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  1. This link (https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/34-ksp1-mod-releases/) generates a 500 error: This page isn’t working forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500
  2. Is there any way to resize the Flight Plan window? It takes up a LOT of real estate and seems far larger than necessary.
  3. PLEASE change this. The inability to plot complex maneuvers is frustrating and unnecessary. Also, please allow us to change a maneuver node while time is paused (or make that a setting).
  4. Ah - my bad. I didn't see that. Yes, that is what I was talking about.
  5. I realize that this mod re-introduces the idea of relays. My real point is that if an antenna is a relay in KSP 1, it should be a relay in this mod so that people who play both don't get confused by the difference in behavior. Thanks for bringing this functionality back! BTW, are you planning to implement configurable occlusion?
  6. This shows the HG-5 is a relay & I have used it as such many times in KSP 1 https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Antenna https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Parts/Utility/DirectAntennas/HG-5.cfg
  7. I would desperately love to see the 1.875m parts make an appearance in KSP2.
  8. The HG-5 antenna can't seem to relay. I put up 3 and the network view shows no connection between them.
  9. Are there plans to add elevation map and/or anomalies?
  10. It's impossible for me to add enough Likes onto this post.
  11. I would suggest having trajectory tag text ("Mun AP", for example) match the color of the trajectory line. This will be especially helpful if two different trajectories had tags close to each other, as is the case in the Mun picture:
  12. I have to agree - I like the parts but it's WAY unbalanced to add that much EC.
  13. The only capsule you have in Tier 1 is the Mk 1, which is too small at the nose to use the larger Clamp-o-Tron. You don't get the larger 3-person capsule that can use that docking port until the start of Tier 2 - and even then you can't use it until you also get the larger heat shield. In short, there's no effective way to dock in Tier 1.
  14. Title says it all - Scansat is one of my 'gotta have' mods on KSP 1, and I would love for some version of it to be available in KSP 2.
  15. The button flashes once you hit a new research location - REGARDLESS of how much science you could collect with what you have on board. Zero science available, but you haven't "collected" it on this run? Light flashes. This is a bug - it should only flash if you can collect a non-zero amount of science. To reproduce: Start new Exploration game Launch just the capsule - no other parts Perform all experiments, including EVA surface analysis & crew observation Recover capsule Relaunch just the capsule - the research notification is flashing again. This pattern repeats regardless of research location or experiments on board.
  16. I know these asks are way, waaaaaaay low down on the list, but I would love to see the following: Add a favorites palette & RGB hexcode inputs to the part painter An Alarm Clock & Transfer Window Planner would be great Functional IVAs Ability to change the Kerbal's faces - in my head-canon, Jeb has grey hair and a big mutton-chop mustache! Add in a 2-person Gemini capsule & 1.875m parts Anyone else have ideas like these?
  17. Seems very Snacks-esque, which I like. It'll be interesting to try after For Science! comes out and we see where things shake out in the tech tree.
  18. Is there any hope this will get updated? I'd love to use Volumetric Clouds w/ JNSQ, but (I think) that requires latest Scatterer.
  19. @Nertea - "Consider a Spherical Cow". Nice reference to "Astrophysics for People in a Hurry"
  20. Not until it comes out of early access
  21. Thanks to Nate and all the devs for all their hard work!
  22. When using Alt-X to neutralize trim, the throttle is also cut. These should work independently. STEPS TO RECREATE: Fly an aircraft. Set trim-up (Alt-S) and 100% throttle. Hit Alt-X to neutralize trim EXPECTED RESULT: Trim is neutralized. Throttle remains set at 100% ACTUAL RESULT: Trim is neutralized, but Throttle goes to 0%
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