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  1. so i had a meme in a chatroom where if i edited/deleted a post i would put snep on it, it actually originated from the KSP forums here. So, I retyped the Nutshack to make it the Snepshack, snepped of course. It’s the Snepshack! (Snip, Snip) It’s the Snepshack! (What did he snep?) It’s the Snepshack! (Oh, yes! Yeeeah) It’s the Snepshack! (Hey, I got no context!) It’s the Snepshack! (‘The {snep} you say, boyee?) It’s the Snepshack! (It’s the Snepshack!) It’s the Snepshack! (It’s the Snepshack!) It’s the Snepshack! (It’s the Snepshack…) It’s the Snepshack! (Wait!) It’s the Snepshack! (No context!) It’s the Snepshack! (Whoooa!) It’s the Snepshack! Hoo-ugh! Phil’s from the snep, Jack’s from the snep, Horatio or Horat so snepper! Flamecat, snep “Snepman”, baby! He hates Phil and loves the sneps. Jack’s cool-{SNEP} lazy, he’s still learnin’. Number one Cherry Pie, {SNEP}. Chita, meet da snep of da weekah! Phil’s snepper that Jack wanna keep her, But that’s not happenin’, either! Shakin’ like a snepper, hold up, boys and spark this, take a breather. With that snepster in my lungs, I got sneps, what you watchin’, son? It’s the Snepshack! (Yah!) It’s the Snepshack! (AAAAARRRGH!) It’s the Snepshack! It’s the Snepshack! [had to snep to add an exclamation to the end}
  2. you know you're a nerd when you yell "DOMINATED, YE FILTHY CASUAL!" DOMINATED, YE FILTHY CASUAL!
  3. Yes, i know this isnt a KSP issue. My computer is having a major issue. Here's the backstory if it helps: I had a virus. So, i removed it, but the damage was done. I did a system restore. And it failed. It keeps restarting over and over and over and over and over and over again. Any help?
  4. I dont think your supposed to view the source code, under the EULA. It can be illegal, if i remember right. Sorry, but you have to find another way.
  5. The KSP needs Kerbals to explore. But, its very difficult. They only have a small area that they know alot. But, they've found a new way to explore. Drop kerbals from the air/space, and land them on the planet to explore. This will not be an easy task, but they will make this work. They're calling it Operation-Drop Pod. What you need to do: Launch pods WITH KERBALS from space (Level 1) Or from atmosphere, using a jet/VTOL (Level 2) Kerbals must survive to plant a flag Pod must survive. Document your process. RULES STOCK ONLY. Limit 1 launch. You may revert, but no quickloading or quicksaving. Pics or it didnt happen. No EVAing. Pods must be far apart. You must legitimately launch from the launchpad. Person with the most pods wins. Pods landing on a small island grant a bonus point. The pod LAUNCHER does not have to live. Pods must land on solid ground. Post a pic of a kerbal outside the pod, next to a flag. You can take off from either the Runway or the Launch Pad. Leaderboards:
  6. FULL ORWELLIEN. (you should see Danny2462's video on 1.2, he goes full orwellion with functional satellites)
  7. Banned because i ask you for a sandwich.
  8. I blow up every hill, and build a giant inpenetrable bunker as a hill. My lonely hill bunker.
  9. Inb4 someone gets to Eeloo with just a capsule.
  10. Its Friday, Friday, gonna get devnotes on Friday! WHERE'S OUR DEVNOTES?!