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  1. Lunar Outpost Pressurized Excursion Module - Altair 7, 2023 Today Ares V will launch carrying the second module for the Lunar Outpost, the Pressurized Excursion Module, or PEM for short. The module will carry mutiple facilities such as an airlock, EVA suit Maintenence and stowage facilities, an EVA porch and stairs, and more! It will also provide additional habitation sapce for the crew making the outpost feel less cramped. | The PEM is go for TLI with a beautiful view of Baja California. Unlike other Altair missions, the Solars are deployed during coast to give power to the module on it's journey to the Moon. With the module firmly planted on the Moon, thus begins skycrane procedures. The wheel platform will be able to allow the module to slowly traverse over to the Outpost PCM and MMSEV. To prepare for docking the module lines itself up with the PCM's port. Using hydraulic jacks, the module uplifts itself to allow the rover platform to go free before setting itself back down to dock. With the Lunar Outpost nearly doubled in habitation space and with increased EVA capability, astronauts are now prepared to conduct even more ambitious Lunar activities in the next mission! Thanks to everyone for their patience, not a super long post today but I did want to put something out. I did use different TUFX configs to try out a different look and I think the images came out great, amazing contrast! Especially the TLI images. Next post will have more focus on lunar activities so expect less launch images and more EVAs.
  2. Apologies for the lack of updates recently, I was hoping to try and stick to a post every Sunday but unfortunatley midterms have been eating up my time recently. In the meantime, I have been doing some KSP work for Nick's alternate history timeline Proxima! I'd encourage all of you to check it out. TLDR: Work will continue shortly, but check out Proxima in the meantime!
  3. Orion 17 and Altair 6, 2022 The first mission to the Lunar Outpost will be attempted. The crew will stay on the surface of the Moon for 2 weeks, longer than any mission in history to this point. Introducing the new and improved Altair! Now with exposed tankage from SSTU, big help from @Zarbon44 for help with this redesign. Orion is also now showcasing new solar panels from Restock! The new Altair now supports 4 RL10-C-1's more trust and ISP goes a long way to improve performance. If you look closely you can see Altair 6 in the background. The MMSEV leaves the base remotely to head over and pick up the astronauts. The crew departs from the Altair to head over to their new temporary home for the next 2 weeks! A flag is planted outside the outpost to symbolize a new era in spaceflight, long term surface stays on other worlds. After 2 weeks, the crew leaves Outpost to return to the Altair. The landing area to the north of the Outpost is quickly becoming known as "The Graveyard" by the astronauts, home to a growing number of defunct Altair descent stages. After the crew is returned to the Altair, the MMSEV doesn't stay around to watch the launch to prevent getting sandblasted and ensure longevity. Finally home at last! While shorter than many stays to the ISS, this mission serves as the longest stay on the surface of another world yet. As the Lunar Outpost gets expanded, even longer and more daring missions will be attempted. Stay tuned!
  4. Lunar Outpost MMSEV - Altair 5, 2022 Introducing the Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle, or MMSEV for short. A pressurized vehicle that is intended to be flexible and handle a variety of different mission types. The vehicle launching today is a rover that will allow a crew to venture further away from their landing site than previous unpressurized rovers before it. The MMSEV will land near the Lunar Outpost and demonstrate its ability to dock with the module on the surface. The vehicle can and will act as an airlock for the crew until the Pressurized Excursion Module launches next year. The MMSEV will launch on an Ares V with Altair 5. The rover will use a robotic ramp structure to get from the top of the Altair down to the surface. Landing near Altair 4, on the other side of the hill is the Outpost It's a rather steep incline but the low lunar gravity offsets that. The uncrewed rover slowly makes it's journey passing the Altair, the rover travels much slower than it would if it was crewed in order to avoid an accident. With the arrival at the Lunar Outpost, the rover will demonstrate it's ability to dock with the lone module. The rover first aligns itself with the docking port. Note the rover's wheels ability to turn 90 degrees. The APAS's soft capture ring is extended and the rover slowly creeps sideways until secured with the module. Alone no longer! The pair will wait for the next mission, which will bring crew to stay on the surface for longer than any time in history!
  5. Lunar Outpost Pressurized Core Module - Altair 4, 2021 The Pressurized Core Module contains a variety of different facilities, such as a ward room, exercise equipment, med bay, and a some form of radiation shelter all cramped into this tiny module. Due to the growing mass requirements over the development phase of the design process, the robotic ATHLETE system was ditched for a lighter skycrane system which was deemed simpler and thus lower risk. Due to variety of different reasons, the original outpost placement, Shackleton Crater, on the Lunar South Pole is not used. Copernicus Crater, a more equitorial region. is chosen as the landing spot for the outpost. Instead of using a complex series of robotics hinges, which were deemed to heavy and too complex, simple skycrane technology is used to take the module's off of the spent stage. The skycrane lifts the module up and away from the Altair Descent Stage and gently lands it ~100 meters away. It can't be seen in this screenshot but a small hill sits between the Altair and PCM, the Altair will be set as a marker for future landings to prevent sandblasting of the Lunar Outpost. The Skycrane is disposed of as it no longer serves its use. The PCM quietly waits for additional modules and a crew to be sent
  6. Its good to be back and feel motivated again! A taste of whats to come. Final version of Lunar Outpost will look different, additional greebles, stuff like that. There will be several posts dedicated to the process of launching, landing, and putting the outpost together over the course of the early 2020s. Solars will look different as well, I didn't understand the original panel placement at first and placed them in this strange orientation. Next post will come as soon as I finalize certain design choices.
  7. I have a pretty meh GPU, I'm often bordering between green and yellow clocking. I think my game looks pretty good as is, I don't think I need that many more visuals to make it work. I haven't had issues with the MAH legs in a very long time, I'm not entirely sure what I did to make them work, sorry if that isn't helpful at all.
  8. Oh shoot! If anyone else is running into this issue lemme know! Imgur was being weird on my end yesterday so I used discord. Just in case I added a spoiler filled with the same images from Imgur Not gonna lie I don't think I can even run Parallax lmfao, not sure how it will affect my FPS so I don't worry too much. In the meantime, I also decided to do a test Moon mission in KSRSS, just to get a feel for the differences. The latitude of LC-39A and B and seasons means now I get a variety of different launch lighting scenarios. No longer just launching at mid-day all the time. Personally like the lighting in this one. Note the updated Orion capsule, APAS ports, and flags! Honestly the Lunar surface looks roughly the same as Munar surface, if not decently better. I don't run parallax in my Stock 2.5x system so I don't really lose out on any quality.
  9. Hmm... Idk if these will change your mind, but I personally don't think KSRSS' surfaces look half bad
  10. Orion 15, and Altair 3, 2021 With the previous mission being a profound success, the second mission begins. Note the new fairing from BDB! I feel it looks a lot better than the previous procedural fairing. Since the mission roughly follows the same procedures as before, I'll cut back on some repetative screenshots that mostly follow the same steps. Some additional time is spent on the surface compared to the previous mission similar to Apollo 12 Take off is a bit shakey but successful nonetheless! The crew is able to return safetly at last! The Orion and Altair have proven themselves as reliable vehicles to operate in deep space. Now the program can dedicate itself to being able to researching and understanding long term spaceflight on other worlds. Note that some screenshots of parts shown here such as the APAS and the Orion capsule were taken before being updated, so in the next mission report they will look better. On another note, I'm thinking about "De-Kerbalizing" this series a bit. Would y'all like to keep this series in Kerbin, Mun, and Duna or see it transferred to KSRSS where I can use Earth, Moon, and Mars? It wouldn't take too much effort.
  11. Slowly but surely getting back to the swing of things. Biggest hurdle right now is rethinking the Lunar Outpost.
  12. Apollo-Skylab Rescue Yes the last one I launched a different one and switched the texture for reentry effect, sue me
  13. I ask for the thread to please consider the following... Extend! Capable of 33tons of hydrolox to LEO in KSRSS.
  14. Oh yea, its screenie hours! A bit late but celebrating the anniversary of Sputnik. "Soviets artificial moon" vs the moon. Vostok hours
  15. Nope not abandoned! Just taken a break from KSP burnout for a bit but I will return in due time. Some mods have popped into existence since I started this whole thing so I have to decide whether or not to use those as well as whether or not I feel like updating my KSP Ares install. So a lot to consider and not enough brain energy at the moment!
  16. Crazy that this is the first I'm seeing this thread, good stuff, I'm following immediatley.
  17. So I mentioned in one of my previous posts that there would be surprises, without further ado I would like to give a little sneak peak at some of what is to come. Orbital MMSEV 2028 NTR Asteroid Survey Mission Lunar MMSEV Lunar Outpost (final version may look slightly different from this) Inspired by NASA's Constellation Architecture Team Lunar Scenario 12.0 detailed here; (https://ntrs.nasa.gov/citations/20100003415) All of this has been thanks to @benjee10's amazing new part mod which allows for easy surface base construction and provides the MMSEV rover. The next decade will be dedicated to lunar surface missions and surface base construction leading up to an eventual Mars/Duna mission. Stay tuned and check out Benjee's new mod!
  18. Since my last mission I have updated the Ares V first stage to utilize NFLV's orange tankage, I think it looks better than a tweakscaled Redirect tank. Tankage is still 6.25m
  19. Yes ofc! I've been caught up with IRL stuff like work and school but I have recently figured out the skills of time management. There will be some surprises coming soon!
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