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  1. Hey guys, I was trying to start my game up last night/this morning and I ran into the problem: http://imgur.com/0YhOose (The forum decided NOT to recognise this URL to the post, don't ask me why I didn't just insert other media) [edited by Snark to insert inline image] It appears that it crashed on the file: Squad/Spaces/mk2inlineinternal/internal/mk2inlineinternal I've tried the following: - Remove all mods - Reinstall the game - which it works once, then crash again on next startup - Reinstall all mods - Uninstall all mods again - Run directly from App file (instead of via steam) - Run via steam - Remove crashed part, at which another mk2 part is crashing - Remove all pre-existing craft - Reinstalling all pre-existing craft And it decided not to work. Thanks for your help.
  2. I kinda want to build my craft with stock parts, so it will make it easier for all community members to just download it and go without fiddling with Mods and crap PS: I build all my craft out of stock parts, anyway. Thats what makes it challenging - build ships that look like the real thing with nothing but the parts that comes with the game
  3. I'm doing some replica build, and hit a stud, that is, Kickback is no longer powerful enough. I really hope Modular SRBs are a thing....... What you guys think?
  4. Significant problem with 1.1.1 update: SAS: For some cases, it will start spinning out of control, and other cases, just flex like heck. Joints: Significantly weaker, despite Kerbal Joints Reinforcement Vehicle/Gimbal: Vehicle body wobbles a LOT with SAS/RCS off. Gimbal tends to over do autocorrections when not necessary. Hope 1.1.2 will solve those things as well......
  5. Cut weight for solar escape? lol I've tried carrying a part of space station (which is quite heavy) and I still have too much spare fuel for first stage.. But yeah, sure I'll make some changes if I'm going to design another vehicle.
  6. Demo on YouTube Hey Guys Here is my first post for spacecraft. I've designed this craft which I named "DragonLady" for no particular reason. This vehicle look and function suspiciously like Soyuz R-7, in fact, I basically use the design of Soyuz and build it with stock parts (V0.9) You may download the DragonLady DRA Spacecraft HERE There is NO docking ability, however, you may change the payload yourself according to your wish. This is one of the most reliable and efficient vehicle I've ever built to date. Enjoy and hope you guys like it! Photos available below, and staging instructions. A shot during daylight on the launch pad. At night, on the launch pad LIFTOFF!! Staging: Stage 1 (4) - Main Engine + 4 Boosters Stage 2 (3) - Booster Separation Stage 3 (2) - Escape Tower Separation Stage 4 (1) - MECO/SEP+SE IGN Stage 5 (0) - Parachute + SECO/SEP <--- Parachute and SECO/SEP separated into two stage
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