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  1. I love this mod, I've been using it for not too long yet and I see great performance on my pc. Visually it is simpler than astronomer or andromeda, closer to Eve but with more pleasing cloud textures in Kerbin.
  2. Spin

    [1.3.0] Andromeda Visuals: Daydream [0.3.5]

    Hi, I would like to achieve that regardless of the altitude the scatterer would show Kerbin as in the second image. That is, without needing to move the camera away from the rocket orbiting the planet would look as nice as when I moved away much of it. Is there any option of the scatterer that can modify it? Sorry for my English
  3. Works great, looks great and performance is remarkable but until blackrack does not update its mod it keeps the terrain bug.
  4. Spin

    [1.3.0] Andromeda Visuals: Daydream [0.3.5]

    Thank you very much, I suspected the same with respect to the experimental version of scatterer. I'm pleasantly surprised by the performance your mod offers without implementing terrain textures yet. Thank you very much for your work.
  5. Spin

    [1.3.0] Andromeda Visuals: Daydream [0.3.5]

    I mean the atmospheric effect at dawn and dusk.
  6. Spin

    [1.3.0] Andromeda Visuals: Daydream [0.3.5]

    This mod is going great in its latest version. I would like to know if it works with the latest stable version of scatterer that implements the reddish color of the sky.
  7. Strange, a week ago made it work without problems. I even eliminated the clouds from this mod by the EVE stock to win frames leaving the spectacular terrain textures. Keep trying.
  8. Yes, I took the rover in SSTO made with Mark IV from Nertea and B9 Aerospace from blowfish. They are the stock lights of the rover.
  9. Headlights with the power of Kerbol.
  10. It is the sunrise / sunset. A new feature of scatterer and SVE
  11. Playing at 60 fps constant with SVE in 1080p and with clouds in high definition is only possible in a very small range of computers. I have a 4770K i7, 16gb ram and an nvidia 1070 gtx (msi) of 8 gb vram and only reached the 60 fps limiting my monitor when I reached Kerbin low orbit. Understanding that the rocket is remarkably heavy and with many pieces. However playing with this fantastic mod at 40 fps is great and does not detract at all. You can improve the frames by reducing the rendering distance of volumetric clouds from 10000 meters to 1000 or 1500 meters. Sorry for the grammatical errors as this is a product of the google translator.
  12. Thank you for updating this incredible mod. I have tried it lightly with ships of few pieces and the refresh rate is great. 60 frames per second constants with high resolution version. My pc hosts a 1070 gtx and a 4770k Excuse my possible grammatical errors.
  13. Thanks for the update of this great contribution.
  14. I would like to know if this vehicle has integration with Kerbalism. That happens to me to see the Martian. Update: I see that is a feature for the future.