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  1. The star.theory developers should utter Alan Shepard's Prayer on a daily basis: "Dear Lord, please don't let me eff this up!"
  2. One interesting tidbit I gleaned from the link above is that star.theory has been working on this for at least 11 months now.
  3. So, question - I know this mod limits what resources are actually present on a body. Does it also limit the list of resources you see when you are in the map view and getting a visual of the resource concentration? IE can you only cycle through the available resources for that body or do you still see all of the installed resources in the list?
  4. I think I saw they were scheduling updates every 3 months.
  5. Is there a way to have the Kerbal's lights (and therefore the suit piping lights) turned on by default when they EVA?
  6. Any chance that you'll add support for the Wild Blue suite of mods? (Pathfinder, MOLE, DSEV, etc)
  7. Not possible to remove Dres; can't remove something that doesn't exist...
  8. Knowing that This Way Leads Madness due to the sheer volume of parts, have you considered making configs for Bluedog Design Bureau?
  9. Unless the mod is version-locked like Kopernicus, or dependent upon a version-locked mod (like planet packs are dependent upon Kopernicus), anything that worked in 1.7.1 *should* work in 1.7.2.
  10. JNSQ should work in 1.7.1 once Kopernicus is updated. However, unless you start a new career the BG surface features won't be present.
  11. Interesting bug - if you enable the suit from Breaking Ground, your Kerbal will no longer have the custom head you set up for them.
  12. I hate to ask but is there any way the 1.875 fairing could make this list? It's pretty jarring next to the ReStock one.