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  1. KSPFanatic102

    [Kopernicus] Interstellar Consortium

    Nice idea, looking forward to seeing it finished.
  2. Does this mod work with 1.4.5
  3. Wow, thanks for your super fast response, i will go ahead and try that to see what happens.
  4. @CobaltWolf Great mod!, i love using it in all my builds!, but i have been encountering a slight bug with your boosters recently, whenever i use your 1.875m boosters, even without starting the boosters or igniting them, they cause a rocket plume effect that makes them look like they are running, (no i don't have realplume installed), while they cause no thrust, it looks extremely weird and annoying that they are running while i haven't ignited them, they even keep running whenever the solid rocket fuel is done after igniting them and i am confused to whether they are done or not and if i should separate them, would you like to investigate this? Pictures https://imgur.com/a/PGSKmZo my installed mods and gamedata folder https://imgur.com/a/mNhjxKa I am currently running KSP 1.4.5 with the making history DLC.
  5. KSPFanatic102

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    will TURD work in 1.5.1 or is it still in progress
  6. KSPFanatic102

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    Can you add support for 5m parts and Making History DLC parts?
  7. KSPFanatic102

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    Installed the latest version of TU, and yes, the TURD folders are there, https://imgur.com/a/yShrzT4 After loading up, holy excrements it works https://imgur.com/a/U86pSTZ Thanks alot!!!
  8. KSPFanatic102

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    Until a solution is found, i will just revert back to Dx9 and resinstall the mods, keep me updated.
  9. KSPFanatic102

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    Reinstalled TURD, got that fix from Electrocutor's thread the blue icons are fixed, but i am still getting that **not found** error and the default option, and the GUI information is still missing, and i am still stuck in the menu, because close stops working for some reason. https://imgur.com/a/rH3RlWH
  10. KSPFanatic102

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    Downloaded the fix, going to reinstall TURD just incase.
  11. KSPFanatic102

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    you can see the link up in previous post, anyways, removed the config just like you said, forced dx11, and i loaded in the game with blue thumbnails, and the **not found** textures with the broken GUI again. https://imgur.com/a/0F64ARG (EDIT : Running opengl crashes just the same way as before, and doesn't let me go further in the load than 2 seconds, then crashes my game) Opengl crash log:
  12. KSPFanatic102

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    its a TU config for stock parts, required to run TU, or atleast my game requires it. https://spacedock.info/mod/1841/Textures Unlimited Default Stock Config - Unofficial
  13. KSPFanatic102

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    Yes, but i have deleted all GEMFX files in my KSP folder, also, i forced opengl, and i got to the load for 2 seconds then the game crashed. @Chimichanga
  14. KSPFanatic102

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    so i took out everything from the gamedata folder except for TU and TURD files, https://imgur.com/5JnfYXW forced dx11, the game didn't crash, Launched the game, and i am greeted to this https://imgur.com/aoIaHFn , https://imgur.com/GGgOhij , https://imgur.com/oRoHR53. gonna try forcing opengl, see if that does anything.
  15. KSPFanatic102

    [1.4.3/5] Darwin IV system Mod