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  1. I agree completely. I myself was quite disappointed with v1.3 of KSP, especially because of the very limited number of languages they added. IMHO, they missed several important ones. For example, I've got some friends who'd like to try out KSP, but they lack the required knowledge of English. There are a lot of KSP players here and potentially even a lot more - if they just supported German. Sadley, they don't. For me, it doesn't make any difference - so I have nothing to gain with v1.3, but a lot to loose (compatiibility, at least until all mods have been ported to it). I really hoped they'd work on something else for v1.3, but just some languages... :-( sfhq/Mark
  2. Hi again, you're really doing a great job at supporting RP-0. Since my last reply, I've been able to add some interesting of the "suggested" mods and KSP is still running. Regarding CKAN, I have to revoke my previous statement: CKAN DOES proper version checking and is QUITE ABLE to install an older version if needed by KSP. But it depends on the CORRECT METADATA to be provided by the package author. I just installed some stuff using CKAN again and I watched for that metadata information. If multiple mod versions are included in the metadata with different values of supported KSP versions, CKAN usually picks the right mod version, NOT always just the latest. CKAN knows of 3 states: ideal version, compatible version, incompatible version, color-coded in the metadata display list. So I guess, there is at least one, maybe more mods required by RP-0 that do not carry along the correct metadata information. This obviously is why the CKAN mod installation crashes KSP afterwards. Just thought you should know. sfhq/Mark
  3. Hi, it took quite a while and wasn't fun at all, but after a lot of searching, I managed to downgrade all mods including binaries (.dll files) to a version compatible with KSP v1.2.2. It now launches with all requirements of RP-0. To make it even more confusing, KSP version requirements displayed by CKAN do not always match the real requirements by the mods. So I had to look at all this information manually and some files were quite hard to find. I very much like content availible at spacedock.info, as they also offer all old versions, this greatly helps. Some mod authors also keep (at least some) older versions availible, but not all. Thanks to Phineas Freak and TheRagingIrishman for all attempts at helping me, it's much appreciated. sfhq/Mark
  4. Oh-oh. I always assumed that CKAN watches for dependencies as carefully as the original CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, name-giver to CKAN) does, including the required versions, but obviously, it doesn't. Looking at the CKAN main sceen, about the half of the mods are already compiled for KSP v1.3.x. So I guess I have to downgrade all of them? I already downgraded Magico's stuff (I took his v1.2.2 compatible versions from another v1.2.2 mod installation) and CBK, but I'm still getting these crashes. Slightly crestfallen sfhq/Mark
  5. Thanks for the prompt reply, I was quite sure that the stock install was OK, but in fact, the Squad folder inside GameData folder wasn't. So I fixed that with fresh files from ksp-win64-1.2.2.zip (downloaded from Squad/KSP store), tested this "vanilla-style" install and started all over with the mods, once again, only with the minimum required components. The loading process takes much more time now and there are no more error messages, but then, the game crashes back to desktop, right as before. UPDATED LOG FILE (2017-08-03_171310) While I have quite a good understanding of KSP itself, checking modded installs isn't my area of expertise. Plus, I never had crash issues with previous modded installs (KSP-with-TACLS / KSP-with-Kerbalism), they all work fine with v1.2.2. I really hope this RP-0 issue can be resolved, now that GameData/Squad is ok. I'm quite eager to try this out. sfhq / Mark
  6. Hi rsparkyc, hi to everyone else! Being quite happy that there's now a way to run RP-0 on KSP v1.2.2, I created an additional copy of KSP just for RP-0. First I completely cleaned the install from everything that might interfere, so only the content of a fresh install remained. Then I followed Scott Manley's most recent video tutorial to install RP-0. Being careful, I skipped everything that is not mandatory for the installation, so I installed RP-0 using CKAN without any additional suggestions (but I took a screenshot there, so I can add those later) and scatterer v0.0300 from the scatterer download site as shown by Scott. When launching KSP v1.2.2 (64bit on Windows), it takes quite some time to load, but that's ok. Then module manager reports one error: 1 error related to GameData/RP-0/PartHacks.cfg The next moment, KSP crashes and returns me to the desktop. In fact, that happens so fast I couldn't read that error message the first time, I had to do a quick screen capture to read it and copy it down here. Log files Any ideas? Thanks a lot in advance! Yours sfhq / Mark
  7. Confirmed here! Just started a fresh KSP v1.2.2 career game with KCT build 12 and I'm having the same issues.
  8. Hi folks, I'm currently experiencing a strange problem when running KSP v1.2.2 64bit on Windows with Kerbalism installed. My mod configuration: KSP-AVC KerbalEngineerRedux Kerbalism xScience ModuleManager PlanetShine PlanetShine-Config-Default MagiCore StageRecovery (installed and updated by CKAN, all up-to-date for KSP v1.2.2, no more updates availible) Does anyone have a similar mod config causing trouble with Kerbalism? My problem is: First, Kerbalism runs fine. After playing for a while, especially when recovering a vessel and launching a new one, Kerbalism often (if not most of the time) looses track of the active vessels, showing no vessels at all in it's own menu, it's just blank as if there weren't any vessels. Only way to recover from this situation seems to be restarting KSP. When the problem occurs, no more resource usage is calculated by Kerbalism, it's a bit like cheating, 'cause food and oxygen last forever, even if you've got only tiny amounts aboard. @ShotgunNinja If you need more information, please tell me. I'll try to provide all you need for debugging. But perhaps the problem is already known? Mark
  9. @leomike Wow, that looks interesting! I guess I should try that out. Sadly it's time to sleep now, so I'll try later. Thanks for your efforts. Mark/sfhq
  10. @ShotgunNinja I came back to this forum thread again to suggest a function that allows for oxygen recycling using the greenhouse, as it seems only natural that the plants would consume CO2 and produce O2, the same way it works on earth. Then I saw that @stellarator already mentioned that idea, so I would like to take the chance to push that idea forwards, giving it a +1! Keep up your good work. I'm really enjoying this mod. Yours Mark / sfhq "KISS Mk4" brought up into Kerbin orbit in one piece (in career mode) (Mods: Kerbalism, For Science, Kerbal Construction Time, Kerbal Engineer Redux, StageRecovery)
  11. Updated, checked, works fine! Thanks a lot!
  12. Wow, that was a quick response and fix! Great! Will update and test ASAP.
  13. @ShotgunNinja Hi ShotgunNinja, I'm currently trying out Kerbalism instead of my usual TAC Life Support and RemoteTech setup, as RemoteTech is suffering from precision problems due to insufficiencies at the current state of KSP 1.1.x. Since the latest update to Kerbalism (v1.0.1), which I installed using CKAN (including the default profile), I noticed that rescue missions do not work correctly. I'm not using RealFuel, but Kerbalism keeps adding Hydrazine to any vessel in distress waiting for a rescue mission. However it does not add any MonoPropellant. When the Kerbal inside leaves the vessel to transfer to the rescue ship by EVA suit, Kerbalism warns that there is no MonoPropellant available and that the Kerbal should not let go of the ladder. The only fuel resource displayed for that unfortunate Kerbal is the empty EVA MonoPropellant reservoir. The problem can be circumvented by editing the save file (adding MonoPropellant to the vessel where Hydrazine is present), but I'm sure that is not what you intended. Thought I should let you know. Yours Mark
  14. As you can see, the long tanks are in Supersonic Flight, and the short tanks are in High Altitude Flight. Tech { id = supersonicFlight state = Available cost = 160 part = wingStrake part = structuralWing part = mk2Cockpit.Standard part = turboJet part = mk2.1m.Bicoupler part = mk2SpacePlaneAdapter part = mk2FuselageShortLFO part = mk2FuselageShortLiquid part = mk2CargoBayS } Tech { id = highAltitudeFlight state = Available cost = 300 part = IntakeRadialLong part = ramAirIntake part = mk2Cockpit.Inline part = adapterSize2-Mk2 part = mk2.1m.AdapterLong part = mk2FuselageLongLFO part = mk2Fuselage part = mk2FuselageShortMono part = MK1IntakeFuselage part = structuralPylon part = mk2CargoBayL part = mk2CrewCabin part = mk2DockingPort } This time the short tanks are in Supersonic Flight, and the long tanks are in High Altitude Flight. { id = supersonicFlight state = Available cost = 160 part = nacelleBody part = ramAirIntake part = elevon2 part = elevon3 part = wingStrake part = mk2Cockpit.Standard part = adapterSize2-Size1 part = mk2SpacePlaneAdapter part = mk2FuselageLongLFO part = mk2Fuselage part = mk2CargoBayL part = structuralWing part = turboJet part = mk2.1m.Bicoupler part = mk2FuselageShortLFO part = mk2FuselageShortLiquid part = mk2CargoBayS } Tech { id = highAltitudeFlight state = Available cost = 300 part = IntakeRadialLong part = wingConnector5 part = delta.small part = structuralWing3 part = mk2Cockpit.Inline part = turboFanEngine part = mk2FuselageShortLFO part = mk2FuselageShortLiquid part = mk2FuselageShortMono part = smallHardpoint part = ramAirIntake part = adapterSize2-Mk2 part = mk2.1m.AdapterLong part = mk2FuselageLongLFO part = mk2Fuselage part = MK1IntakeFuselage part = structuralPylon part = mk2CargoBayL part = mk2CrewCabin part = mk2DockingPort } Bit of a mess isn't it? So what happened and why? What happened is that the 1.0.4 save was updated with any new stuff and changes to 1.0.5, so while the tanks are definitely in the right place as intended, they are also shown in the old node because that's what is in the persistent.sfs, it's a known issue but a minor one. Why this happens is simple enough, to avoid breaking players saves nothing is removed, as it can have an adverse effect on existing vessels using these parts, but because they are in a new node you need to research them again, this is a really small inconvenience compared to having your craft deleted in flight. Once you have researched the parts again feel free to edit them out of the old node, but do back up your save first. Tech tree addons can cause the same issue, so their makers recommend you start a new career when using their changes. As for a bugfix for this, sorry but it's extremely unlikely, as it's not worth the risk of breaking everyone's savefile just to tidy up a few errant and harmless entries in R&D. I hope this helps to clear things up for you Hi, thanks for the explanation. I'm a KSP player, not a developer, so usually I do not care, WHAT is stored HOW in any file. I just want to play the way I used to. So if an update can be harmful to an existing career game or cause unexpected game behavior, a warning notice would be nice, including possible issues that might occur. One might wonder, why the tech tree has been edited at all, especially at the beginning or middle of the career ladder. I would expect changes to happen at the end (on the high-tech nodes) to improve the endgame gameplay, but not careless editing where it affects lots of players for such - in my personal opinion - minor, quite useless changes. Just my 2 cents... Mark
  15. Hi Claw! I'm afraid you're mistaken, but I think I've found the true cause of the problem: The aforementioned parts are part of "supersonic flight" AND part of "high-altitude flight"! So this IS a bug. They can't be in both sections at the same time, that does not make any sense! See here: Bugfix, please! (Time for another build....) Cheers, Mark