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  1. Orbit. And I don't use MKS at all.
  2. Hrm. Must be a mod conflict somewhere then. Back to the drawing board...
  3. Anyone? Bueller? But seriously, MOLE is my favorite mod and this is making it unusable. I've seen this on several installs now; has no one else experienced this?
  4. I've been having a problem with Lab Time disappearing from the MOLE experiments when you time warp with the craft unloaded (say, from the space center). I can build up time just fine time warping when the craft is loaded. But if I switch scenes and time warp (say, for a few days), then when I return to the MOLE craft, the lab time is quite often LESS than when I left the craft. The Research Kits get consumed & Bonus Science is generated, but I lose progress on the MOLE experiments. I suspect the same thing happens with PathFinder. Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. Bombaatu

    [1.3.1] Real Solar System v13.1 [26 Apr 2018]

    I see you only have 3 posts so you may not be familiar with the etiquette. Asking mod authors to update their mods is considered "poking the bear" and is frown upon heavily. Mod authors do their work on their own time and for free; they will get to it when they can. Please be patient and in the meantime either use this mod in 1.3 or play without it until it gets updated.
  6. Yup, that did it. One other thing I have noticed: reverting flight to the VAB causes the experiment manifest to clear. I do not know if reverting to launch does this as I just found it. However, it is exceeding annoying to have it happen & not discover it until you are in orbit. Just sayin'... Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to the flying saucers mod & sandcastle!
  7. Issue is limited to the version of WBT bundled with MOLE 1.15.5; according to the version file, that is 1.55.7. However, when I download 1.55.7 directly from your github repo and installed it, the issue does not occur. As a double-check, I downloaded the latest release of WBT - github says it is 1.55.8 but both the zip filename & the version file say 1.55.7. This version also has the issue - odds are good this is the same version bundled with MOLE 1.15.5.
  8. Two things: In git, it shows latest release at 1.15.5 but the zip file is labeled 1.15.3. The other is that the MOLE operations page is blank. In the VAB I right-click on the MOLE & select Manage Operation (where I would load in experiments, etc). The dialog that pops up is blank & cannot be closed without exiting the VAB. I used the latest versions of MOLE, DSEV & PathFinder/Buffalo. I had deleted the folders inside WildBlue before copying them over so there was no overwriting or old files causing an issue. I am using KSP 1.4.4. EDIT: as a test, I did a fresh install of 1.4.4 with nothing but latest MOLE; the Manage Operations issue persisted . I reverted back to MOLE 1.15.4 & the Manage Operation buttons works. EDIT 2: The issue has been isolated down to Wild Blue Tools 1.55.7; with that version in, the Manage Operations button is broken. When I roll back to WBT 1.55.2, it works, even with latest version of everything else in MOLE.
  9. Hear, hear - this mod is AMAZING. THANK YOU so much for this!
  10. Bombaatu

    [1.3.1] Cacteye Optics Community Takeover

    Good to hear. This is one of my favorite mods.
  11. Bombaatu

    [1.4.*] Contract Pack: Bases and Stations Reborn

    Any chance either MOLE or NEOS ( can be incorporated?
  12. Thanks. CRP is listed as a dependency on the OSE Workshop thread. Is there a CS config for it bundled in with any of the Wild Blue mods or does it work with CS 'out of the box'?
  13. Is "Classic Stock" a separate mod or do you include those resources yourself? And do you know if OSE Workshop and/or Extraplanetary Launchpads can use Classic Stock instead of requiring Community Resource Pack?
  14. M.O.L.E (also by @angel-125) has a Botany Lab module that can act as a greenhouse.
  15. Bombaatu

    [1.4+] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.14

    I found a problem with KIS & the Making History DLC. If your Kebal is in the alternate suit, their inventory volume is only 1 liter. If in the stock suit, it is the normal 300 liter