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  1. I'd love to see the 1.875m parts from Making History moved a bit earlier in the Tech Tree; they should be a stepping-stone between the 1.25m & 2.5m parts, not coming after you get most of the 2.5m parts.
  2. So I checked the settings & that one was already enabled (it's the 'Enable Recycling' button, according to the tool-tip). However, Soil still doesn't get produced. I do have storage for it. Bug? Also - I have sent up a ship on to a MOLE station running KNUTS. The experiment is done with its lab time & the experiment now says Needs Soil (0.000 of 194.400). The vessel has over 200 units of Soil, but the experiment won't see it. Any ideas? EDIT: never mind, I found it. The KNUTS processor on the Delores habitat has to be enabled.
  3. I got some help putting this together; here's a ModuleManager patch that restores the original Mk1 Command Pod: Might be a good inclusion for MOLE since the new pod clashes so much with the art style.
  4. Bombaatu

    Trying to restore old Mk 1 Command Pod

    That worked; thanks
  5. Hey, @Angel-125 - I'm trying to run the KNUTS experiment & see that requires Soil. I had been under the impression that 'Soil' was a *ahem* by-product of using Snacks, but over several days none had built up in the onboard Soil storage. I ended up shipping an Omni-storage container with some Soil (only way I could do it - no option in the regular tanks). So - if Soil doesn't come from using Snacks, where *does* it come from? Is it a drillable resource now?
  6. Bombaatu

    [1.5.x] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    Will it also support CactEye?
  7. Bombaatu

    Trying to restore old Mk 1 Command Pod

    The category doesn't change & the pod is not visible in the VAB/SPH unless I go to the Manufacturer tab.
  8. Hey - I'm trying to write a Module Manager patch to restore the old Mk 1 Command Pod for use with MOLE. It *should* be very simple (just change 'category = none' to 'category = Pods') but I canNOT get this thing to work. Can anyone please help me with this?
  9. Whew - great to see the engines gettin' some love in this go-around! Keep it up!
  10. Sorry, I haven't had a chance to play much with this. Do any of the parts work as a science lab?
  11. I tried to do this & couldn't get the pod to show up. Do you know what needs to be tweaked? Also, there is a new mod called Old Parts Redux that does restore the old Mk 1 Command Pod (among other things), so the two can co-exist, albiet with different names.
  12. Is there any chance you could expand this to fix MH parts for stock tech tree & CTT, instead of just UbM? The MH rocket parts are in really weird places as you noted earlier. For instance, the 1.875m engines are in Heavier Rocketry, where you have the Mainsail - makes NO sense.
  13. Bombaatu

    Universal Storage II

    Are the stock experiment parts (material science, mystery goo, etc.) still broken?
  14. Bombaatu

    [1.5.x] Strategia [v1.7.3] [2018-12-12]

    I saw in the GPP forums that it's a conflict with Making History. You can remove the MH plugins & still keep the parts, or remove MH in its entirety. I think the instructions are on the GPP page but can't swear to that.
  15. Please OH PLEASE give the Terrier and *especially* the Poodle the same treatment!