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  1. Far easier to use Wild Blue Pathfinder mod. Inflatable bases are awesome.
  2. I thought speed of light was 299,792,458 meters per second or 299,792.5 kilometers per second or 182,282 miles per second? Given ratio of miles to kilometers, the above seems right.
  3. 4,539 I so need to get a life.
  4. Four minute load time for me. I'm running 36 mods, nine of which are part mods, on a four year old HP laptop. I'm bumping up against my memory limits so I will be purchasing a new laptop as a Christmas gift to me, just to run KSP. To paraphrase JFK, ich bin ein Kerbal. MM
  5. 21 Minutes? 30 minutes? Geez, I pull my hair out waiting the 3 to 4 minutes mine takes. MM
  6. Why would you change a stock part? Because you can. Is it cheating? There is no such thing as cheating in a single player game. Enjoy the game and have fun any way you choose. MM
  7. Change your style of play. When I got burn out a couple of years ago, I changed my SOP to building rockets and planes with an eye towards hyper efficiency in terms of part count and cost. I also challenged myself to reduce my mod dependency. I went from 40+ mods to less than half as many. It' amazing how the creative challenge sparked my desire to play again. Have fun. MM
  8. Solar panels still work on Duna. Check out Wild Blue Industries mod for some cool rovers with built in rooftop solar panels. I prefer skycranes because they provide better control for a precise landing. Have fun and let us know about your future adventures. MM
  9. Why do I feel like reading "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"? You guys are truly talented. Bravo! Do I dare disturb the universe? MM
  10. There are tons of helpful videos on Youtube. Also, checkout the spacecraft exchange for examples of various designs that work well. Have fun. MM
  11. Just found this. What an awesome piece of work. Thank you so much. I second the vote for including OPM bodies in this. Thanks again for the great contribution. MM
  12. Can I suggest the mods put a 12 month moratorium on any posts containing the words MechJeb, cheating, love or hate. Happy flying to all. MM
  13. I swear by Buffalo. Extremely lightweight and very versatile. MM
  14. Exactly how I feel. I modify configs all the time. I change parts to suit my needs. I'm having a blast as I explore the Kerbol system. And lastly, I love MechJeb. MM
  15. I did a similar thing once by accident. I was playing around with Hyperedit and moved Eve into a very low Kerbin orbit. It was beautiful. Wish I had taken a screen shot. Fortunately I loaded a quick save and restored the Kerbol system. MM