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  1. I did as you said. The communotron dts-m1 now does have the RealAntenas options. But lot of others dont. I'm guessing this is as intended after all
  2. I downloaded the latest version on the git. How can i set up this configs?
  3. Howdy I've recently installed RealAntennas mod, and i noticed that some stock antennas don't have the options provided by the mod, like the communotron dts-m1. While others, like the communotron 16 do have the options to configure transmit power, gain etc. I have no modded or custom antennas parts nor mods. This apparent issue is with stock antennas. I do have plently of other mods though, and the one I can see having interference is Kerbalism but it seems they are compatible. Is this as intended?
  4. Howdy, fellow kerbonauts Quick question here I have plenty of mods installed, and among them, Kerbalism. Which itself makes science harder. I wanted to increase the science rate gain in my career game. I've had the bar at 160% when i started the campaign. But its too little to my enjoyment. It started to become a massive grind thus far. Any way to edit the career file? Can you guys point out how to do so? Thanks!
  5. Howdy, Quick question over here I have a bunch of mods that change the gameplay considerably. One of them (I think Kerbalism) probably did something about the science being transfered through antenas. Now whenever I have a set of science instruments and an antenna, the sound of science being transfered via comm net plays non stop. Its really annoying, specially now that i'm seting up a space station. I haven't got the patience to actually seek out the root cause of this. The simple solution would be to delete the file responsible for the sound altogether. Is it possible? Would it cause crashes or even krakens? Where the file is located and whats the name of it? Thanks!
  6. I'm not good at math at all, not to say physics. But when the time comes, i'll see if i can compile the proof and show it to her.
  7. That's the spirit, bro! It gets on meh nerves when i hear she saying the moon landings were too hollywoodian. But hey, it was the first time men ever stepped on a piece of dirt that wasn't our own - it was suppost to be glorious! But hey, she's a mate, my darling mate, what can you do?
  8. Why call it metallic hydrogen? Is the 'metallic' related to metallic and ametallic connections between atoms?
  9. This question is has caused me so much damned problems! My girlfriend totally doesn't believe we landed on the moon.... 6 times!!!! We always fight and argue over this, its tearing apart my relationship! Damn you, NASA!
  10. Ok!! 
    Twas my mistake, sorry for the trouble!


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