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  1. Title says it all - will KSP 2 have functional IVAs, a la RasterPropMonitor & MOARDv's Avionics System?
  2. Ok, @Angel-125 - there is still an issue and it's an incompatibility between latest MOLE & latest WildBlueTools. The issue may *not* be CKAN but rather this incompatibility. This is causing the MoleUtils to not load - it even becomes corrupted, from what I can see. To test: Fresh install. Download latest MOLE & WildBlueTools from github. Install all of the folders from MOLE & launch game. Go into VAB & pull up a MOLE. Right-click - note that the 'Manage Operations' and 'Start Lab Time' buttons are present - all good. Now, shut down & deletethe 000WildBlueToo
  3. Ok - here's what I did: Fresh clean install of KSP 1.11.2 Downloaded WildBlueTools from github - latest version - and installed it Launched, checked logs - no errors other that complaining there was no Tweakscale module Downloaded MOLE from github - latest version - and installed. Deleted the 000WildBlueTools folder and re-copied from the stand-alone download Launched - loaded ~75 patches - can see the texture-switching functionality in afore-mentioned MOLE parts. However, I am seeing module-load errors: I did notice that MOLE was package
  4. Ones I know for certain are the Mk1 Flight Control Package, the MOLE lab, MOLE habitat module and the Titan Control Unit. But since the WildBlueTools assembly wouldn't load, it's a safe bet that any part that uses WBIMeshHelper is gonna have the issue.
  5. I am running MOLE version 1.26.0 on KSP 1.11.2 and am seeing z-fighting on any part that uses module "WBIMeshHelper". I also don't see any mesh selections available. This is a sample of the log when loading one of the affected parts: I did a search through the WBI Tools codebase and looked elsewhere in the log. It appears as though none of the WBI Tools part modules are loading. I see this early in the log: To test, I did a fresh install KSP 1.11.2 and loaded MOLE via CKAN (side note: I could not select "MOLE Pristine Play Mode" as CKAN reported a conflict with WBI Simplifi
  6. Running in 1.11.2 with a JNSQ build & noticed that Strategia wasn't working (none of the new categories show, only one strategy present at all). As a test, I did a fresh, clean install of 1.11.2 and installed Strategia (along with prereqs) using CKAN. Those are the only mods present to eliminate mod-conflict as a possibility. Launched a new career & looked at the Admin building; same issue. This is the first error in the log: [EXC 10:10:25.239] ReflectionTypeLoadException: Exception of type 'System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException' was thrown. System.Reflection.Assembl
  7. "They found him days later, weak from lack of food and water..."
  8. I ran into two problems in using KAS with 1.11 & 1.11.1. 1. I put a Kerbal on EVA on the Mun - he had the electric screwdriver & an EVA fuel bottle in his inventory. He could not lift off the surface with his EVA pack. Thrusting up while jumping would (barely) allow him to maintain altitude but he could not gain. When I dropped the screwdriver & eva bottle, normal functioning returned. 2. I could pick up the screwdriver but could not subsequently put it into the Kerbal's KIS inventory.
  9. Ah - I misunderstood the question, then. Atmospheric flight is not a valid situation for that experiment; you need to be in orbit or landed. Are you able to run them under those conditions?
  10. It must be done by a Scientist. Have the EVA Science Experiment in inventory, along with a jetpack (assuming you are in flight & not landed). EVA and let go of the ship - it won't work if grabbing a ladder. Right-click the scientist and select "perform EVA science" (I think that's the right wording - don't have it in front of me right now).
  11. Another small issue - the smaller multiport RCS block doesn't load, as it uses the same (stock) textures as the larger RCS multiport.
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