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  1. У меня такая хрень. Детали (Не на стыке док портов) просто отсоединяются от модульного МТК в рандомном порядке. Что делать. Автостяжки включены
  2. My orbital mothership for colonization was made from few modules. When i delivered a new module i`ve seen that one big part of the ship is detached in random place. Then ship is wobbled for 1 second and second random section gone. And again. I have noticed only one wobbling for a second. How can i stop this. Autostrut is enabled
  3. Hate Kraken. It destroyed all my stations and ships. More than 50 hours spent


  4. Going to visit Laythe in New Horizons Mod. 

    I've already built Laythe land/takeoff SSTO 

  5. Designed Crew SSTO for my friend 

    1. kolan4ik88


      And I need MORE power. More Rapier's!

  6. I'm always typing the mission goal, planet or moon. In which program I make it (Duna colony -DSD, Moho short visit) Then I typing the number of modification and class of the ship (Rocket, SSTO, plane, lander)
  7. Today I make my first SSTO.

    Then I maked 3 SSTO's. Good for me.

  8. I have double clicked on button. How can I delete my topic?
  9. This doesn't work too. I've tried it
  10. Time warp doesn`t stop it. Shame. I`ve spent 2 hours
  11. Trying to build SRB SSTO

    I have progress

  12. Your goal is create Solid Rocket Booster SSTO and upload it here. No RCS system allowed. But you can use reaction wheels. Your SSTO must to be a plane. And if you can, it must deliver tiny cargo (300-500kg) You don't need to de-orbit ship. Just get the Kerbin Orbit Good luck!
  13. Your goal is create a rocket that can deliver small space station to the Mun. Then you can use it in your missions. The station need to have at least 4 modules and and have a minimal weight of 30 tonn. Good luck!