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  1. Thank you for your update localization.
  2. Same problem. I have icon at space center not at building assembly
  3. i deleted all mods and unzip real chute , i have no icon for parachute, i have no prarachute.
  4. I have clean all mods and unzip real chute , i still have no parachute.
  5. Yes French, I use version 1.4.5 of RSS For RO it is a version 1.3 but that seems to work well in 1.4 according to the forum RO, I did not find any problem. My log
  6. my log Without real chute i have stock parachute, no problem. (Sorry for my bad english)
  7. Hi i have no parachute in my game.I installed the latest version. I have ksp 1.4.5 with rss Ro and dependencies.
  8. Hi i have install this mod with Ckan and my game is stock.Why? I have KSP 1.4.5
  9. hi , i have a problem with sound , all engine are not on stereo .. Help , srry for my english.
  10. Hi , sorry for my english.I have a problem with long range antenna.I have purchase it , today long range antenna is not purchase, i click purchase and exit RD and i come back to RD and is not purchase ... pls help
  11. I have a problem with a mission , land the probe safely in the oceans don't work.