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  1. It's fixed. Sorry for suspecting ReStock, but I really thought that the only thing I changed between game sessions. I was in the middle of compiling the logfiles ect. when the update dropped. At least I know how to do that in the future. Something else I just noticed: Are some engines supposed to appear multiple times in the tech tree (with slightly different properties)? This was a thing in RP-0 where you would get better versions later on - are you doing the same? Is there a way to tell which mod installed/added/changed which component? Thanks to all involved for the quick response.
  2. I seems I cannot upload an image...? It's doesn't appear to be as bad as I first thought. It still works, but it's near unusable because the text of most buttons and many other elements have been replaced with placeholders like "#ScienceAlert_label1", "#ScienceAlert_button5" and "ScienceAlert_toggle6". Which is not helpful unless you know from the location what it is supposed to be.
  3. Hello, just had my first look at it ingame and while in some cases I prefer the original old KSP look, most parts look awesome. Since they reskinned many parts beyond recognition, this is a great chance to start using this mod. I believe I have to report 2 bugs though: - one part (I think it's the small reaction wheel) has a non-english name and description with lot's of broken/unsupported characters. If I had to guess I would bet on Spanish or Portuguese - it's incompatible with or rather it breaks "Science Alert Realerted" Thank you for your efforts Nobody P.S.: I'm running KSP 1.8.0 on Win7
  4. Hello, it's been quite some time since I played RO/RP-0, so things might have changed. First, I have just recently read something very interesting about the A4 engine development and was wondering it that was already implemented in RO/RP-0 and if not whether I should suggest it here (in the RP-0 thread) or in the RO thread (I believe )? I remember there was at least one upgrades for the A4 engine, but I believe this/those were post-war upgrades by the Americans (some description texts would be nice). I read about 2 (maybe 3) upgrades that were worked on and partially tested in Germany: They weren't happy about the injection heads used (article mentions 18 of those). Apparently they were working on something I would translate as "Ring-injector" which was supposed to better mix fuel and oxidizer. Due to lower injections losses this "Ring-injector" would also lead to an increased chamber pressure. According to the article they expected to achieve lower fuel consumption and longer burn times using this "Ring-injector". I assume that meas that thrust was not supposed to change. Switching from alcohol/LOX to Gas-oil(aka Diesel) and Nitric acid (HNO3), basically without any other changes. Abandoned because of low initial accelerations (0.3G, meaning a TWR of 1.3). Nevertheless they expected a range of 400 to 500 km (about double I think) just by changing the fuel. A combination of the two. Either way, I think those could be interesting option in the early game if placed before what I believe are "upscaled copies" of the A4 build in America (NAA75) and Russia (RD-101 and 103?).
  5. Hello and welcome back to Peenemünde! This rather short episode was originally supposed to be part of episode 7 and recorded at the same time. Anyway, I start by looking at the parts that were just researched and then design a rocket using some of them. The episode finishes by flying said rocket. # Launched Name Outcome Details Altitude 10 September 20, 1951, 14:38 Able-Explorer I Success 539 km
  6. Wow, it has been a long time indeed. Welcome back! I have moved this game to 1.2.2 which causes some confusion throughout the video. There a two actual launches this time, and clouds to work in the new version as well: # Launched Name Outcome Details Altitude 8 June 30, 1951, 8:27 WAD HFR III Success Probe recovered 209 km 9 August 8, 1951, 12:23 A4 Super Sonic Crewed Test 1 Success Crew (Jeb) recovered 233 km
  7. After those funny missions are done, we proceed with some proper contracts. We have offers for making a radar map and setting up a communications-network. Let's do these two at same time, shall we? Of course at this point the more skilled players will notice that these two contracts require largely different orbits and cannot be done simultaneously. Oh well, can't hut to have a polar orbiting repeater, right? Any useful ideas about what to do with that capacitor thing?
  8. Hello, and welcome back to Gael! I start were I left of - doing some contracts. And while I do manage to put most of them into the same rocket I fail at doing more than 1 at a time - guess it shows, that I haven't played for 3 months? At least I got some odd locking vehicles out of it and I also put my very first rocket into Gael orbit - only to loose control immediately. I case you're wondering: for the remainder of this playthrough the version of the game and all mods are frozen. I won't even attempted to update them anymore. I don't want to risk breaking things.
  9. As a gift at the end of the year I present you episode 2! My skills have apparently become quite rusty which causes quite a few mishaps and explosions. Although the unusual selection of available parts probably doesn't help either. Happy holidays!
  10. While playing your mod I thought i might as well record it. Maybe I some of you will be able to teach me something that way (or someone might learn something from me, who knows?). If you have suggestions or ideas, or just want to keep me motivated, leave me a comment on youtube or the corresponding forum thread.
  11. Hello and welcome to my second career mode play-through (which will run in parallel if I find the time for any). This is Gael, the Kerbal's home in GPP (Galileo's Planet Pack). The planet is the same size as Kerbin, but pretty much everything else is bigger or more complicated in this modpack. To up the game a little more I'm also using remote tech in this game (because I wanted to know how it works in conjunction with KSP's own kerbnet) and the engineering tech tree. I will also have to pay for the research cost of every part I want to use. In this first episode I fight a bit with the mods until I make them work. I then proceed with a few launches to fulfill contracts to proceed from out starting tech. Turn out one can make a Stayaputnik go surprisingly far, while only using Sepratrons - our only available forms of control and propulsion.
  12. After many delays it's time for episode 6! Well, this might be quite boring as I start a monologue about what I want to looking at available contracts and the research. To investigate if I can reach 3000 km with my current technology I design a rocket (offscreen I believe) and then start simulating it. Half a dozen times. Kerbal typical mistakes aside I fail to achieve this goal. Since that gave me plenty of material, there is no actual launch this time. Now to the viewer questions: Should I continue to make videos from the full material, or should I switch to highlights only? What do think I should prioritize in regards to research? Bigger rockets or better technologies (for smaller probes)?
  13. Thanks @grosser_Salat That particular "tutorial" didn't help me, but PhineasFreak apparently just released his RSSVE-mod which as far as I can tell makes everything work magically ^^. I'm looking forward to making episode 7 now. It's too late for six though, which should be rendering right now.
  14. For launching they will probably be to small. However, they could be useful for a controlled final descent (like Curiosity's descent stage). Or to give a rover the ability to jump over obstacles. Anyway, given the same method you used before - how much thrust would the small engines produce?
  15. It may very well be (considering the minimal weight of a lander, higher gravity and lower ISP). While at it, given its small size, don't you think that the Terrier would make a much better atmospheric engine instead of being vacuum optimized? ;-) Would probably be useful for launching smaller/cheaper rockets from Kerbin, too.