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  1. The Boldy Go strategy won't give the new-biome funds reward if you haven't cleared the message from the previous biome funds reward. To recreate: activate Boldly Go. Go to a new biome, get science and transmit - you will get the reward. Without clearing the message, go to another new biome, get science and transmit - you will not get the reward. Clear message & go to a 3rd new biome, get science & transmit - you will get the reward.
  2. I vastly prefer the Brumby over the Mk2 - larger windows, better IVA. Also, the ReStock team isn't touching any of the MH parts since they hate them with a red-hot fiery passion, so having a ReStock-ish Gemini would be great. My $0.02 worth
  3. Might be helpful in tracking down problems for 1.9. When I first loaded everything appeared fine. I went into the tracking station, still good. When I came out of the tracking station, I had the black-sky-no-water issue. Subsequent scene changes did not correct it, and the log showed a NullPointerException coming from Scatterer. I don't have the log available at the moment, though.
  4. I've searched but cannot find it. Is there a ReStock whitelist for this mod anywhere? Or do I just need the patch mentioned in the 2nd post of page 146?
  5. The newest version of CKAN throws errors if you try to do more than one group of installs. To reproduce: Download a fresh copy of KSP Point CKAN at the new instance Select one or more mods to install - installation works. Select another group of mods to install - error thrown (Note: may take a few times to occur) Error:
  6. D'oh - that was it. The folder was marked as 1.8.1 but was 1.8.0. My apologies.
  7. Cross-posting from the Kopernicus thread. I downloaded Kopernicus 1.8.1-1 and latest JNSQ from github, put it on a fresh install of 1.8.1. Got the nyan cat & JNSQ did not load.
  8. @Galileo, @Sigma88, @Thomas P. - THANK YOU. EDIT: One thing to note - I downloaded the Kopernicus 1.8.1-1 from github and am still getting the nyan cat. Loaded up & JNSQ did not load - still have the stock system. My bad - folder was marked as 1.8.1 but was 1.8.0. Mea Culpa.
  9. Aww, yiss - looks like I'm a'gonna start up a new Wild Blue play-through. Been a while, would love to get back to the Wild Blue Yonder
  10. Did you enable to updated texture mapping in settings?
  11. But will they have sound? Speaking of sound, it would be great if Chatterer could be made stock. What is this "Dres" you speak of... ?
  12. The log file will be in your main game folder & is called ksp.log