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  1. RemoteTech came up a few pages back. You may have issues with inappropriate ranges on the deep space stuff. We balance for stock, and Sigma will adjust stock antennas in a rescale. I'm not sure what happens with RT antennas.
  2. That's pretty much it. Top to bottom it's Docking Adapter, Airlock/Fairing Module, Instrument Unit, Lab and Radiator. Don't forget to throw on some solar panels and docking ports and an antenna. Make sure you extend the solar panels in the VAB to see what they look like extended. The weirdness is the ATM. You can either launch with it attached to the forward docking port, then move it to the upper port once in orbit, or launch it separately. The ATM has fuel and a probe core so it can move itself. Remember to put some RCS thrusters on it for docking.
  3. A scene change should clear it. It's a stock bug with ModuleRCSFX that occurs when the ModuleRCSFX is on a root part and the vessel leaves physics range and returns without changing scenes. Since the Mk-1-3 has RCS now I checked with an all stock parts vessel and it happens there too, though in that case the RCS effects were always off instead of always on. Welcome to the forums!
  4. The direct takes over for the internal when it's extended. Cheat a Sienno out to Minmus and you can see for yourself. That's a battery powered probe. When the EC runs out it's dead. Yup. I think the frequently cited "balanced for 2.5x" confuses people. It's balanced against stock and the parts are 62%-ish scale like stock. 62% scale Earth rockets with stock balance play best on a 2.5x system.
  5. Need a ksp.log. One of your other mods likely has an incorrect realplume config. If you know how to read it you can identify it by searching for FOR[RealPlume] in the log.
  6. There's a file in extras that fixes a similar problem with the Titan II. I believe the Delta II tanks (EELT) were lengthened recently and should be correct. He was using some inaccurate drawings at the time as a reference for the models so you'll find little things like this all over the place if you look too close. The simplest fix is don't look too close, he'll get to it eventually. :-) Since the Scout is massively overscaled the Castor 1 from it's second stage (both inline and radial versions) have the performance numbers for a Castor 4. The Dioscuri-I 'Dziran'/'Dzira'.
  7. From the readme: Just copy Bluedog_DB_extras to GameData and delete what you don't want. There should be comments in the configs where it's not obvious what they do. These files are mostly user contributed and may or may not work or be up to date with the latest release.
  8. They do. Some other mod must be changing them. I can't tell from the screenshot what that might be.
  9. Try MODULE, not %MODULE. You can look in GameData\ModuleManager.ConfigCache and see what's actually ending up in the parts. Your error log might have clues.
  10. 1200+ m/s. Setup a Stock+BDB install so you can compare and figure out what's different.