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  1. JNSQ rescales the ScanSat altitudes, and that works on our parts as well. From what I can see the Mercury main chute deploys just fine even if the drogue is still blocking it. Sounds like you've got something wrong in your install. Welcome to the forums!
  2. Do you mean the Atlas tapered tank is narrower than Mercury? There's an option on the part context menu to change the top size between 0.9375 and 1.25. You want 1.25. This is true for the 1.62 release you got from Spacedock (the current stable version) and the development files on Github (not even a little stable).
  3. I think it used to be the A/B rack had a little more battery. The D total build was lighter, and the rack had a fuel cell just to make it better, because there's only so much we can do. The two racks now looks like they were both copied from the same file.
  4. I'm thinking about bumping the weak (<500K stock scale) antennas to make the vessel - sat connection more usable, and I added a relay info button to help with planning. We have a lot of weak antennas. Courier and IDCSP look about right to me. If you're rolling you're own rescale, you should scale your antennas to be antennaPower * rescale to be on the same page as everyone else. We balance on the assumption that will be the case.
  5. They look occluded. What antenna power do the Couriers have? If you're antenna ranges aren't rescaled then they're out of range of each other too. If you've got the hoop antenna on Explorer 7 then it's got about 16x the range of the Couriers.
  6. Comfortable Landing is modifying the cfg and introducing the problem in the Apollo and Gemini capsules. In GameData/ComfortableLanding/Configs/BluedogPod.cfg all the instances of eventOffName = Lights On need to be changed to eventOffName = Lights Off
  7. That would be my bet. It's easy enough to test, try not nudging it down and see what happens. PF makes an assumption that the fairing base is always at or above the bottom of the fairing sides. It makes sunken bases like those tricky.
  8. There should be a mesh toggle for the base that will raise it off the floor a little. Accelerate under minimum rcs power. Alternatively, accelerate, coast, jettison, accelerate, coast, jettison, repeat... Any difference in velocity (orbital period) will allow them to separate. It takes some time to get coverage. The higher the orbit the more time. The real constellation used several launches with over 20 satellites a little below geosynchronous altitude.
  9. I recall looking into this and I think we decided it needed help from an additional decent stage and possibly the mother ship for all but hovering to land. Historically they would be jettisoned at intervals while Transtage accelerated, and then allowed to disperse over the next few months.
  10. 1 unit of Oxidizer is equal in volume to 5 units of LH2. Add 5x the oxidizer amount to the LH2.
  11. It's because the landing gear is not "landing gear", it's a simple animated part. If I recall correctly there's a bug with animated parts where the moving portion is indestructible. You should be able get the same effect using the open doors of a service bay as landing gear.