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  1. Yes. Any part with a ModuleEngines gets bypassed by the fuel switcher patch, because the fuel is assumed to be for the engine.
  2. It's the mach number for the reentry effects. The default numbers are way low because otherwise you'd never get reentry effects in a stock system since you're moving too slow for plasma to appear. That's not really a problem in a 2.5x system so you can bump it up to more realish numbers. This is mine: @PHYSICSGLOBALS:Final { // AeroFX @aeroFXStartThermalFX = 7.3 // 2.5 @aeroFXFullThermalFX = 10 // 3.75 // Temp warnings @temperatureGaugeHighlightThreshold = 0.95 // 0.75 } Just to add about your ascent... 100x100km is kind of skimming the atmosphere. You'll have a less dramatic climb going to 150x150km. Also with very little practice you can do a direct ascent to the Mun. With tons of spare deltav for corrections burns it's especially easy.
  3. Yes. The first stage flew a fairly standard zero angle of attack gravity turn focused on gaining altitude. The second stage clawed it's way up under low acceleration, pitching up and holding a +10 to +20 degree angle of attack for most of it's flight.
  4. We have no balance rules for EC related parts other than comparing them to other similar parts. We adjust solar panels and batteries as needed so the spacecraft can accomplish it's mission. If the power requirements seem excessive from a balance standpoint we may trim down the on board science or adjust other power consumers. Keep in mind that purely battery powered probes are expected to hibernate when idle. If Kerbalism is adding additional power consumption you'll need to account for that.
  5. There's an interstage for Mercury-Atlas. That goes between Mercury and the Atlas tapered tank switched to the 1.25m top.
  6. Some things we already know: Saturn IB Apollo is still a dog. Saturn INT-21 puts about 63 tons to LEO, and Saturn V can send 35 tons on TLI, both with comfortable margins. Relative to the rest of the mod those numbers are balanced. Apollo (including the petal adapter and LES) weighs 23 tons, so that mission is a bit OP. I'm not sure what if anything we may do about that, since making Apollo heavier will hurt the Saturn IB.
  7. 10-12K is around Max Q, so your angle of attack is too high. High acceleration worsens the effect so you also might be overthrusted.
  8. This unflown Titan proposal worked out pretty well. Improved Titan (1991). It carries Titan IV class payloads with plenty or room for growth. A pair of 1205's on stage zero, and an all hydrolox 3.125m core with three LR-87-LH2 Vacuum engines on the first stage, and one on the second stage. It's pretty too!
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