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  1. Hey, I used to use the PartCatalog mod, and I really liked its layout. Is there a way to make this work in the same way (as in a button for each mod/mod folder)?
  2. Thanks! Now, two questions: one, is the AI supposed to try to attack me? It's not! And two, any chance you are working on getting AI to spawn without having to launch it manually, BD?
  3. How do you make AI flights stay when going back to the SPH to launch the plane you want to fly?
  4. Crzyrndm, would it be possible for you to make a version where all those filters in the leftmost pane (function, module, etc) are removed and we're left with only the mods' icons (in a similar fashion to PartCatalog)? I loved the workflow of PartCatalog, but the author won't be making new versions anymore. Your mod could be the perfect alternative!
  5. Are there different FX for different surfaces? Such as red dust in Duna, gray dust on the Mun and so on?
  6. Is there a way to make the KE window not open everytime I launch a new craft or load a save?
  7. Isn't Karbonite a more polished version of Kethane, with more features and a much less restrictive license? I don't see how anyone will need Kethane anymore. Unless green is your favourite color.
  8. Anyone can download the pack and make a ready-to-use version, but the point of releasing all the source files isn't for people who just want to test it, more for people who want to mess with the mod itself. Sorry.
  9. Hey, mates. Here's all the files related to this project. If you are interested in helping or just using it yourself as it is (not recommended!) go nuts. License: do whatever you want as long as you give credit (to cBBp especially) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1417259/Project%20Blackfish%20stuff%20for%20public.rar
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