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  1. They were .cfg files until I did a bulk rename. I renamed all the CRP files to .txt & all the Classic files to .cfg
  2. @JadeOfMaar - I'm still getting the error loading tank type RR_CryoA - no resource named LqdAmmonia could be found. My WBIPlayMode is set to "Classic Stock". There is no definition for RR_CryoA in the /Classic/zTankTypes.txt file - there is in the /CRP/zTankTypes.cfg file. If the playmode is supposed to switch those configs, it isn't happening.
  3. Log excerpt: Several instances of the second message in the logs.
  4. I was editing the above post as you were replying. Here it is: Is that a correct assesment? IIRC, the missing resource wasn't ore. EDIT part Deux - Ah-hah. I think I found the issue. All of the configs under the CRP folder were .cfg & all of them in the Classic folder were .txt. Are they supposed to swap out depending on Pathfinder play mode, or do I need to manually do it so I can play without installing CRP?
  5. I'm trying to set up a Wild Blue install and am having an issue with Rational Resources in that the game will not launch. B9 part switch throws fatal errors for missing resource definitions. You had mentioned in the PathFinder thread that Classic Stock was incompatible with CRP - as such, I did not install CRP (which I'm certain is the source of my issue). If RR requires CRP, and Classic Stock is incompatible with CRP, is it possible for a Wild Blue game be set up to use CS & RR? Is there a 'secret sauce' config somewhere in the Extras folder that I missed? EDIT: I think I found it in the Play Modes for Pathfinder. So, if I read this right, I have to install both CRP & CS, but then choose RationalResources/Classic as the play mode
  6. Are there any plans to add support for the Wild Blue suite of mods (MOLE, PathFinder, DSEV, etc.)?
  7. The mods DeepFreeze and OSE Workshop, which the WBI mods have been designed to work with, have a dependency on Community Resource Pack. Does Classic Stock have a patch so those mods work without CRP?
  8. I'm running scansat v20.2 in KSP 1.10.1. Started new career & just did the altimetry, vis-lo & biome scan of Kerbin. Data was 100% & transmitted. Small map works fine but large map & zoom map are grey as if no scan had been run at all. Is this a known issue with an easy fix? If not, what do you need from me?
  9. Does the latest update contain RealPlume configs for the single-bell Poodle?
  10. That's where you change the suits in TR; I'm wanting to completely disable TR doing anything to the suits & just use the stock control.
  11. Is there any way to disable the suit-replacing function of TextureReplacer? I like the stock 1.10.x suit picker and TR tends to fight with that by reverting suits back to the TR selection. But I also like diverse Kerbal heads - it just isn't Jeb without the gray handlebar mustache that makes him look like the wild-man he is.
  12. @Avera9eJoe - I don't suppose you could post this as text instead of an image, could you?