenshots aswell in configs, just to see if it does anything, nothing again. They appear all the time even if i am not taking screenshots, most notably when i am in the tracking station or in flight and when exposure changes. -my mod-list just in case it's relevant- I've tried replacing Beyond home's config with AVP's one, aswell as deleting Rhode's file, nothing fixed. Also, after looking at some screenshots, it seems this appears in all BH installs it depends on your screen resolution and colour accuracy how visible they are. On Gameslinx's case, he says he also gets them, but they're very faint in his screen. this issue seems to not occur on other mods but BH, i am suspecting this might be part of scatterer's config with BH. I've contacted both BH and AVP modmakers, and they both have no clue on what might be causing this other than scatterer. Here's my log incase you need it. KSP.log My settings settings.cfg We will be waiting for you response.
  5. Made a little E:D sky-box after creating a giant panoramic mosaic in-game, this is my first sky-box, feel free to use it, modify it, and share it around. Skybox Download link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/g8rre9leiqvzoed/ED Skybox.zip?dl=0 Equirectangular Form : https://www.dropbox.com/s/qraaxdw3puix59t/big boi.png?dl=0 It functions with both SigmaReplacements and Texturereplacer. Image gallery, imgur https://imgur.com/a/Poo2aFx
  6. My Apollo 11 50th Anniversary tribute in KSP, I hope you enjoy.
  7. My newest KSP film, Luna. will take a while to process at 4k Also has IMDb page now, so you can all rate it! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10654582/?ref_=ttexst_exst_tt
  8. This looks very beautiful, holy excrements. I can't wait to try it.
  9. I cannot either confirm or deny that, keep your tinfoil hats on!
  10. Wow, will definitely be checking out this one!, Hope the best for you!