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  1. I got this from the log file, seems that something is wrong with the node Test Accuracy 1: [LOG 21:03:57.986] Active Vessel is in atmosphere. Cannot save. [LOG 21:04:05.517] Active Vessel is in atmosphere. Cannot save. [LOG 21:04:28.774] [MissionSystem]: Node Changed in Mission: THE DUNATIAN 2.0 [LOG 21:04:28.774] [MissionSystem]: fromNode: Change Funds [LOG 21:04:28.774] [MissionSystem]: toNode: Supply Probe touchdown [LOG 21:04:28.775] [TestAccuracy]: Node:Test Accuracy 1 (a0e46604-7beb-49ba-a159-9491cc8dd83d) Accuracy test must be < than 99.00%. Accuracy was 82.35% [LOG 21
  2. I got the same problem. Best landing 2,1 km away from Dropzone point, but still registered as failure. PS: Playing on KSP a Mac
  3. I just played your missions, and really enjoyed it. This was just the type of mission I hoped would come: A fun story with creator-built vessels. I managed to pull of several things I have never attempted when playing solo :-) I was worried several times of having to little delta-v left, but you have created vessels that got the job done, with fuel to spare. I had hoped for a score based on how well I performed some of the steps (for example better score the more fuel I have left when finishing a task), but that is a minor point.
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