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Found 2 results

  1. Interstellar Fuel Switch (IFS) is meant for players and makers which want to add resource/mesh/texture switching to their tanks but it also applies a script to all stock Fuel tanks allowing you to switch between a few common resources Interstellar Fuel Switch offers improved versions of FSFuelSwitch, FSMeshSwitch and FSTextureSwitch, FSTextureSwitch2 and FSinfoPopup made by Snjo. Features: - Improved persistence in VAB and in Flight - Improved Multiple texture switching - Improved Initialization - Improved scaling with Tweakscale - Improved in flight switching behavior - Improved tank cost calculation which compensates for resource cost - Improved integration with tech tree - Improved GUI (switching between resouces) - Improved Display (showing remaining resource in mass) - Improved In flight switching (only allows switching after the tanks are empty and tech requirement are met) - Improved Real Solar System support - Improved stock LFO IFS tanks If you want to chat about IFS you can do it at our KSP Interstellar Discord Server Latest Version 3.29.4 for Kerbal Space Program 1.8.1 - 1.11.2 Download older versions from here source: GitHub Dependancies Tweakscale ( 999_Scale_Redist.dll only) Module Manager Help For clarification, this is what a typical Interstellar Fuel Switch looks like Explanation of fields: The latest release introduced a new Module named "AnimatedContainerContent": MODULE { name = AnimatedContainerContent animationName = exampleAnim // Name of the animation resourceName = Ore // Name of the Resource to link with the animation animationExponent = 1 // Exponent. How is the animation related to the resource (normal 1; quadratic 2; qubic 3; ...) maximumRatio = 1 // How far does the animation play with the resource. (0.5: at 50% resource the animation is at the last frame.) } What does it? This Module allows you to link an animation with the amount of stored resources on a part. Now we can visualize the tank-status directly on the model. Details on how the resources are linked Without the "resourceName" node defined all resources stored in the part will be taken into account, except resources without mass (EC, Megajoule). This is very usefull for tanks that hold 2 fuels at the same time or use FuelSwitch setups with lots of different setups. Examples One example is the IFS Inflatable Storage Tank that uses this module. As shown in the picture below, the spherical tank grows with the amount of stored Air. This is an example that uses "maximumRatio = 0.5". When the tank is half full, the sphere has reached its max volume (end of the animation) and filling the tank further is not animated anymore. To animate pressurized gas tanks for example. An example with bars indicating the amount of fuel can be found on most of the new tanks. You'll notice some blue (or red) little bars that show how much content the tank currently holds (blue=full, red=empty). I hope this explanation is somewhat useful and you guys have as much fun with it as I did. Happy modding! Credits Original Source: Snjo Programming: FreeThinker Storage containers & Scripting: @Eleusis La Arwall Retexturing: @silversliver Inline Inflatable Liquid Cryo Tank: @SpaceMouse Wrapper tank: @Enceos License: Sourcecode: GitHub Known Mods that make use of InterstellarFuelSwitch NectroBones Fuel Tanks Plus Mark IV Spaceplane System If you which to use this in you mod, please include the InterstellarFuelSwitch Folder in your mod, and notify me. Please leave a comment if you like it. Support & Recommendations: CKAN PatchManager Changelog:
  2. B9 Part Switch About B9 Part Switch is a plugin that allows mods to make parts switchable, similar to Firespitter and Interstallar fuel switchers. This mod doesn't do anything by itself, but provides a way for other mods to enable switching. Features Parts can switch their resources, models, stack nodes, textures, heat tolerance, surface attach position, crash tolerance, and many other fields Mass and cost can be modified Tanks used to switch resources are defined centrally to allow easy modification and minimal setup Easy to read, easy to write configs Configs are designed for easy patching by ModuleManager Unlimited switchers can be defined on the same part, provided that they do not conflict Download Download Latest Version from Github Also available on CKAN Latest development builds can be found here. Please only download if you have a specific reason. Development builds are not guaranteed to work. Troubleshooting If you are experiencing an issue, please read this topic, if you have not already, on how to get proper support. Incomplete support requests will not be processed. Most importantly, include logs. Source On Github Requirements Each release of B9PartSwitch is intended to be run with a particular version of KSP. Please only use that version. If you have an earlier version of KSP, find the correct download for that version. All previous releases are listed here. B9PartSwitch requires ModuleManager to work. Documentation Wiki in progress. Feel free to contribute. Changelog On the wiki License B9PartSwitch is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3.0 Authors @blowfish Main developer @bac9 author of Part Subtype Switcher, upon which this is heavily based And all others who have submitted fixes and enhancements
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