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  1. I answered "plane landing", but my worst is plane design. I'm still very not good at it. At all. My least favorite thing to do, so I (usually) don't.
  2. "The nav ball should be showing you the horizon in front of the vehicle, not the sky." Thanks for this. Perfect way to visualize it.
  3. Still playing 1.3.1, 'cause you know, mods, but enough mods have been updated enough for me to give 1.4.1 a try. First impressions: 1. So far, so good. But: 2. When playing at a lower resolution than my desktop, which I do 'cause my PC is an old clunker, things are fuzzy, including text, which is downright blurry (Unity update? Is it still necessary to force d3d11? I am forcing it.) 3. The first, smallest little space engine that one gets (can't recall name) seems underpowered, or the physics have changed, or something. Had a devil of a time achieving orbit, had to give up on one of the gravity turn mods, and do it myself. I don't believe it's the fault of the mod, either. Something's just.....different. Fins are different, too. Or something. 4. Boy, do I miss KER My fave, not nagging, I know it'll be updated. Other than that, enjoying the new colors, effects, and sounds. By Summer I prolly won't even miss 1.3.1. Peace.
  4. Hi everyone, KSP 1.2 crashed on me for the first time a little bit ago; it generated a dated folder and said it would be "nice" if I sent it to the developer. I wanna be nice! Can anyone tell me where to send it? Thanks.
  5. I'd like to give "attaboys" to nightingale, severedsolo, & DBT85 for giving me a completely fresh playthru of 1.2. See, I had my opening career strategy lined up like steps: 1,2,3, etc. In my current game, which I'm about to start over, I'm ready to do a Mun fly-by, and oops, overweight, gotta upgrade the launchpad. Oops, where's all them megabux I always had before? I'm broke! But I have some highly trained Kerbals! Time to pay closer attention to finances. Thanks everybody!
  6. Hi everyone, I haven't used CC in awhile. I loaded it & a few Contract packs up, first game I get the yellow warnings. Is this anything to be concerned about or easily rectifiable with a config file edit? Thanks in advance.
  7. I disabled the ocean shader as blackrack suggested; the performance is quite acceptable (if it lags too bad during a critical time, I just look up life is full of compromises) and it's still gorgeous, even with low res clouds (from SVE). Thanks very much blackrack.
  8. Thanks! I'll try that. I do use the dx11 switch; seems to lessen the memory impact, as advertised. I have (get ready ) an AMD Athlon II X2 250 @ 3 GHz and an AMD Radeon HD 5570 with 1 GB video memory; running KSP @ 1600 by 900 rez.
  9. I absolutely love Scatterer, the atmospheric & especially the ocean effects. But my poor little ol' PC/graphics card is running at it's (acceptable frame rate) limit with SVE LR 1.1.4, Distant objects, & Planetshine. Scatterer looks great, but pushes my system just over the line. Could anyone give me suggestions on what edits or fixes I could make to Scatterer to enjoy some of the effects, but be lighter on my system? I would appreciate it, and post any system particulars if it would help. I apologize if this the wrong place to ask.
  10. Could someone please explain how to get the mod buttons you wish to show up on the stock app launcher? The button that alerts you to science to be done ([x] Science mod) was replaced after installing a couple of mods, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to get it back. Edit: found the answer on the last page of Contract Configurator's thread.
  11. Hi, is 1.2 using openGL or d3d9/11 by default? (Windows 7) I have a system that most would consider minimal, but KSP runs/looks fine, until I add Scatterer. My AMD Radeon HD 5570 has had driver issues displaying openGL in the past (fault of the drivers, I'm pretty sure), but KSP looks great & runs acceptably well, just slows down when I add Scatterer. I'm trying to decide whether to force dx11, or whatever (to maximize performance & aesthetics).
  12. Nope, my main problem at the time of the op was the thing bouncing/swerving all over the place, then crashing in a fireball (twitchy). But I stuck with it and at least fulfilled that particular contract. Thing was nose-heavy tho. But fast!
  13. I'm glad you realized it was sarcasm; well mebbe a bit of irritability as well. I can launch spacecraft in very short order with each new version of KSP, but I have to re-learn planes each time. I didn't give up, things are much better now, and even tho I said I didn't want help, dang if I didn't get tons of it from this here fine community. Thanks to all who commented; now you all know why I have very few comments on here.
  14. Ok, I loathed airplanes in KSP before, but after following helpful hints from Scott Manley et al., I've always been able to do the (required) career flights, then go back to spaceflight. In 1.2, I can't get the darn things off the ground. And please don't take this the wrong way, it's not that I'm asking for help; I don't want help. I want airplanes in KSP (notice the middle initial; it stands for space) to die. Horribly. In flames, like mine do. Good natured (honestly ) rant over. I love this game, and I will just launch spacecraft from now on. Peace. Unless you're an airplane.
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