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  1. That's just it, though. By being forced into arbitration, you no longer have that choice available to you. You could never be part of a class action lawsuit, even if you decided there was merit to it and wanted to.
  2. @Snark the issue is that the OP wants science from space near the sun.
  3. Are you certain about that? It seems to me that the only way to do that would be for the game to calculate how much dV a craft has (which to my knowledge it doesn't do) and then offer an orbit change whose cost is within that number.
  4. When you look to see if that requirement is being "checked", where are you looking? If you're opening the contract window in the VAB while building your craft, it doesn't check off there ever. You have to launch to the pad and look at the contract window there.
  5. I'm not worried. I also wasn't aware that you represent me. I can recall no such promise, and I've been playing since 2012. Link?
  6. Well, since he said "kerbal franchise" I took it to mean "any news on KSP 2, or Kerbal Kart Racing, or any other K-named game?" Squad won't necessarily be involved in those. But I agree, we're unlikely to get an answer. This thread is an exercise in futility. In fact, I'm not quite sure why I'm still here...
  7. To be fair, he's asking for one from Take Two, not Squad. Now, I'm under no illusions that they'll give one any more than Squad would. But you know, just being clear and all.
  8. @capt: scarlet there is a way to do a 'poor man's' docking camera in stock. First make sure that you have advanced tweakables turned on in the settings. Then right click the docking port on your ship that you want to use for docking at select 'control from here'. Then press 'v' to cycle through the camera modes until you get to 'locked'. Then right click on the docking port again and select 'aim camera'. Then rotate the camera view around until it's at the back of your ship looking toward the front. Then zoom all the way in. The camera view will clip through the ship and you'll be left with the outline of the docking port around the edges of your screen, and will have a usable docking camera viewpoint.
  9. You could also use TCA: Doesn't look like it's updated for 1.3 yet, however.
  10. Let me see if I get this correctly (business practices are confusing to me). Take Two bought the intellectual property that is KSP. Squad remains it's own separate development company. But Squad is partnered with TT to continue development of KSP. That all correct? If so, I could see how some people are (or could be) concerned. After all, that means that TT now has the final say on anything KSP related. However, I'll echo my previous post and say that by looking at TT's history, I'm pretty optimistic.
  11. Looking at Take Two's list of published games, I'd have to agree. Look at GTA V, when it was getting ported to pc, it was delayed by months because it wasn't ready. That didn't make the community happy, but I think it was the right call.
  12. Well, this was...unexpected. I can't really have anything negative to say though. I've more than gotten my money's worth from KSP. I hope this turns out well, and best of luck for those at @SQUAD and everyone involved.
  13. The only downside I've found is that for unmanned craft, being in hibernation means you can't create or edit maneuver nodes, even if it has a connection to Kerbin. Which means that any time you want to mess with a node you either have to turn that option off or drop out of time warp. For what it's worth, I have hibernate when in warp turned on almost always. I don't think it's that big of a deal to stop warp to edit or create a node.
  14. Mechjeb has a tool that finds transfer windows and will even create the maneuver node for you. I haven't used it since v1.1.3, but it worked for RSS back then, I assume it still does.
  15. Yep, they changed that when 1.2 came out. It was seen as an exploit, so the devs changed it. After all, if the probe core doesn't have power, how can you communicate with it to tell it to turn the power on? The situation is slightly different if it's a manned ship. In that case, you can turn the power back on because a kerbal is there to physically flip a switch in the command pod. So a ship without power that does have a kerbal aboard can turn the power on.