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  1. @VenomousRequiem, he's got Smokescreen but not Realplumes. We'll have to fix the configs to account for that. @RYU AZUKU99, this mod doesn't include Realplumes, just configs for it. For now you can either install Realplumes or delete the files in Gamedata\Bluedog_DB\Compatability\Realplumes to get engine effects. It's a bug.
  2. Some screenshots. A Titan III/Transtage carrying a communications satellite to Keosynchronous orbit. Mods used: Harder solar system X3, Vens stock revamp, Real fuels, Real plume, Procedural fairings, Remotetech, and of course Bluedog. Exhaust damage on the second stage engine is disabled for the hot staging to work.
  3. Could we get surface attach enabled on the Agena A engine. It's begging for solar panels to hang off of it. Maybe the "SSR-625 Stack Decoupler" should be called the "SSR-1250 Stack Decoupler", since it's a 1.25 meter part.
  4. This is a set of stockalike Real Fuels configs for (I think) every liquid fuel engine in the pack. Other than Isp adjustments no parts are rebalanced so the general feel of the mod is maintained. The biggest difference is Centaur with the switch to the much less dense hydrogen fuel. Note that this is not for Realism Overhaul - that's another project - and does nothing if it's installed. Real Fuels with the stockalike config is required for this to do anything. Also includes a patch for the Mercury retro pack to make it a plain solid fuel engine, but one that can be shutdown early. Use the right click menu to shut it down. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4tnv93a8opcjt00/BDB_RealFuels_StockAlike.zip?dl=0
  5. Has anybody managed to get engines to attach to the Atlas booster fairing in symmetry node rather than individually? I can't seem to do it. Sorry about those science defs @CobaltWolf, I took a look and my eyes glazed over.
  6. The middle one. I had to stare a minute to spot the difference. I thought you were playing games with us :-)
  7. Umm, other than thor long adapter (it's a tapered tank really), and maybe thor short adapter, all of them. I guess.
  8. @Araym Expect a 1.875m Titan II GLV to have excess dv when launched from stock Kerbin. Isp would have to be cut in half to avoid that. That the Thor did not have that problem is why I checked the scale. After the tank rebalance there was a complaint that Titan II was falling a little short on Kerbin 3x and lowering the second stage engine mass solved that (on paper anyway). 0.7 ton for a 120 kn engine is the same TWR as an LV-T30 so it falls within stockalike range. I haven't seen the mass yet for the "official" Gemini so it's all academic at this point. Your rescale solution looks like a good one until Cobalt revisits Thor. Edit: 20 thrust on verniers seems high to me. They shouldn't be adding 20% to the total thrust. 2-4 should suffice with Isp set to match the engine. I've seen at least one first stage engine with the vernier Isp at something like 300 vac / 80 SL. That just kills the thrust down low in the atmosphere.
  9. The PF bases appear to be included in the download. They just need some MM magic to make them not appear when PF is not installed.
  10. I'm ready to go back to procedural fairings (are they working with FAR these days?). I'm getting tired of looking at the sharp edges on the stock fairings.
  11. I'm liking leaving the Redstone tank max capacity where it is, and filling it to less than 100%. 630/770 in the tank by default. Then drop the engine thrust to 145, Isp to 265/235. Getting about 150 km altitude that way. You can still fill the tank all the way, swap Mercury for an Agena A, put a few small SRBs on the side to get it off the pad, and have a serviceable Thrust Assisted Agena-Redstone (TM).
  12. @Araym For balancing we'll want engine masses adjusted to give a TWR in the 15-25 area. Especially on upper stages it has an effect. These are the numbers I came up with earlier for a Titan II with a 2.078 ton stand in for Gemini. bluedog_LR91_mod2: Mass 0.7, Thrust 120, Vac Isp 320, SL Isp 160 bluedog_LR87_mod2: Mass 2.75, Thrust 675, Vac Isp 300, SL Isp 260 @CobaltWolf His observation about Redstone looks like a good justification to nerf the PGM-1800 down to a PGM-1200. There's a discussion about how to build the canon "Thor" fuselage. An SSR-760 on top of an SSR-900 looks correct, but it's too short: Should it be SSR-760 on top of 2 SSR-900's, or do parts need to be lengthened? Odin is very displeased and demands answers :-)
  13. I'll say! That's a lot to look at. Engine "Test 6" has a correct feel to it. Thanks for including the craft files.
  14. The mass got overlooked in the update. The Vanguard engine should be 0.58 tons, not 0.1. Able hasn't been tweaked yet, but it's doesn't look like it be a major dv changing adjustment. Vanguard-Able is just too much rocket for a size 1x Kerbin. We could cripple it but I'd hate to do that. I think I got another 500 dv out of the Titan II second stage.
  15. A list of whats been modeled would be helpful. For the rockets I'm not already very familiar with what to do with the parts can be a mystery. I could probably make some more diagrams. The last option. The way you did Agena seems to work well with the engine + structural stuff all one part.
  16. I know how you feel. I get a little lost looking at all the tanks. It's not a video, but here's one I know how to build.
  17. That had me scratching my head too. Could probably use a mention in the part description. You can't see the node the fairing is supposed to attach to.
  18. I haven't tested it but I thought PhysicsSignificance = 1 eliminated the drag and added the mass to the parent part? I would make the retro pack a monopropellant engine if you want it controllable. A strong case can be made for doing it that way on usability grounds, and it's super easy to turn it back into an srb with an MM patch if desired. I'll look at the tanks tonight.
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