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  1. PayadorPerseguido

    Have we landed on the moon?

    True dat By the way, i voted "You agree with this"
  2. PayadorPerseguido

    Have we landed on the moon?

    I'm not good at math at all, not to say physics. But when the time comes, i'll see if i can compile the proof and show it to her.
  3. PayadorPerseguido

    Have we landed on the moon?

    That's the spirit, bro! It gets on meh nerves when i hear she saying the moon landings were too hollywoodian. But hey, it was the first time men ever stepped on a piece of dirt that wasn't our own - it was suppost to be glorious! But hey, she's a mate, my darling mate, what can you do?
  4. PayadorPerseguido

    Top 7 Astronomical Events of 2017

    Lucky for us down here
  5. PayadorPerseguido

    Metallic Hydrogen created, will change spaceflight

    Why call it metallic hydrogen? Is the 'metallic' related to metallic and ametallic connections between atoms?
  6. PayadorPerseguido

    Have we landed on the moon?

    This question is has caused me so much damned problems! My girlfriend totally doesn't believe we landed on the moon.... 6 times!!!! We always fight and argue over this, its tearing apart my relationship! Damn you, NASA!
  7. PayadorPerseguido

    [1.6.x] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    Which part is that with the green cupola?
  8. PayadorPerseguido

    Astrophotography Mega Thread

    No way!! That is totally awesome, man! Tell me, how much that equipment cost you? That photo just made my day!
  9. PayadorPerseguido

    [1.6.x] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    Thanks! This might be the 'bug' or 'glitch' i ever reported on my entire gamer's life. Around 14 years already. I guess i can scratch that off my list now.
  10. Simple as that. When i was a youngling during my high school days, i disliked math and she disliked me back, like every kid does here where i'm from. After i enrolled in a law college, math kind grew on me. Well, at least the abstract approach to it (ie wikipedia articles like this's_undefinability_theorem), in which i like reading it, but barely grasp 2,5% of what it actually means). So to say the least, this relationship issue remained somewhat unaltered, but with a plot twist. I now loved math, but she totally did not love me back, still. Then i met Jebediah, Bill, Bob and Valentina, and it changed my life. Now that i'm older, wiser and more patient. I think its time to put the multiplication table out of the cabinet and teach myself orbital mechanics. Therein lies the will to change How to do it? Any tips from the smart people around here on this issue? Any good books on how to get things done? Any online free courses that you know of? I want to be able to actually understand the problems, being able to solve it the hard and easy ways. But it doesn't hurts to ask, are there any life hacks or cheats available? To further enlight the spectrum of my math skills, they are that of a 12 years old (6 years old by japanese standards). The goal is to have somewhat a a grasp of college level calculus, at least into the introduction of it. By then i'll be realized as a human being already, and maybe i'll finally figure out how to to dock directly after ascent. Thanks!!! [snip]
  11. PayadorPerseguido

    Anybody watch football?

    I watch football, and this is one of my favorite teams. VIVA LA CARBONERA!
  12. PayadorPerseguido

    [1.6.x] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    Yep, i was about post that. I just checked, it has Greenhouse (food), but regardless of whether i click it, the configuration won't change to greenhouse(food). It just stays on the snacks. Although i didn't think actually going to the launchpad to see if its just an UI thing, that just did not come to mind. Sorry for bothering you again, @Angel-125!
  13. That i totally don't feel like i'm wasting my time when i'm trying to figure out the amount of dV to reach Jool. Best game ever, i even plan on making a tattoo out of it
  14. PayadorPerseguido

    [1.6.x] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    Will check that right on Thanks for the help @Angel-125 By the way, i freakin love all your mods!!
  15. PayadorPerseguido

    Delta v map reading

    I have a few questions myself. The ammount of dV akin to reaching the low kerbin orbit is 3400m/s but when you get there, the actual speed of the craft is different, why is that? Is it because the dV difference is actually spent on atrition due to the atmosphere? If so, is this an example of momentum conservation? This is probably too dumb, but hey, i did law school - not physics. Thanks!!