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  1. Nice. With the asymmetric boosters it's a little easier to keep straight if you rotate the CCB tank so the side with the most boosters is on top when in flight.
  2. Good point. In that case we would need a new decoupler with a raised top node to catch the hidden node in the engine mount. We need one anyway for using Centaur in any non standard way. Like putting one under a Saturn fairing. We use the straight interstage for that now but it's ugly in that role.
  3. It should work. Why cant just any old decoupler be attached to the bottom of centaur, then attach the fairing adapter to that?
  4. Anyone have any feelings on this Hydrogen/Oxygen fuel cell that was proposed instead of monoprop for Apollo and Gemini? @CobaltWolf and myself are kind of on the fence on this one but leaning towards no, mainly because it's harmless, but why bother.
  5. Your first three screenshots aren't showing. "Access Denied". The MOS-PCS Pressurized Cargo Segment and MOS-UCS Unpressurized Cargo Segment are 1.875.
  6. That's already in the TACLS patch. I didn't add it to stock since water and oxygen are useless for most players. It's definitely a superior fuel cell though. That looks neat. We could add those scanners to the parts.
  7. Isn't that for general under the fairing use rather than inline like on scout? I say keep it. Do you have room left on the texture sheet for the Minotaur GCA? After playing with Minotaur 5 I think it would be useful. It gets a little tall with everything stacked on top of the PBV.
  8. The engine is correct, it's the tanks that are too big. Take some fuel out of it. It's a known issue.
  9. It looks like the stock effect ontop of the RealPlume effect. I think the ModuleEnginesFX combined with the ModuleRCSFX might be screwing it up. Other parts like this (Agena D) use ModuleEngines + ModuleRCSFX without issue. @CobaltWolf maybe we can change this and see what happens.
  10. It will not. Since it obviously makes sense, splitting it has been looked at more often than it's been requested over the past few years. No two people have ever agreed even generally on how to split things up.
  11. Not enough information on the exploding parts. The answer is usually remove mod x and the problem goes away. Nothing's changed with CryoTanks or us since I last checked if they still play nice. I'll check again but I'm guessing @Pappystein broke something tinkering :-)
  12. I was trying to avoid part names where possible because they keep changing and invalidating the guides.